Take This Lollipop

A new full screen Facebook enabled Flash video experience called The Collector has been launched and starts by asking for access to your Facebook account in order to give you a customized video featuring a crazy-eyed, dirty-fingered man going through your Facebook profile, photos, and location information in order to hunt you down. Designed to prey on any Facebook privacy fears you may have just click to start, but only if you want the lollipop.

The Muppets Want You To Pledge Your ‘Likes’

In anticipation of a Thanksgiving release, the Muppets themselves have taken to Facebook and are looking for a BAZILLION “Likes” to unlock special sneak preview screenings around the country. For more information, check out the official movie page and then warm up your index finger and head over to Facebook {page no longer active} to start clicking away. At the time of publication the current total was approximately 1,675,416 likes. Start by clicking “like” on Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo or Fozzie. Tell your friend they look like a Muppet with a specialized App. New content is posted all the time including promotional videos, clips from the movies and pictures of your favorite Muppets to share. Wocka wocka wocka!

Jiggle It, Just A Little Bit

Sure, you’ve seen JELL-O jiggle. But, you’ve never seen it bump and grind like this. With the new Jiggle-It app, you can watch a cube of JELL-O dance to the beat of your favorite song. Choose any track from your iTunes library or play music straight from your speakers, and the JELL-O cube will jiggle like there’s no tomorrow. Just visit jellojiggleit.com to download to your iPhone or iPad for free. The app pioneers new BPM (beats per minute) technology to determine the energy of any track and help the cube break it down, matching the beat of your song. You can also swipe your finger to activate special moves—leaving every user asking, “Can your dessert do this ”

PlayStation Vita U.S Launch: February 22

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton announced that the PlayStation Vita will be available in the U.S. on February 22, 2012 at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The device will be available in two flavors: Wi-Fi only at $249.99 and one with 3G connectivity at $299.99.

“PlayStation Vita will redefine traditional boundaries of gaming and blur the lines between entertainment and reality,” said Tretton. “Its launch will serve as a pivotal point in the history of portable gaming and create a new fan base of PlayStation gamers for generations to come.”

Facebook Launches ‘Top 50 Friends’ Option For Games

Facebook has launched a brand-new “Top 50 Friends” option for the Friend Invite menus. What this allows players to do is more easily pull their friends into their favorite titles, clearly a measure that Facebook and game developers increase viral growth.

The Friend Invite menu within games now has a Top 50 friends checkbox which will automatically tag the first 50 people in your friends list that not already a member of your current game neighborhood. Selecting friends causes the Top Friends filter to go down because players can only invite a maximum of 50 people per day.

Source: InsideSocialGames

Occupy Wall Street: Could It Benefit From Marketing?

The Occupy Wall Street protests have spread far beyond New York and have become something of a global phenomenon. Despite the push-back against capitalism that comes from the core of the movement, it could still benefit from some marketing savvy to sell it’s ideas to the general public and make it sustainable.

So far, Occupy Wall Street has done a good job at creating awareness of itself, but the movement’s goals have not been completely clear, which could lead to the moment losing momentum. “Any corporate brand stands for something, whereas they don’t stand for anything specific,” said Miro Copic, a marketing professor at San Diego State University. “In two, four, five weeks when it gets really cold, if they don’t have a reason for being, even the most ardent people are going to go home.”

The movement does have some potential slogans and brands in “We are the 99 percent.” Taking the idea that “the American dream is dead” could be a logo to bring Occupy Wall Street together.

By design, Occupy Wall Street is organic and leaderless which has helped it grow. However, the lack of a head means that there’s no focus on what they should be doing, be it boycotting banks, lobbying for job-training programs, writing to their congressman about ending foreclosures or student-loan debt, or pushing for a higher minimum wage.

“Frustration without an outlet tends to peter out at a certain point,” says Copic.

However, there is the possibility that the movement will be so all inclusive that usual marketing ideas don’t apply. “We are not going to make demands. We are not going to become a political party,” said Sonia Silbert, a longtime political activist who was at the Occupy DC encampment a few blocks from the White House Sunday. “The second we start making demands, we start splintering, and we are no longer the 99%.”

Source: Time

Mad Men Star Comes To Need For Speed: The Run

Electronic Arts has announced that they have hired Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Sean Faris (Vampire Diaries) for Need for Speed: The Run. Faris will be the driver Jack Rourke entering a cross-country race while Hendricks plays as Sam Harper, a manager loaning Jack $250,000 to get in the race.

“Our innovative, all-new performance capture technology pushes the boundaries of character animation allowing us to perfectly capture Christina and Sean’s likeness resulting in an engaging narrative experience coupled with top-notch racing,” said Need for Speed: The Run executive producer Jason DeLong.