Yahoo! Ad Blitz Focused On ‘You’

Yahoo! is launching a slogan-heavy $100 million dollar ad campaign. As the company’s chief Carol Bartz describes it, the campaign s core messaging is user-centric. With taglines such as, The internet is under new management, yours, they’re obviously tapping into the user-empowerment everyone is feeling with Web 2.0.

Being Yahoo!, they re also getting a lot of PR for just launching their blitz. There’s plenty of media coverage on it. Bartz sums it up nicely for NY Times.

Read the story at NY Times.

THQ At Center Of Game Industry’s Second Buyout Rumor, And Buying Rally

Flush off the success of its UFC game, THQ is rumored to be a buyout target. The Wall Street Journal brought the rumor to light, naming Time Warner and Viacom as possible companies courting the publisher.

Breaking down the reports and rumors for Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander writes that odds don’t favor Time Warner given their very recent acquisition of another game company, Eidos. The move could make more sense for Viacom, who has an existing relationship with THQ through their Nickelodeon licensed games. Confusing speculative traders even more, analysts have chimed in that Take-Two, not THQ, would be the likely next takeover target in the game industry.

Read the full report at Gamasutra.

Ad Age Analyses The Change To Twitter’s Terms Of Service

Editor Simon Dumenco digs up the caveats in the microblog site’s new terms of service. His translation of the legalese seems to counter some of the good PR the new terms have been getting. He calls the service a vampire in his headline. That couldn’t have come from the press materials.

Simon in-fact points out that some of the press and user goodwill is misguided by a desire to want Twitter to thrive. Citing why people may be misreading the terms, he points out a couple instances where folksy verbiage that reassures users is followed by more descriptive legal language that really spells things out. He says at the end of the day Twitter, like Facebook, can do whatever they want with what you upload.

Read his analysis at Ad Age.

SMS Call To Action Proves Much More Effective Than Web In One TV Campaign

A Chicago TV campaign alternated between web and SMS prompts for viewer response, and texting won hands down. The campaign promoting a contest for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium aired two versions of their ad. One asked viewers to enter through a web site, the other by sending a text. The SMS option generated 325 percent more entries.

One of the marketers behind the ads sums it up by citing the immediacy and proximity of a mobile phone versus a computer for most people sitting in front of a TV. The surprising part could be the staggering delta here between the effectiveness of one method over the other, especially considering both were communicated through the same exact ads.

Read more at Ad Age.

Opinion: MS Mishandled Marketing For Halo 3: ODST, Says Bethesda

Bethesda production director Ashley Cheng believes poor messaging is hurting Bungie s new Halo. According to Cheng, while the game has a very respectable 85 percent score on Metacritic perception of it as an expansion and complaints about gameplay length are raising questions about the premium price point.

Read more of the comments at

The Next Twitter Is . . . Facebook, Google, Amazon And Xbox

Four stalwarts of online services and networking are positioned to take over Twitter. In the article, IPG Emerging Media Lab argues that these companies, already playing essential roles in our networked lives, are arming themselves with new tech and lessons applied from everything that propelled Twitter’s popularity. The only new player among the four named by the firm is Foursquare, a well-funded location-based networking service going after the growing mobile networking trend.

Read their analysis at iMedia Connection.

Pretty Up Your Twitter Page

Web design site Smashing Magazine has all sorts of tips and templates for your Twitter page. As in the samples provided, for major brands it seems less is more. For Joe Blog Everything, it might be all about putting lipstick on his pig.

Check out the design advice and samples at Fast Company.

The PR Renaissance Rambles On

Ad Age uncovers the growing influence of PR in how major brands are marketed. Some companies are even combining the chief marketing and communication roles into a single position. The importance of consumer relations through social media is one part of it.

The story highlights how chief communication officers are defining the new role at big brand companies such as IBM, American Airlines and Intuit. Read more at Ad Age.

Advertising Encroaches On NFL Hall Of Fame

The NFL has opened its venerable shrine, virtually, to advertisers and marketers. Blitzing the play are men s apparel company Van Heusen and its partner retailer JC Penney. They are teaming up with the NFL in a campaign that gives fans a voice on future Hall of Fame inductions through branded web and social media sites. The game industry could collectively be wondering how EA Sports isn’t at the forefront of this move.

Read about the multi-prong campaign, and its potential pitfalls, at Ad Age.