Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition Pictured

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has revealed that a Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is in the works. The details of its contents will come out at the Call of Duty XP conference in September.

“First look at the #MW3 Hardened Edition,” Bowling wrote on Twitter, posting a picture of the box. “Literally on the factory line.”


Dead Island Zombies Shambling To Home

Deep Silver announced recently that Dead Island zombies will infest Home Square before the game releases in September. Users will also be able to get a photo with a zombie and and take a zombie quiz.

There will also be ten mini-game challenges, allow players to craft items and fight off zombies with up to four other players, and those that complete all the challenges will receive the exclusive in-game weapon dubbed “Exploding Meat.” To top it off, there will be a pre-order kiosk in Home Square.

Assassin’s Creed Comic And Movie Short Details

Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed: Embers short film created and produced by Ubiworkshop. The 20 minutes short film promises to show what happens at the end of Ezio’s life.


Additionally, they revealed at Comic-Con a new comic called Assassin’s Creed The Chain. Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl, both of whom worked on Assassin’s Creed The Fall, will work on the new comic which will continue the stories of Daniel Cross and Nikola Orelov set during early 20th century Russia.

Source: Ubiworkshop

Anarchy Reigns Over Story

Anarchy Reigns has been previous confirmed to have a story mode focusing on Jack from MadWorld and newcomer Leo. All of that is hinted at here, though the larger context is difficult to grasp right now.

Xbox Live Indie Developer Believes Microsoft Should Scout Service

Xbox Live Indie Games helped give Zeboyd Games an introduction to the world, but they recently announced that the Steam release of Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII sold more on Steam on its launch that it did on 18 months on the other platform. Robert Boyd, co-founder of Zeboyd, is clearly frustrated with XBLIG as they are offered right now.

“XBLIG is a great solution for new developers. It’s cheap, easy to learn, and has a great community of people that are willing to help each other, said Boyd. “However, from a perspective of actually making good money, I do not believe it is a viable platform. The greatest strength and greatest weakness of the service is that it’s the most open platform we’ve ever seen on any home console. Just about anyone can release an XBLIG title, and just about anyone does. As a result, the service has got a reputation for being full of garbage.

I believe Microsoft always intended for XBLIG to be a stepping stone for new developers: prove yourself on XBLIG and then find real success on XBLA. The problem is that right now it is more of a stepping stone to finding success on other platforms like the PC and mobile markets, and not on the Xbox 360 itself. Microsoft should be doing more towards making Indie Games a scouting ground for future talent, he added. “I believe that starting out with XBLIG was the correct choice for us. Without the experience and positive reputation that we gained from making XBLIG titles I believe it would have been much more difficult to get approved for Steam. The PC has definitely become a priority for us I would not be surprised if we ended up as a PC-only developer at some point in the future.”

Source: Edge

The War For Global Resistance Has Begun

Insomniac has unleashed Global Resistance, a Facebook-connected social game to promote the upcoming release of Resistance 3 for the Sony PS3. Similar to Risk, players of Global Resistance will unlock exclusive content in the PS3 shooter. Inversely, playing the shooter will bolster your forces in the social game. Players are forced to side with either the humans in this alternate WWII reality, or the alien race called the Chimera. Players gather troops and attempt to take over regions of the world using the vast war map across rounds that last for hours in wars that last for seven days. Military decisions are aided with color-coded icons to help judge your forces against the enemy’s. Skewed to the hardcore, war-mongering gamer, Global Resistance takes cues from Facebook games – like Goals in FarmVille directing players on what to do next in order to unlock content in Resistance 3. Players must even create and maintain their own military base to create new troops to launch Missions and an asynchronous battle system with players trading pre-planned attacks much similar to Mafia Wars.

Google Outlines Google+ Account Suspensions

Google has issued a public statement about various Google+ account suspensions. They cite section 13 of the company s User Content and Conduct Policy that forbids users to make fake profiles under their common name policy.

To help fight spam and prevent fake profiles, use the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you, says the policy. For example, if your full legal name is Charles Jones Jr. but you normally use Chuck Jones or Junior Jones, either of those would be acceptable.

Google recently started enforcing the policy, deleting not only several fake profiles but also hitting some real profiles that used odd names. Google said they will give more warning next time, and will better support nicknames, maiden names and pseudonyms in the future.

We ve noticed that many violations of the Google+ common name policy were in fact well-intentioned and inadvertent and for these users our process can be frustrating and disappointing, said Google VP of Product Bradley Horowitz in his Google+ post. So we re currently making a number of improvements to this process, specifically regarding how we notify these users that they re not in compliance with Google+ policies and how we communicate the remedies available to them.

When an account is suspended for violating the Google+ common name standards, access to Gmail or other products that don t require a Google+ profile are not removed, he clarified.

Source: Mashable

YouTube Courting Traditional TV Sponsorships

YouTube recently announced a deal with Dell and AMD to live stream Lollapalooza during the first week in August and Austin City Limits in mid-September. The first day of the Lollapalooza festival will be put on YouTube’s front page, which sees 50 million people daily from the U.S. alone.

We re continually looking at how to bring our users exceptional content, said Dana Vetter, a YouTube, music marketing programs manager.

By looking out for content that users want and signing sponsors to pay for the event, YouTube is becoming more like traditional TV providers they long have competed with for time. We started out dipping our toe in the water with single events, said Vetter.  Our first big event was an Alicia Keys program sponsored by American Express [in 2009]. And we started to realize we might be on to something.

YouTube has also streamed Bonnaroo in June 2010 sponsored by Ford along with Coachella Festival earlier this year, though Vetter says that a major difference between traditional TV content provides and YouTube is that they have no interest in producing this sort of content on its own. It s about facilitating programming rather than creation,” she said. “It s about finding a partner who has the content who can deliver a phenomenal Webcast.

While only a decade ago, AMD would have gone to MTV for this sort of deal, the company is increasingly looking at non-traditional sources of advertising and sponsorship.

The classic, half-billion dollar ad budget for traditional media is very difficult to break through, especially for the crowd that s under 30, said Leslie Sobon, vice president of product marketing at AMD. They don t watch commercials, they DVR or stream everything. You have to reach them in different ways.

This is very important to us, she added.