Nintendo Reveals Metroid: Other M In-Game Footage

Mario and Zelda are probably the two most important properties within Nintendo’s rich assortment of IP, but Metroid’s certainly no slouch, and the franchise has great appeal in the West. Nintendo’s taking an interesting approach with the upcoming Metroid: Other M (slated to launch in late June) by partnering up with Team Ninja. The game features classic, old-school 2D Metroid gameplay while still incorporating 3D elements. We’ve seen a number of promo trailers, but this newly released video finally dives headfirst into in-game footage. Wii owners will definitely be keeping an eye on this one. Check out the new trailer courtesy of

{link no longer active}

Activision Shows Another Dimension Of Spider-Man

The quality of Activision’s Spider-Man video games has been up and down, but the license from Marvel Comics remains quite valuable. Activision is starting to shed more light on its next Spider-Man game called Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and today a new trailer has been revealed, showcasing the game’s attractive and unique art style. Dimensions, slated for release this September, features a story penned by acclaimed Marvel comic book writer Dan Slott. The game enables players to “travel through four different worlds as distinctly different versions of Spider-Man from four universes across Marvel lore, two of which are announced today: The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir.” Check out the new video below.

GoDaddy Gets ‘Mature’ With New Ad Spot

Professional race car driver Danica Patrick has been promoting GoDaddy’s services with sexy ad spots for a while now, but this new 30-second spot puts a new twist on the ad strategy. You see, this time her grandmother shows off the new website she and grandpa created using GoDaddy, called “Grandma’” It then shows a video of grandma dancing around in her tank top. As Adweek {link no longer active} notes, “That’s GoDaddy. You can always count on cringe-worthy ad content.” GoDaddy is also holding a “Show Us YOUR GoDaddy Ad” contest offering a $100K top prize. Check out the new ad spot below.


H&M Unleashes Flash Mob In San Francisco

As we mentioned recently on [a]list, low-budget, old-school marketing can actually work. There’s nothing more old-school than simply getting some people to organize and promote your product in real-life venues, and that’s exactly what clothing store H&M has been doing with its flash mobs. Here’s an interesting dance routine in San Francisco’s Union Square put together by H&M to promote its children’s fashion line.

Ad Age Viral Video Chart For Week Of Feb. 15

Ad Age lists the top 10 viral videos for the week of Feb. 8.

Super Bowl ads shuffled in and out of the chart, in what Ad Age calls a sign of TV’s power.  An Old Spice spot entered at number two with about 1.7 million views, while above it Doritos Super Bowl ad held on to the top slot with nearly 4.9 million views.  A Bud Light spot from the game also entered the chart.  The third new entry for the week is a bit more current.  A Puma viral for Valentine s Day hit the middle of the chart by drawing more than 762,000 viewers.  Replacing the Super Bowl ads that fell off are three of the chart s stickiest campaigns.  Ad Age cites that with their return, Microsoft’s Natal video, Evian’s dancing babies and DC Shoes Gymkhana display have each spent 30 or more weeks on the chart.

The chart is compiled by Visible Measures.  Check it out and watch the videos at Ad Age {link no longer active}.

Rejiggered robots

Activision and developer High Moon Studios are giving the first glimpse of game play in Transformers: War for Cybertron.   The title is Activision s retake on the license, as the first one not tied to the Michael Bay films or developed by recently shuttered studio Luxoflux.  This first look paints it as a frenetically paced, and decidedly pretty looking, third-person shooter.  Watch it at GameTrailers.

Balancing Acts

New Balance launched a creative viral campaign last month, one that aims to engage people with the brand all year by serving up one short video a day based on the theme balance.   The effort is being run through a micro-site and an accompanying iPhone app delivering the videos.  The eclectic range of content and creativity in the videos, and the fact that they mostly play on filling a fixed frame, makes them seem like fodder for (from ) first-year film students rather than anything resembling branded virals.  Campaign is featuring New Balance’s teaser spot promoting the campaign.

Watch it at Campaign. {video link no longer active}

Still Stoking The Inferno

For anyone who thought EA’s TV push for Dante’s Inferno peaked with its Super Bowl ad, or whether it could get any more out and away from the box than fake religious protesters, a mock Bible-themed game, or the ASCII art guerrilla campaign, check out Hawk Panther.  AdFreak says EA launched the campaign yesterday with this TV spot leading viewers online, where a visit to the Hawk Panther site eventually bumps them to a micro-site for the game.

Watch it at AdFreak.