‘I Cut Off Heads’

Ubisoft is rolling out No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle for Wii in trademark fashion. The publisher released this launch trailer for the game that s chock full of insanity. It mixes highlights from the game with bizarre yet mood enhancing non-game video clips, some of which can t be more than a few frames long. It is fun to watch, and more than once.


Watch it at GameTrailers.

Another Pie For Apple

Writing for FastCompany, Robert Fabricant argues that Apple’s tablet computer is out to make road kill of handheld game systems Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. He says Apple is in need of another industry to disrupt the way it did the music business, pointing to games as the next logical space for the company to dominate with its iTunes model.


Read the article at FastCompany.

Fight One, You’ve Fought ‘Em All

Capcom has managed to get characters from Epic Games bestselling Gears of War franchise into its own shooting game, Lost Planet 2. There’s no word on how Gears grunts Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago are used in Capcom’s game, as in whether they’ll be multiplayer avatars or actual characters to play through in story mode. The trailer might be hinting to the former, since it does show their models fighting alongside two other characters. One intriguing part of the trailer is a glimpse of the trademark Gears of War roadie-run camera showing up in Lost Planet.


Watch it at GameTrailers.

Buzz Awards Call For Entries

Adweek Media has put out the call for entries for this year’s Buzz Awards. The organizers are now accepting submissions, with March 8 as the deadline to enter. The official announcement and link to the awards page follows:


There’s one winner per category, and the judges’ favorite grabs the Grand Prize, a full color spread in ADWEEK, BRANDWEEK and MEDIAWEEK profiling the winning effort-valued at $68,660!

Plus, entrants will have a chance to win one of our THREE people’s choice awards. People’s choice voting is open for the entire call for entries period. The earlier you enter, the more time your campaign has to gather votes!

See the categories and enter the awards at AdweekBuzz.

The Massive Guide To Social Networking

GigaOM’s Sebastian Rupley has compiled eight guides and articles on using social media effectively for marketing and business development.  His collection includes general guidelines on effectively using social nets along with specific advice directed to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn users.


Check them out at GigaOM.

Ad Measurement Firms Introduce Digital Buzz Metric

Ad measurement firms Millward Brown and Cymfony have partnered to introduce a metric for social media buzz, reports Adweek.  The firms are forming a service that incorporates online sentiment generated through social media nets into traditional measurements such as awareness and intent to purchase. Adweek says the analysis looks at consumer buzz generated through social nets, blogs and forums, and focuses on volume, sentiment and share of voice.

Now You See It

Writing for NY Times, David Carr pens a piece on how Apple approaches PR when it comes to generating publicity in the lead-up to product launches. In a sense Apple doesn’t do a thing until the product is out, and Carr compares that strategy to the way magician’s build anticipation to their reveal. As one interviewee shares with Carr, referring to Apple head Steve Jobs, Steve creates a black hole and then fills it in with stars. Even David Blaine chimes in on Apple and Jobs grasp of showmanship. It’s a fitting piece, one posted by the paper earlier this week as Apple had again managed a media frenzy about a new product being unveiled today.


Read the article at NY Times.

‘Really Naughty’ RPG

Aksys Games and Compile Heart have released details about the Really Naughty Limited Edition version of their role-playing game Record of Agarest War, reports Joystiq. The edition comes adorned with anime-style artwork of the game s lady characters, and is bundled with erotic extras such as the Yearning Ellis pillowcase and the Sensual Vira-Lor mouse pad. Joystiq highlights the mouse pad’s ergonomic breasts wrist rest. The bundle continues the lascivious tone set by the game makers for their otherwise standard-looking RPG game in reaching out to Western gamers. Read more at Joystiq.

Icahn Started Take-Two Rumor, Says News Outlet

In what is essentially reporting on a rumor about a rumor, Business Insider says word on the street is that the rumor about a possible Time-Warner takeover of Take-Two was spread by investors including Carl Icahn. Business Insider cites a source who said the rumor can be traced back to a group of large investors including Icahn, who alone holds an eleven percent stake in Take-Two. The Time-Warner speculation had put a $14.50 per share buyout price on the company, which is currently trading under $10. Take-Two had turned down a takeover bid from EA of more than $26 per share in 2008. Business Insider labels that move as catastrophic, but says the company is still an attractive target but stuck without a suitable buyer in the game industry. The outlet says more likely suitors could be media companies such as Time-Warner or News Corp. who might be looking to break into games.