Google’s Tools Could Increase Mobile App Installs

App-install ads have found an increasing presence in social media, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Google wants to take part in the action.

AdWeek has reported that the web giant has introduced a couple of new web tools that will allow marketers to implement its mobile applications in a much easier fashion.

First off, AdMob, Google’s mobile app network which provides ads for over 650,000 apps, has extended with the Google Display Network. That’s a big move, considering that it functions mobile sites and apps for two million publishers, including bigger clients like and The New York Times. Using this service, advertisers will have access to a much larger audience, capable of seeing their ads.

Google has reported that a number of companies on the Google Display Network have given business a boost, to the tune of a 28 percent rise in mobile app install ads.

But for those who prefer video ads, Google has good news for companies as well. Marketers can now use this format to utilize their apps, with pop-up full screen ads that appear, featuring links to ratings across both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, depending on the availability of the app. By clicking on said ads, users can go straight to a download screen, where they can add it to their device almost instantaneously.

The program has already been successful for one company, Gree International, who reports that Google’s video promos managed to pick up app downloads by ten percent. At the same time, cost-per-install price has decreased by 40 percent. This is a much more effective campaign for the company, compared to others it ran in the past.

Video ads have done good business for both Facebook and Twitter since their introduction, so Google should have no program picking up on that success. Numbers from eMarketer indicate that mobile app install ads will bring in $3 billion in revenue for this year alone in the U.S. – and that’s only just over ten percent of overall mobile spending, which will reach $28.72 billion. Mobile app install ads will still grab about 20 percent of the U.S. mobile display market for 2015 as well.

It looks like the future’s up-and-up for mobile app installs from here.

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InnoGames Launches Strong TV Campaign For Games

Taking to television to promote games is nothing new, as developers and publishers have been pumping out ads for years, either focusing on gameplay or featuring a AAA-grade presentation to hype said product. However, InnoGames is going the extra mile with its latest campaign, with ads set to air on TV numerous times throughout the month of April.

The company’s TV campaign, which will run across 100 different stations and run 25,000 times globally throughout this month, will focus on its primary strategy games, Tribal Wars 2 and Forge of Empires. Featuring 3D CGI animation and actors intertwined (similar in manner to the Game of War ads), the spots will be seen on the likes of Comedy Central, Fox Network, ESPN, MTV and other channels. It will also run across popular networks in Canada, including Discovery, NHL and iChannel, among others.

“This globally aligned campaign brings our TV presence to a new level,” InnoGames’ Chief Marketing Officer Christian Pern explains.  “High quality and exciting spots combined with the broadcast of attractive TV shows make us confident to reach a large audience, especially targeting people that have not yet played our games. In order to maximize the impact, we also support our TV efforts with a large-scale online campaign.”

InnoGames is also set to launch a cross-promotion with its Facebook page for the Tribal Wars 2 ad, where users can register on the official page {link no longer active} for a chance to win 10,000 crowns for use in their next battles.

The ads could bring in a huge audience push for the German online game company, which already has 150 million registered players around the world. Obviously, the right TV ad can be a proven success for a company, whether with a mobile release or a more social-based title on Facebook or other networks, as Supercell has proven in the past with its Super Bowl Clash of Clans ad, featuring actor Liam Neeson.

The ads can be seen below.