The Secret World Gets New Game Director

Funcom has promoted Joel Bylos from lead content designer on The Secret World to game director. He will work alongside producer Scott Junior and creative director Ragnar Tornquist to supervise the development team.

“Being given the opportunity to lead the game into a bold, new future is definitely a dream come true for me,” said Bylos. “I am very proud of what we as a team have created with The Secret World’, and it is truly a brilliant canvas that will allow us to create more groundbreaking MMO experiences for many years to come. The Secret World’s only really getting started, and with a game world that draws upon our own,real world, there is no limit to what sort of amazing stories we can tell and fantastic locations we can visit in the upcoming content updates.”

“Joel and I have worked together for many years, and I cannot think of anyone more suited to maintain the vision and lead the game going forward than him,” said Tornquist. “I look forward to continue working with Joel on bringing the game forward through many, exciting post-launch updates, and I especially look forward to spending more time expanding on what I truly enjoy the most about The Secret World, the story, characters and the setting itself.”

Steam Greenlight Sees 3,195 Submissions

Valve revealed that 3,195 games have been submitted to its Greenlight service, though 1,110 submitted games have received a ban for everything from inappropriate material to not being a serious project. 9,998,476 votes have been cast on the Greenlight projects by 949,156 Steam users.

Right now, there is what is described as 800 “legitimate, publicly visible items” on Steam Greenlight. Ten games have so far been approved for full Steam release.

Source: Joystiq


Zynga Veteran Brian Kahrs Hired By SGN

Brian Kahrs has been hired by SGN to be the company’s new vice president of product. Kahrs previously led production teams for Zynga’s Farmville Express and Treasure Isle.

“Providing a high-quality gaming experience is central to our cross-platform user-acquisition and monetization strategies,” said SGN Head of Game Development and Operations Joshua Yguado. “As a veteran developer for both the social and mobile platforms, as well as a seasoned team manager, Brian will play a critical role ensuring our games continue to exceed the expectations of an increasingly critical audience.”


Nintendo Says White And Silver Handhelds Don’t Sell Well Enough

When it comes to electronics devices, the primary colors used are black and white, even for home and portable consoles. However, the 3DS XL does not appear in neutral colors like silver and white and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says there’s a reason for that.


“We have launched silver- and white-colored GBAs, DSes, DSis, and in our market [and] they don’t sell very well. So instead of approaching this lighter-colored product as a mass , we’re going to look at the opportunity on a much more limited basis,” said Fils-Aime. “You might see a limited-time offer with a white or silver 3DS XL, or we might colorize it slightly differently. But in terms of an ongoing SKU, the consumer has responded in our marketplace and said that, for a handheld gaming device from Nintendo, that kind of white or silver doesn’t sell nearly as well as blue or red or even pink.”

Source: IGN



Transformers 4 Getting New Robot Cast

The Transformers movies have been phenomenally successful, with the third entry in the franchise taking in $1.1 billion at the box office. That isn’t the whole point of the franchise, however, and Hasbro president and CEO Brian Goldner indicates that as part of an effort to push more toys, the next Transformers picture would introduce a new set of robot characters.

The reasoning is that Transformers: Dark of the Moon action figures didn’t sell well because the two previous films had also featured the same characters. The hope of the toy company is that a new robot lineup will boost toy sales.

It has already been stated that the fourth Transformers film will feature an all new human cast along with a refreshed set of robots.



Resident Evil 6 Invades TGS

Resident Evil 6 is either one of your most anticipated or more loathed games of this holiday, depending on which side of the horror game divide you happen to rest. Regardless of your opinion, the graphics on this trailer are genuinely impressive.

Kinect TV / 2-Way With Sesame Street And Nat Geo

Popular children’s TV programing comes to life with Kinect Sesame Street TV and Kinect Nat Geo TV. Children are able to engage, interact and learn with TV shows like never before.

Look forward to an interview for these Kinect TV 2-Way offerings coming soon!


DmC Tears It Up At TGS 2012

This latest DmC trailer for Tokyo Game Show demonstrates how far the game has come. It’s not due for a few more months, but it looked pretty ready right now!