Wasteland 2: First Look

InXile has released the first gameplay video of Wasteland 2 in action and it does not disappoint. It’s practically dripping with personality from its flavor text and unique environment, all with the same dark sense of humor that made Wasteland and the early Fallout games the classics they are.


Show The Love With Your Mech

Hawken is celebrating Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year with the Hearts of Fire promotion. {link no longer active}

Valentine’s Day: LESSTHAN-3 and AU-REVOIR


Pilots will be able to purchase any of the camouflages permanently, and it will automatically become available to all present and future mechs the pilot may own; no need to purchase them individually. The thruster will also be available for purchase, but it is on a per-mech basis.

To fill Hawken with these seasonal styles, pilots will be able to “rent” the Hearts of Fire items for free. These free rentals will expire on February 19. Also, as a token of love to the Hawken community, pilots will be able to claim the LESSTHAN-3 Valentine’s Day camo for free, also until February 19.

These cosmetic items will leave the shop when Hearts of Fire ends on February 26. Get yours before they’re gone!


Journey Developer Wants To Be The Pixar Of Games

Jenova Chen of thatgamecompany has ambitions to reach a large audience with his next game. He also notes that despite the wide critical acclaim for Journey, he isn’t sure how much the game sold over Christmas due to how Sony records its financial quarters.

“I’m not a money guy, but I want to make our next product a commercial success, so that people will say, ‘Hey, there’s a huge market out there. If you make a high-quality games that can touch people, it’s going to do great business,'” said Chen. “Look at Pixar. Why doesn’t a company like that exist in the games industry I want to make that commercial success. Even if it’s not me who ends up becoming that Pixar, someone will found it in the future.”

“I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about Sony’s payment schedule. It’s delayed by three months. I don’t get the sales data until the next quarter, either. So I know Journey’s sales picked up at Christmas, but I don’t know how much it sold. Maybe I’ll know by February? Honestly, I don’t know how much Journey has sold at this point. But I know we broke even on it,” said Chen. “The first thing we needed to do was pay back the investment Sony put in. Then we could start bringing in the money from Journey. As far as I know, we broke even, but the last thing I saw was just breaking even. We don’t know how much Journey has actually generated in terms of revenue.

Source: GamesBeat

Alien Egg Appears In London

An alien egg almost 30 feet tall has appeared on London’s Potters Field Park. The item was set up to mark the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this week.

The egg can be seen close to the mayor’s office and Tower Bridge. The item is open to the public, complete with actors dressed as Colonial Marines and a Xenomorph.

Source: itv.com

Wildman Kickstarter Devolves Into Nothingness

Gas Powered Games has announced that they are canceling the Wildman Kickstarter project. With $504,120 and three days remaining, the company was unlikely to hit its $1.1 million goal.

“At this point, it makes sense for us to focus our attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running,” said the company in a posting. “Unfortunately, we are unable to share any specifics in public. When we have news to share, we will be posting it on our site. If you want status updates, or if you want to continue discussing Wildman and/or this Kickstarter, please consider migrating over to forums.gaspowered.com.” {link no longer active}

“We are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed this project and Gas Powered Games. Your passion and hard work put us in a position to write this exciting new chapter in the history of GPG,” the post concluded.

Source: Kickstarter.com

Macy’s Focuses On Service To Compete With Online Retailers

Macy’s saw a 5.5 percent sales bump during the holiday quarter. This is a payoff for the company’s multiyear investment in physical renovations, integrating mobile technologies, and its “Magic Selling” program involving coaching its employees to be friendlier and to help tailor merchandise to local preferences.

This is impressive, given difficultly with Hurricane Sandy, the fiscal cliff and unseasonably warm winter weather during late 2012. J. C. Penney and Best Buy have tried to emulate this, though for Macy’s, the transformation has engaged and been guided by its employees.

Macy offers turn-by-turn GPS guidance helping customers with mobile phones to self-navigate the massive Herald Square store in New York and an integrated inventory system that lets associates find in-stock products and ship direct to customers. Macy’s investments have improved the customer experience by empowering the salesperson, where they are able to differentiate the in-store experience through their personalities and service while delivering on price, assortment, and convenience that customers get through online shopping.

Service is a key component, as the 2012 Kellogg Shopper Index reported 59 percent of shoppers said they received poor or average service that pushed them to go to competitors. There were 40 percent that reported that they never intended to buy online, but a frustrating in-store experience drove them there.

“If we keep the experience worthwhile, consumers will come back,” said Cheryl Berinato, director of consumer insights and strategy at Macy’s during the National Retail Federation’s annual show in January. “Our associates are our most powerful tool.”

Personalizing the customer experience while forging loyalty is built on having talented, trained, and motivated frontline people actively contributing ideas for how to improve operations.

Source: BusinessWeek.com

G4 Becoming Esquire Network On April 22

NBCUniversal has announced that the G4 Network will become the Esquire Network on April 22.   It will be completely owned by NBC and is described as “an upscale Bravo for men” designed to move away from the game-playing demographic.

“Realistically, guys who are into gaming are not necessarily watching television,” said NBC executive Bonnie Hammer. “If this was going to come under my portfolio, I’m a little brand crazy, so I said, let’s create a real brand, define a space, understand who we are programming for.”

“Much of today’s programming targets men in a one-dimensional way,” said Esquire Network general manager Adam Stotsky, describing the channel focusing on “the modern man.”

Source: New York Times

Ouya CEO Talks About Making New Hardware Every Year

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has confirmed that the company plans to release new versions of the Android console based around new and cheaper hardware every year, with each version backwards compatible with what has come before. With the use of standard components and an open philosophy, she thinks this will help the company against its larger, more well funded competition.

“From a hardware perspective, there’s nothing defendable,” Uhrman said. “We didn’t build a custom chip, we took off the shelf components and just combined them in a different way. What’s unique about Ouya is the business model, the fact that every single game is free to try, that it’s open for every single creator, the fact that we’re bringing games back to the television. But most importantly, we will win if we’re able to develop a great relationship with developers and gamers where the best, newest, and most creative games are on Ouya.”

She also talked about the mandatory “free-to-try” option on all Ouya games, saying, “It cleans up the app store. It removes the confusion between a paid app store and a free app store. We also think it cuts down on the copycat games, where you have games that look like each other and one is paid but the other is free and you don’t know what to do. So we thought the easiest way to remove that and create a great experience for gamers and developers that was rewarding in their own right was to adopt this free-to-try model.”

Source: GamesIndustry International