PlayStation Move Developer Diary Tackles Bowling

PlayStation Move opens up many new possibilities for gaming to the PS3 platform, some of the most intuitive of which are sports related. In this developer diary, Brunswick Pro Bowling lead designer Bobby King and lead programmer Jeff Rice of FarSight Studios discuss how Move lets the game mimic the technique of all types of throws, which they hope will make the title the definitive bowling game. Sony has been smartly using its to continually shine a spotlight on its games and products.

Iron Man vs. Hugh Grant

Bridget Jones’s Diary was an acclaimed 2001 romantic comedy that became a favorite of many women in the Western world. One thing that the short clip below proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, however, is that the movie was missing Iron Man… until now. In all seriousness, it shows how viral stuff like this can pop up when people are really into a brand.

Iron Man 2 Comes Home

In a collaboration with Audi, Paramount will be launching an Iron Man 2 themed mini-game in PlayStation Home. Users can compete to win one of ten Iron Man suits to wear in Home, or answer some trivia and receive a free Iron Man 2 movie t-shirt. Sadly, this promotion is limited to Europe for now.

{video link no longer active}

Source: Kotaku

Reach For New Arms In The Latest Halo

Halo: Reach is a prequel to the original Halo: Combat Evolved game, but that doesn’t mean all of the weapons will be rehashes of what’s been in the previous titles. Check out new guns like the Needle Rifle, Plasma Launcher and the Covenant Focus Rifle. Reach will undoubtedly be a major entertainment event when it launches later this year, and Microsoft will put its full marketing muscle behind it.

Star Trek Online, Where ‘Fleet Action’ Means ‘Massive Space Battles’

Star Trek Online features many of the tropes commonly associated with MMOs, and among them are massive raids (called fleet actions in the game). The latest one involves the defense of Deep Space Nine in a recreation of a classic moment from the series… if you’re not a Trekie, simply admire the massive space battles unfolding.

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The PS3 has already attracted a large group of hardcore baseball fans with its MLB: The Show series and now they’re perpetuating this cross-pollination with a new MLB.TV app. This gives MLB.TV subscribers the ability to watch every out-of-market game in HD quality. Check out the demonstration below: