Super Mario Galaxy 2 Dances Among The Clouds

Super Mario Galaxy 2 promises plenty of thrills (and increased difficultly) compared to its predecessor. While the first game had wacky outfits like the Bee Suit, check out the new Cloud Suit for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario games practically sell themselves, but Nintendo will no doubt be featuring everyone’s favorite plumber in some creative spots soon. In the meantime, trailers like this one will certainly get fans excited.

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Kevin Butler Coaches Up ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers is hitting retail on May 25, bringing crazy customizable kart action racing to the PS3. Sony is throwing its considerable marketing weight behind the game and is bringing out their VP of inspiration and perspiration, Kevin Butler, to promote the game. The spot, like other Butler PS3 ads, definitely keeps the comical tone Sony established with its new PS3 marketing last fall.

Okamiden Paints Life Onto DS

Okami was beloved by gamers for its stylistic art and clever painting gameplay, but its niche sales suggested it may never see a sequel. However, Capcom has decided to make a sequel called Okamiden for the DS and revealed it’s coming to the U.S. today during Captivate 10, showing the game off in this debut trailer:

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EA Sports MMA Trailer Shows Match-Ups

Right now, UFC Undisputed has established itself as the mixed-martial arts game to beat, but Electronic Arts is throwing its hat in the ring (or perhaps we should say octagon) with EA Sports MMA. Planed for release in August 2010, the company released a trailer today that shows off some of the contenders in action.

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Sony Bravia Ad Truly About Make Believe

Ads for televisions often focus on kids and families because of the shared experience TV manufacturers want to portray. The latest European Sony Bravia ad takes this a step further, mixing archival footage of AC/DC with little girls jamming out. It’s a decent-looking  spot, but you’re not even made aware of the Sony brand for TVs until the last few seconds. Will this really help sell product for Sony

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Source: Ad Week