Universal Drinks Cup Of Tears

With the quality of next gen graphics and the proliferation of CG work in Hollywood, it can be hard to tell where video game concepts begin and cinematography ends in rather elaborate trailers. Such was the case in The Cup of Tears, which was actually a short film conducted by Gary Shore, who worked on it during his free time over six months.

The veteran of commercial directing has seen the rights to The Cup of Tears picked up by Universal and Working Title, who will look to make it into a feature length film. Shore will direct the film, and a writer will be brought on to polish his initial script.

Check out the samurai laden trailer below:


Turn Me On Viral Trilogy

JVC today announced the third incarnation of their “Turn Me On” viral videos, which have been viewed 19 million times. This latest video stars All-American Rejects and extensively features JVC car audio devices – it’s more like a musical montage than an advertisement.

You can check out the promotional image below and watch the latest viral video as well as other behind-the-scenes videos on this page.



F.E.A.R. 3 Live Action Styling

F.E.A.R. 3 from Day 1 Studios and horror director John Carpenter is looking to bring co-operative action to the action horror FPS. Created by the Ayzenberg Group, this trailer is a mixture of live action and gameplay footage, narrated by the Point Man talking about Paxton Fettel, and it’s quite cool. Check it out:


Super Hero Squad Online: Hero Up!

Gazillion recently took the wraps off this Marvel Comics-based MMO, and now we have the first trailer for Super Hero Squad Online. It shows off the cartoony nature of the property, targeted towards kids.

Kevin Butler Demonstrates ModNation Prowess

Sony has heavily promoted the track creation portions of ModNation Racers, even releasing an artist spotlight for those inclined to make their own tracks. This week showcases Sony’s VP-of-what-is-needed Kevin Butler talking up his latest creation, but he may have finally met his match with his latest online race.

Swagger Wagon Rap

Toyota has been pushing their Sienna as a cool option for young parents with their tongue-in-cheek commercials. They’ve gone one step further with this viral video, with the two featured parents rapping about their swagger wagon.


Apple Asks, ‘What Is IPad?’

Apple always has great, polished ads and the treatment they’ve given the iPad is no different. Described as easy to use, beautiful and magical, the ad stays true to Apple’s proven ad formula.