Red Dead Revolution

Red Dead Redemption takes place in the Western frontier during the early 20th century, around the time of some interesting historical events. One such situation that players can take part in is the beginning of the Mexican Revolution against autocrat Porfirio Díaz, as shown below. Take-Two and Rockstar have very high hopes for the game, and the game’s already being heavily advertised on TV.

Terminator Takes Down Apple Store

The Terminator is best known for going back in time to try and kill/protect John Connor, but this time he has a different purpose. This Terminator is apparently an agent of Microsoft sent to the Apple Store in Beijing, China. This is likely some very unique viral marketing. It’s certainly entertaining; check it out.

Machete Special Cinco de Mayo Trailer

The Arizona immigration legislation has received a lot of erudite responses from both sides of the table and this video… is not one of them. Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo have released a special illegal trailer for their grindhouse Mexploitation parody Machete to give us all a chuckle.

Jonah Hex, Featuring Cowboys And Crazy Weapons

While some might say that DC Comics has no counter to Marvel’s Iron Man 2 movie this summer, it’s not so! Coming from a somewhat obscure background as time-traveling cowboy, say hello to Jonah Hex! Although this movie looks quite cool, we doubt this has anywhere close to the marketing potential of Iron Man; then again, it does have the unbelievably sexy Megan Fox firing guns in it…

{video link no longer active}


Daily Show Talks iPhone Raid

The Daily Show’s structure is a cocktail of news and comedy, using a format similar to late-night comedy to give a funny spin on recent events. While the show is often political and referential to the media, Jon Stewart and company have turned their gaze towards Apple and the case of the missing iPhone prototype. As we said recently, and as Stewart’s clip below emphasizes, Apple’s handling of this situation seems to be generating bad publicity for the company.



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Halo: Reach Trailer On ‘Birth Of A Spartan’

Halo: Reach will serve as a prequel to the entire Halo series, and the latest teaser trailer for the game hints at the origins of the Spartan super-soldiers. The spot also serves to advertise the open beta for Halo: Reach, which will start May 3 for Xbox Live Gold members who have Halo 3: ODST and a hard-drive.

{video link no longer active}