Alganon Available For Free

Quest Online and DC Entertainment have announced that the First Issue comic based on Alganon is now available for free. Featured at the DC Entertainment booth at San Diego Comic-Con July 20-24, it was written by Ricardo Sanchez (Telara Chronicles, Resident Evil), with interior art by Mateo Guerrero (Warlands, Crossing Midnight) and cover art by Jon Buran (World of Warcraft, X-Men: To Protect and Serve).

Titled, Alganon Fall of the Ourobani, the comic details the events leading up to the release of the upcoming expansion Rise of the Ourobani. Alganon is a free-to-play, fantasy MMO detailing the war between the Kujix and the Asharr, with the third faction the Ourobani coming in to disrupt the balance of power.

The full comic is now available for download here:

Nintendo 3DS $169 On August 12

Nintendo of America has announced that they will be dropping the price of the 3DS to $169.99, effective August 12. In case early adopters feel chaffed by the $80 price reduction coming less than half a year after the system launches, everyone who purchases the system before August 12 will receive 20 free games (10 NES and 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console titles).

For anyone who was on the fence about buying a Nintendo 3DS, this is a huge motivation to buy now, said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. We are giving shoppers every incentive to pick up a Nintendo 3DS, from an amazing new price to a rapid-fire succession of great games.

Ngmoco Launches Mobage In English

Ngmoco and parent company DeNA have announced that the Mobage mobile social network has launched an English-language version. It’s currently very game oriented (with 30 million users and $1.3 billion in revenue), but eventually Ngmoco hopes to add more social features to make it more akin to a mobile version of Facebook.

“Mobage’s release outside of Japan marks the next step in our company’s global expansion,” said Ngmoco CEO Neil Young. “The opportunity in front of us is to build Mobage into the definitive destination for games and entertainment across territories and mobile operating systems. We’re tremendously excited about the potential for the platform, both as a great way for players to experience the very best games and for developers to access a global audience easily and effectively.”

Eve Is Real Bringing Epic Moments Of Battle To Life

The MMORPG Eve Online has launched a new visualizer experience that brings to life user generated content in an online in-game museum. Fans can upload images or video and submit them to be part of the site. Fan generated memories, propaganda posters, favorite tweets and epic videos can all be posted. Fans looking to browse the site can sort through assets through clicking on various planets (each which represent a different style of play) and then browse the most recent and most popular submissions and vote for their favorites. Developed by the digital team at the Ayzenberg Group, fans that submit the best image or video that receives the most votes will have a chance to win a Geforce GTX 460 SE graphics card or Alienware Area-51 PC to bring Eve Online to life. The community will also be able unlock rewards by sharing content from the site and promoting the site as an Eve-angelist.

MLS Tries To Sell Game With All-Stars Vs. Man U

The MLS All-Star game pitted the best of the American league against the English Premiere League champions Manchester United. It’s somewhat high stakes for the young U.S. soccer league, which they lost decisively 4-0 against perhaps the most popular European team in the world, but there are upsides regardless.

“Some professional sports teams or leagues might use Bobblehead Night to drive consumer awareness and demand. We actually bring in an international club and create an event,” says Dan Courtemanche, VPof marketing and communications for MLS. “It’s almost event marketing 101. It drives sales and demand.”

The event also gives MLS a chance to show off Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. “We could have gone up the road to the New Meadowlands Stadium and sold that out at 80,000. And certainly from a revenue standpoint, that would have been more advantageous,” says Courtemanche. “But from a marketing standpoint, this provides us the ability to showcase this stadium for the metropolitan New York City area, and really build the profile of the local team, the New York Red Bulls. We can show the in-stadium atmosphere, and people can sample what they can expect week in and week out with the Red Bulls.”

Still, despite pressures to be competitive, additional coverage of soccer on Fox Soccer Channel, Univision and ESPN is seen as beneficial to MLS in the long run. “We’re a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats, so the more people who are paying attention to soccer, the better it is for us,” he says. “We encourage fans of European or Latin American soccer to continue watching those matches. It might be your hometown club, where your family grew up in Buenos Aires or London. But you live in this country now. Watch those games on Saturday morning on Fox Soccer or ESPN, and then on Saturday night come out to an MLS game and experience it live at the stadium.”

MLS has done more on social media and ratings are good after a positive performance for the U.S. in both the Women’s and Men’s World Cup tournaments, but ultimately MLS is shooting for the top. “Our goal is to be the best soccer league in the world,” said Courtemanche bluntly. “It’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not going to happen in three-five years. But could it happen within the next 10-20 Most definitely. Americans have a mentality that they want to see the best. We certainly have some incredible players, guys that can keep you on the edge of your seat, competing in Major League Soccer. But our challenge remains that some people view other leagues as being of better quality. So, we need to solve that problem.”

