Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Release Decisions Explained

The plans for the release of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 less than a year after the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 left some scratching their head. However, Capcom’s Seth Killian says the timing of the release is a byproduct of forces not entirely in Capcom’s control.

“We have the license for this specific game, but other companies outside of Capcom have licenses for other Marvel games that impinge,” said Capcom’s Seth Killian. “So we have to find specific times where we’re able to release products. It’s on the Capcom side and on the Marvel side.”

“I don’t ask anybody to feel sympathetic about that,” Killian added. “These kinds of corporate realities and legal contracts and things like that shape all of our lives whether we like it or realize it or not.”

More odd is the revelation that the content would not be available as DLC, which is a byproduct of the Japanese market. “Japan is still very much not a DLC market,” explained Killian. “DLC sales in general in Japan are vastly lower than they are here, even with popular games. DLC is not as much of a going concern. And online gaming in general is a lower adoption rate. The percentage of people playing any given title online in Japan is much lower.”

“Capcom has had different schools of thought internally. You’ve seen on the Street Fighter front has been a little more on the DLC side. But even on the Arcade Edition there was a balance there where they did do a disc release but they also made it available as DLC,” he added. “Capcom obviously has strong roots in the disc based tradition. That’s the way most games are sold in Japan, so this is the way to approach it naturally. Clearly they’re active in a global market, but are putting their toes in the water of shifting tastes for consumers in other places. Having just an all DLC release would be considered a strange move in Japan. Having an all DLC release would be odd.”

“The Marvel team had slightly different ideas than the Street Fighter team, so they’re always going in different directions. But it’s a piece of feedback from the Western side at least we’ve been very clear about, saying there’s a lot of talk saying we would like to have this as a DLC option rather than a disc based release,” he noted. “Of course there are people here who still like the disc based release, collectors and people who just appreciate the disc who are worried if they’re not able to go online then the game won’t work. There’s some from both camps. It’s a developing process for Capcom.”

Source: Eurogamer


Legend Of Zelda Goes To War

One of the great things about the PC gaming sphere is fans coming up with great mods for existing games. One of the most amazing ones recently seen is this conversion of Medieval 2: Total War to the various races and factions of Hyrule, which is a perfect celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

NFL Thursday Night 2011 Looks To Be Big Winner

While it looks like early season Thursday Night Football is off the table, the remaining late season games are doing well. Now entering its sixth season, the NFL Network is close to selling out its eight-game prime-time slate.

More than 80 percent of the eight game prime-time slate’s worth of in-game inventory have been sold, with automotive, retail, and QSR being big categories. Slots in the latter half of the schedule have been held back to accommodate scatter buys.

“From a timing standpoint, we’re the perfect platform for studios,” said David Pattillo, the NFL’s vice president of media sales. “Thursday nights are highly sought after; they can make or break your opening weekend.”

Returning sponsors will include Sears for the pregame and Kay Jewelers is back for the wrap show, while newcomer Kia will sponsor the TNF halftime show. It is estimated that NFL Network last year took in $90.4 million in net ad sales revenue, up 38 percent compared to 2009.

Source: AdWeek

Nintendo Wants Casual Gamers To Become More Advanced

The perception with Nintendo’s recent hardware offerings, especially the Wii, were designed for a casual audience. According to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, that was never the intention.

“There was a misunderstanding that Nintendo was dedicated to such games at some stage of the lifespans of the Wii and the Nintendo DS,” said Iwata in a recent Q&A session with investors. “We have made efforts to develop video games that are in tune with various consumer tastes; however, we have not been able to gain adequate consumer understanding regarding our intentions, while in the common perception there are no or few core users playing Nintendo platforms, which is not the case.”

“Every avid game player was once a beginner, or in other words, there are no born advanced players,” insisted Iwata. “Unless we create a flow from beginner to expert by offering an entrance for beginners and the processes for a beginner to become an intermediate user and from an intermediate to an advanced player, the video game industry will gradually shrink.”

Grand Theft Auto V Digital Exclusive, Suggests Newzoo

Grand Theft Auto V will surely be a landmark release for the gaming industry, pushing maybe upwards of 20 million in unit sales. Newzoo CEO Peter Warman theorizes, however, that the most revolutionary part about it is that it will ship without a disc in the box.

“There are a lot of reasons why publishers are pushing towards digital distribution of triple-A games,” said Warman. “Speaking out loud might harm the relationship with retail partners, but the benefits have become too large to remain silent about the desire to go completely digital. The ultimate objective being to launch games faster, create continuous revenues on a title and simply to make more money.”

“Will retail disappear from the picture Of course not,” he continued. “Retail will always remain an important channel to promote and distribute games. Retail has a strong hand to play when it comes to eyeballs and… boxes make a nice gift. Boxed games will not disappear, but what is in the box will. That is why the boxed GTA V version will contain a collectible piece of merchandise and a download code. No disc.”

