Retro City Rampage: Box Art?

Retro City Rampage is just a bonanza of various references to video-games and popular culture. So appropriately, some promotional material that they send out mimics the boxes that NES and Sega Master System cartridges came in.

Source: Kotaku

Quick Hit Goes 3D With NFL License

Just in time for the kick-off of the new NFL season, the online game Quick Hit has relaunched itself. New to this season, however, is 3D graphics and a genuine NFL license that includes real teams, uniforms, and stadiums.

The game focuses on strategy with teams, focusing on choosing plays and players, and the game is supported by micro-transactions for various upgrades. There’s also a premium upgrade for $15 or as part of the game s monthly subscription option to convert its 2D sprites into 3D using the Unity browser plugin.

Unfortunately, there’s no deal with the Players Association or Coaches Association, but with the game being promoted on this year, there’s a chance that could change in the future.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife Tops Box Office

Resident Evil: Afterlife has collected $27.7 million in the domestic box office, making it the top earner its first weekend. Thanks to unscaled prices for 3D showings, the movie achieved the largest ever box office take in the series history.

Afterlife just so over-performed around the world,” Sony distribution boss Rory Bruer said. “The excitement that 3D brings to the film was a huge positive.”

Some 141 high-grossing Imax 3D venues with upcharges of roughly $5, contributed $2.6 million domestically to the total. “This is a record September opening for Imax, and [our global] $23,000 per screen is remarkably strong for this time of the year,” Imax Filmed Entertainment chief Greg Foster enthused. “Fan boys love Imax. It’s just as simple as that.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Mario Birthday Celebration


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo will be rolling out an ambitious ad in the U.K featuring Jonathan Ross, Ant and Dec, Diversity and Patrick Moore. They will also offer up 19 live dates running until September 19, offering players 106,400 trials at six different locations nationwide.

“So many people have grown up with the Super Mario Bros series,” said Nintendo product manager Zoe Cooper. “It is great that Nintendo’s activity can play a part in helping everyone remember and celebrate their favorite TV moments.”

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Halo’s Reach In U.K.

Legions of stores around the U.S. opened up for the midnight launch of Halo: Reach and the same thing happened in the U.K. In fact, major entertainment retailer HMV opened 70 of its largest stores at midnight to accommodate demand.

There are some massive games titles due out over the next few weeks and months, and this great Christmas line up very definitely kicks off with Halo: Reach, which is hugely-anticipated by gamers, and has been one of our most-ever pre-ordered games titles on, said HMV head of games Tim Ellis. So we want to give the army of Halo: Reach fans the earliest possible opportunity to get their hands on it by opening many of our larger stores around the country at midnight on Monday – as soon as we’re officially able to sell the game.

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Kevin Butler Rags On Motion Controlling Competition

Kevin Butler has taken some comical digs at the competition in a couple of viral sites. On and it’s detailed how the move is superior to the competition’s motion controllers in Kevin Butler’s own imitable style.

“See what you did there You clicked it,” reads the site. “It turns out that buttons are really important. Not like ‘save the whales’ important. More likes ‘not play games that suck’ important. Cuz they help you . . . control stuff. Controller. Control. Kinds makes sense.”

“Some people don’t think you need buttons. WHAT! Craziness. Could you imagine gaming without buttons. Where would the control come from You couldn’t snipe. Couldn’t fire any sort of weapon at all, really. Unless you turn your fingers into a gun. Pew! Pew! What are we, mimes Buttons can do anything. Get you a turbo boost. Enter secret cheat codes,” it continues. “Did you know that the button was invented by Edison And that guy was smart. I bet he knew that buttons would be great for gaming. It’s not even just about fun. Pause. That’s a pretty important function right there. Especially when you get as phone call.”

“I know what you’re thinking.’What if I could just shout pause .'” it added. “Without a button. Great idea! Because there’s no way that could backfire. Imagine. You’re boxing. Your friend’s passing by. He wants to mess with you. Cause he’s sometimes a jerk like that. He shouts ‘pause’. Tragic. Buttons! They keep the control in your hand.”

Facebook Unveils Social Ad Metric

Facebook has unveiled a new social metric that will detail the benefits of using social context for ads. The Ads Manager has a Social percent column that shows the percentage of ad impressions that were delivered with social endorsements.

This Social context is the part of an ad that shows a user who among his or her Facebook friends have liked or viewed a particular page, event or app. Marketers will be able to see the number of impressions that these ads deliver on the Reports Tab in the Facebook Ads Manager. All of this may give Facebook more leverage to prove the worth of social advertising, which is still considered an unproven experiment by some marketers

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Halo: Reach Ad Spend Larger Than Halo 3

Microsoft is looking to make Halo:Reach the largest title of the year, spending more on it than they did for Halo 3 in 2007. TV advertisement has started already, and will continue and include radio, print, events, websites and retailers both leading up to and after launch.

Halo: Reach is extremely important for us. Not just from a revenue and business perspective, but Halo is such an iconic franchise, and one that has delivered huge innovation with every release. It’s a game that’s extremely close to our hearts, said Entertainment and devices director Stephen McGill. The marketing campaign for Halo: Reach sees a 60 percent increase over what was spent on Halo 3. But aside from spend, we’ve again seen some really innovative marketing execution around the game.

Retailers are absolutely getting behind this as this year’s biggest release, added McGill. The consensus is this is the biggest and best Halo game ever. We’re really confident it will deliver in terms of quality, and can’t wait to see where the Halo universe goes next.

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Sony: Microsoft Outspends Us On Advertising

The PlayStation Move is a critical product for the PS3 this Fall, hoping to target mainstream audiences with its simple motion sensing gameplay capabilities. Still, many perceive the economy as being in a poor shape, so the question of if Move is a good value was posed to Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

“Every marketer in the country should be concerned and is conscious of the economy we’re living in,” said Dille. “Having said that, we know many families might have had to forgo the big expensive vacation; you may not put a second addition on the house, but what we also know is families are looking for value.”

When asked about whether Sony will spend more to promote Move and Microsoft will spend on Kinect, Dille responded, “I don’t think we’ll ever outspend Microsoft.”

Source: Seattle Times

Madden 11 Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

In Madden NFL 11, there is a unique in-game promotion for “Breast Cancer Awareness.” During the October schedule of the game’s calendar (just like in real life) there are pink ribbons depicted everywhere in the game, be it on the field, on the sidelines or in the stands.

“EA Sports is honored to work with Susan G Komen for the Cure in the fight against breast cancer,” said EA Sports senior director of marketing, Chris Erb. “We are committed to raising breast cancer awareness and eager to give our fans an opportunity to participate in finding a cure.”

EA will also be donating $100,000 to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure foundation, dedicate to breast cancer early detection awareness and medical research. A pink-edition Madden NFL 11 for all three consoles will be sold at Best Buys in October as well.

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