Source: AdWeek

Zynga City Made In China

Zynga has announce a joint operation with Tencent to launch Zynga City. The Chinese version of CityVille marks on of the first international social games on Tencent’s Open Platform, with the additions of new Chinese decorations and architecture along with in-game events and competitions linked to Chinese holidays and new game mechanics including the ability to send street peddlers to their friend s cities.

As a social game developer, Zynga fully recognizes the value of Tencent’s Open Platform and their professional service capability, said Andy Tian, General Manager of Zynga China. CityVille is Zynga s largest and most popular game and Zynga is proud to partner with the leading open platform in China to bring the innovation and delight of the game to Chinese players. We are excited that a fully localized Zynga City will be introduced to the Chinese audience and look forward to enabling them to connect in a fun, harmonious way.

Tencent’s Open Platform has made a lot of progress after its launching one month ago, said Lin Songtao, General Manager of Tencent Open Platform. The launch of the new cross platform application center and integrated services such as brand-new cross-platform APP centers, Tencent s cloud service that uses APP console as a window, data statistical analysis, self-help advertising, virtual currency s payment capacity and gross settlement capability, are all bringing real value and strong support to the partners and developers of the Open Platform. It is the reason that we can operate such big games successfully in such a short time.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 Off To Great Start

The Humble Indie Bundle has announced its third incarnation, organized in part by Y Combinator. The previous two entries garnered roughly $1.8 million in sales and contribution to charity.

This time around the games available Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, Hammerflight and And Yet It Moves with support for the charities Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play. Well over 120,000 payments have been made and over a half million dollars have been raised with many days left for the deal.


Mass Effect Movie Writer Praises Franchise

Games have not had a good history of being adapted to the big screen, and part of this is owed to the fact that many game IP don’t fit in a linear format. Mass Effect movie screenwriter Mark Protosevich, however, thinks that BioWare’s sci-fi franchise is well suited for the silver screen.

“I’ve been offered various games over the years and initially they can be very attractive, like a very attractive girl, but when you then sit down and talk with them, you might not necessarily find a lot of depth of character there, said Protosevich at a Comic-Con pannel. “In the early days, there was this attraction to the idea of let’s try to recreate this experience of it looks like this, it feels like this in a game, instead of really pausing and asking is this a good story And is this an interesting world Does it have interesting themes and all the aspects that make a really good film I think most games would fail that litmus test, but this one doesn’t. This game, I think, is incredibly unique.”

“The great thing about Mass Effect is, this is a really rich world and what [executive producer] Casey [Hudson] and his team have done is really create this amazing universe that’s as rich as Star Wars, as rich as Lord of the Rings, added Protosevich. There are so many different offshoots and different characters and so it’s a challenge to condense that into one feature length film. We’re solely concentrating on the first game right now, but we are following and honoring that [wider] story.”

Source: YouTube

Google Potentially Taking Over Display Uncontested

Google purchased Admeld recently and made waves in the display advertising industry. The clients and technology bought by the billions of dollars at Google’s disposal are a reflection of how impotent the competition are to them in the long run.

By purchasing Admeld, Google is one step closer to putting together a full end-to-end advertising stack that helps advertisers buy impressions in far more efficient fashion, wrote Alan Pearlstein. Where are Yahoo!, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Axciom, and Experian in all of this The other powerful digital technology companies need to consider getting involved in data, because if they don’t, Google will be the only player with a stack that can scale display. Google dominates search practically without rival. You can argue that Yahoo! and Microsoft have their toes in the game, but second place in the search game with less than half the market share of the leader is like a baseball team being 25 games out of first place in mid-July. In other words, there’s no chance of catching up.

Along with Admeld, Google has invested in DoubleClick, and last year bought Invite Media to facilitate real-time buying for display. Yahoo has been slow to react to these trends with integrating real-time bidding of their own, and Google may one day turn their covetous eyes towards direct mail and lead-generation, threatening powers like InfoUSA and Experian.

There are whispers throughout the industry about Admeld clients getting ready to jump ship and find new partners, or that Microsoft will take a renewed interest in the space, added Pearlstein. I sure hope so — the time is right for any other major display company or technology giant to take on Google. If all the other players in the game sit back and let Google assemble a stack without competition, then they’re going to be wiped out. They might not have the pockets, but even Google can’t afford every company. Some companies even bristle at the thought of a Google buyout. If someone is going to take Google on, they had better do it soon.

Source: AdAge