Source: IndustryGamers

PlayStation’s New Home On November 3

PlayStation Home’s relaunch is set to happen on November 3. The major change for the platform is to make Home itself into a game platform, full incorporating many game elements into the game experience.

“This is a major milestone for PlayStation Network, and we are thrilled to bring a new core experience to PlayStation Home where games are front and center,” said PlayStation Home director Jack Buser. “Home’s community is made up of some of the most passionate gamers on PS3, and we’ve listened to their feedback since Home launched in 2008, finally transforming Home itself into a game.  This redesign marks a new beginning for PlayStation Home, and players can expect much more to come.”

Uncharted 3 Linearity Defended

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has been praised for raising the bar of cinematic gameplay, but has been criticized in some quarters for being too linear. Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig says the linearity was key for the sort of game Naughty Dog is making.

“That’s not really our genre. We like those kind of games, as players and fans of other games, but for the action-adventure – especially the pulp-adventure genre – that doesn’t really make sense,” said Hennig. “It’s about having a very clear, linear story arc that doesn’t allow for a lot of the dilution that is created by player choice in some cases. We always call it ‘wide linear’ – within the path that we give, you have a lot of choice within it, it’s not just hit this button, and this button, and this button. But we need that authorial control over the story to do what we’re doing.”

Source: Gametrailers

Capcom Talks ‘Different Viewpoint’ For DmC

DmC: Devil May Cry is the latest chapter in the “stylish action” series, and is notably the first to be developed outside of Japan. This has resulted in a naturally different product, though its still important to maintain a balance between old and new fans of the series, along with Japanese and Western sentiments.

“The theme with this DMC is ‘rebirth,'” said Motohide Eshiro, Capcom producer to Famitsu magazine. “We want to make a new Devil May Cry that still retains and takes advantage of the current game world, and I thought it’d be best to leave that task to a team that understood what makes DMC fun while being able to approach it from a different viewpoint than a Japanese outfit. Ninja Theory has a great deal of talent when it comes to visuals, and I figured that combining that with Capcom’s action-game experience would give us that new game we’re looking for.”

“We had Ninja Theory think about what Dante would look like if he was ‘cool’ from an overseas perspective. He has to be appealing to Japanese people as well, though, so the current design is the result of several rounds of fine-tuning,” said Eshiro, adding, “It’s a major challenge we’ve undertaken. It’s a different team and so naturally it’ll be a different game from before, but the entire team is working hard to ensure the play feel is the same. It’s a brand-new DMC born from the DNA of the rest of the series.”

Source: 1UP

Zynga Byproduct Of EA, Blizzard Not Stepping In, Says Richard Garriott

Blizzard has reached new levels of success with World of Warcraft, but there are new challengers in the free-to-play realm. Richard Garriott thinks that his company Portalarium can challenge the Blizzards of the world, noting that Zynga has become a threat to them.

“The only reason Zynga exists is because people like EA, people like Blizzard, failed to step in,” said Garriott, adding of social games, “Right now, where those worlds seem very distinct, and very separate, and very noncompetitive, they’re targeting completely different users – I think within a few years, you’ll see that’s not really the case. I think you’ll see that the quality level that comes up through the casual games will rival the quality of traditional massively multiplayer games and then, because it’s not something you have to subscribe to, because it’s something that virally spreads, and especially because, as people churn out of a big MMO they’ve got to go somewhere. And if you’re a company that does only one big MMO, odds are they’re churning out for somebody else.”

“The only reason I left EA is because EA didn’t want to make MMOs,” he added. “I started again with a company called Destination Games, and we sold it to NCsoft. The only reason I left NCsoft – or, more complexly, the only reason a whole group of us left NCsoft- was because we started a casual gaming portal called PlayNC. We had built a whole suite of products for it and NCsoft said, ‘You know. We’re making so much money on MMOs, we don’t really believe in this casual stuff.’ So we all split off to form Portalarium. That’s the only reason that I’ve switched, and more importantly, the people who are at the big companies of a previous era very commonly miss these shifts. The only reason NCSoft exists is because the big solo player gaming companies failed to fill the gap once MMOs were discovered. None of them had the faith enough to continue it and allow new players to step in.”

“The only reason Zynga exists is because people like EA, people like Blizzard, failed to step in,” Garriott theorized. “And so each of these major upheavals allows new, major corporations to come in and fill that space, which I think is to the great detriment, and then leaves the big companies of the previous iteration actually trying to catch up. And so I think that the challenge for Blizzard, when you are that good, when you’re making that much money, when you’re that much on top of your game, in the current era, it’s actually fairly difficult to spend money towards things that seem to not be as profitable, that people don’t understand as well and that you don’t imagine could possibly beat how well you’re doing at the top of your game in the current era. And so that I think is a risk for anyone, including Blizzard, that they will elect not to tackle that one, because they don’t see that it’s important and relevant.”

Source: IndustryGamers