Uncharted Director Says Lots Of Actors Could Play Nathan Drake

Director Neil Burger right now is on the home stretch with the Limitless DVD release, but he’ll turn his attention over to Uncharted soon. He reiterated his love for the game source material at Comic-Con.

“I’m rewriting the script from scratch, starting like right now — like we are just starting now,” he said. “I love the game, it’s great, and I think it’s a great start for a movie, because the game is so cinematic. The character Nate in particular I like because he’s this ballsy guy that lives by his wits, and who’s capable of kind of anything and everything. He’s fearless and he doesn’t give a damn and he’ll go after the thing. I dig that kind of character and it’s a great character for a movie.”

Mark Wahlberg was previously attached to the role of Drake, though Burger suggested that he or Limitless star Bradley Cooper could potentially pull off the role, adding that those decisions are a ways off. “Once you get to the end of the screenplay you see who’s available, who seems right, who’s a new actor that’s just breaking on that’s not even on your radar right now.” said Burger. “There’s a lot of actors who even look like Nathan Drake from the video game who could do it and who would be great for it, so we’ll see.”

Source: Joystiq

Humble Indie Bundle 3 Off To Great Start

The Humble Indie Bundle has announced its third incarnation, organized in part by Y Combinator. The previous two entries garnered roughly $1.8 million in sales and contribution to charity.

This time around the games available Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, Hammerflight and And Yet It Moves with support for the charities Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play. Well over 120,000 payments have been made and over a half million dollars have been raised with many days left for the deal.

Source: HumbleBundle.com

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Bonanza

Electronic Arts has revealed the pre-order indicators for Star Wars: The Old Republic and Battlefield 3 as part of the results for the first fiscal quarter ending on June 30, 2011. Considering the importance of pre-orders for determining future sales, they’re both very good signs.

Battlefield 3 reportedly has pre-orders somewhere in the range of 10 times what Battlefield: Bad Company 2 racked up and is believed to be on par with Call of Duty: Black Ops from last year. Meanwhile, results for Star Wars: The Old Republic are even more positive, with pre-orders breaking all of EA’s records.

MapleStory Adventures Open For Business On Facebook

Nexon has officially launched MapleStory Adventures onto Facebook. It features all of the the action/MMORPG elements of the PC version along with the ability to interact with Facebook friends, letting players invite friends on quests and send gifts to each other.

MapleStory Adventures represents one of Nexon s top priorities of bringing our most popular games to the biggest audiences, said Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America. The game brings a whole new action RPG element to the Facebook space, a genre that hasn t been widely explored on the social gaming platform.

The 11-day closed beta test for MapleStory Adventures reached the 30,000 player cap almost immediately, with players participating in over 862,000 quests and picked up 14.2 million items like gold and potions.

Mass Effect Movie Writer Praises Franchise

Games have not had a good history of being adapted to the big screen, and part of this is owed to the fact that many game IP don’t fit in a linear format. Mass Effect movie screenwriter Mark Protosevich, however, thinks that BioWare’s sci-fi franchise is well suited for the silver screen.

“I’ve been offered various games over the years and initially they can be very attractive, like a very attractive girl, but when you then sit down and talk with them, you might not necessarily find a lot of depth of character there, said Protosevich at a Comic-Con pannel. “In the early days, there was this attraction to the idea of let’s try to recreate this experience of it looks like this, it feels like this in a game, instead of really pausing and asking is this a good story And is this an interesting world Does it have interesting themes and all the aspects that make a really good film I think most games would fail that litmus test, but this one doesn’t. This game, I think, is incredibly unique.”

“The great thing about Mass Effect is, this is a really rich world and what [executive producer] Casey [Hudson] and his team have done is really create this amazing universe that’s as rich as Star Wars, as rich as Lord of the Rings, added Protosevich. There are so many different offshoots and different characters and so it’s a challenge to condense that into one feature length film. We’re solely concentrating on the first game right now, but we are following and honoring that [wider] story.”

Source: YouTube

Facebook Ads To Explain Facial Recognition Feature

Facebook recently launched a facial recognition feature that was automatically activated, leading many to worry about privacy problems, including Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen. Facebook has responded by saying they will run ads informing users how to turn off the feature which every user will see at least twice.

Facebook has made significant changes that will provide better service and greater privacy protection to its users, not only in Connecticut, but across the country, Jepsen said. The company has been cooperative and diligent in its response and I look forward to working with them in the future to make sure Facebook users privacy is protected, which I believe is our shared goal.

For any users who opt out, any facial recognition data collected will be deleted, Jepsen added, noting that the company also assured him that it was not using the information for commercial or marketing purposes nor could private individuals to gain access to biometric information of others.”

Source: ct.gov

The War For Global Resistance Has Begun

Insomniac has unleashed Global Resistance, a Facebook-connected social game to promote the upcoming release of Resistance 3 for the Sony PS3. Similar to Risk, players of Global Resistance will unlock exclusive content in the PS3 shooter. Inversely, playing the shooter will bolster your forces in the social game. Players are forced to side with either the humans in this alternate WWII reality, or the alien race called the Chimera. Players gather troops and attempt to take over regions of the world using the vast war map across rounds that last for hours in wars that last for seven days. Military decisions are aided with color-coded icons to help judge your forces against the enemy’s. Skewed to the hardcore, war-mongering gamer, Global Resistance takes cues from Facebook games – like Goals in FarmVille directing players on what to do next in order to unlock content in Resistance 3. Players must even create and maintain their own military base to create new troops to launch Missions and an asynchronous battle system with players trading pre-planned attacks much similar to Mafia Wars.

Starhawk’s New West Story

Starhawk has a large multiplayer component, but its single-player will have a story detailed in movies like the one below. Powerhouse Animation has done an excellent job giving the video a sort of animated wanted poster look.


Dead Island Zombies Shambling To Home

Deep Silver announced recently that Dead Island zombies will infest Home Square before the game releases in September. Users will also be able to get a photo with a zombie and and take a zombie quiz.

There will also be ten mini-game challenges, allow players to craft items and fight off zombies with up to four other players, and those that complete all the challenges will receive the exclusive in-game weapon dubbed “Exploding Meat.” To top it off, there will be a pre-order kiosk in Home Square.

Assassin’s Creed Comic And Movie Short Details

Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed: Embers short film created and produced by Ubiworkshop. The 20 minutes short film promises to show what happens at the end of Ezio’s life.


Additionally, they revealed at Comic-Con a new comic called Assassin’s Creed The Chain. Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl, both of whom worked on Assassin’s Creed The Fall, will work on the new comic which will continue the stories of Daniel Cross and Nikola Orelov set during early 20th century Russia.

Source: Ubiworkshop