Japanese Retailer Lists PSP-4000

There was no announcement of any major changes to the PSP platform at E3 2010, which was a surprise to some. Still, a posting by Japanese retailer Geo indicates a new PSP model may be coming.

Geo puts Gran Turismo 5, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and an unannounced PSP-4000 model for a release in 2010. This could signify a redesign of the basic PSP hardware is coming, as has happened twice in the past.

Source: Siliconera

iPhone 4 Might Get Firmware Update To Improve Signal Quality

By now, enough words have been written about the iPhone 4 reception issues to fill several books. It’s been acknowledged that the iPhone 4, like every other cell phone, has sensitive areas and Steve Jobs said, “Just avoid holding it in this way.”

However, 3G Microcell users have better reception, raising questions over whether it’s totally hardware related. The theory is that the hand placement could disrupt the signal, not allowing the iPhone 4 to recognize the connection through the fluctuations.

The firmware fix wouldn’t necessarily remove the hardware-based variations in signal quality, just allow iPhones to work better with them, writes David Murphy. “We’ll all see come next week the proposed launch that’s been floated around for the iOS 4.0.1 update.”

Source: PC Mag

Capcom’s Inafune On Western Development

Keiji Inafune is a legend in the Japanese gaming industry, having worked on franchises like Mega Man and Onimusha at Capcom. He’s also well aware of the situation of the Japanese gaming industry, which is reinforced every time he comes out to E3.

“Every year that I come to E3, year in and year out, the one thing I’ve noticed is that it seems like the Japanese game developer share seems to be getting smaller and smaller,” said Inafune. “If you look at the major titles, they’re now primarily Western. If you look at all the different signs and all the billboards, most of those are Western titles. A lot of the key announcements are also Western titles. I think to myself sometimes, if we keep on this course, the Japanese gaming market will disappear totally. That is one of the valid concerns that I have, which is why as a Japanese publisher, as Capcom, we really want to fight the good fight, and try and make our games work within this more primarily Western market.”

“So, of course, we can’t just rely on our own skill, our own Japanese developer skill and know-how, to steer us through this dark time,” Inafune continued. “It’s going to have to come through collaborative efforts and co-operation. It’s our U.S. staff, our European staff, working closely with them. Of course we are working with a lot of different Western developers as well. It’s being able to share their knowledge and information, to collaborate with them on a very in-depth level, that’s going to allow us to grow as a company and to be able to understand how the market is changing in the West, and allow us to be competitive in those markets. That’s going to be essential for us.”

“While Western developed titles like Dark Void and Bionic Commando haven’t turned out the way Capcom would have liked,” Inafune asserts that Dead Rising 2 will be different.

“With Dead Rising 2, right now, we have finally reached it. We have learned what areas work, what areas don’t work, and that has helped us to create Dead Rising 2, which looks very much like the first one, feels like it’s got that Capcom essence to it, yet there are a lot of ideas and concepts in that game that a Japanese development staff would not have come up with. So it does take the best of the West and the best of Japanese game aesthetic design,” said Inafune. “Now that we have that knowledge, we can use that in future Western titles going forward. It’s not an easy process. It took some growing pains, but we finally got there.”

“The other thing that’s changed is that come this last April, I became the global head of all R&D throughout the world for Capcom. Now I’m able to give them sound advice to all the development teams, as well as synch them up so that we all are collaborating and we’re not separate companies just because we’re on different sides of the globe. I think that’s helping a lot, too,” he added.

Source: VideoGamer.com

Survey Says 77 Percent Of iPhone 4 Users Upgrading From Older iPhone

A survey by Piper Jaffray of iPhone 4 users was very telling. Namely, 77 percent of iPhone 4 users were upgrading from old iPhones, up from 56 percent in 2009 and 38 percent in 2008, showing brand loyalty.

However, only 16 percent of buyers were switching to AT&T from other carriers, which is down from 28 percent last year. Meanwhile, 28 percent of iPhone 4 buyers owned an iPad and another 39 percent said they would probably buy one within the next year, showing high brand loyalty.

Apple might sell as many as 2 million iPhone 4 units during its initial availability.

Source: San Francisco Gate {link no longer active}

PS3 Huluing?

Inside sources are indicating that Hulu and Sony are close to an agreement. The deal would see the second-largest video website come to the PS3.

The formal partnership could be announced within the week, according to people with personal knowledge of the deal. This would make Hulu’s potential pay service a bigger deal, with PS3s giving the video service more access to televisions, and making their service more appealing for CBS, Viacom and Time Warner to add their shows to the pay service.

Source: Bloomberg {link no longer active}

Apple Talks iPhone 4 Reception Issues

While the release of the iPhone 4 appears to be a hit, there are certain issues that seem to have come up, like the reception of the new frame. Apple, for its part, is not overly concerned by the issues.

“All phones have sensitive areas,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs to Ars Technica. “Just avoid holding it in this way.”

The edges of the handset are designed to enhance the signal, though holding the lower left corner is said to reduce reception. Moving one’s hands or using rubber bumper frames (sold seperately) solves the issue.

Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas,” said Apple in an official statement. “This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. Avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases.”

Source: AFP {link no longer active}

Predators On the Hunt

Just like the Aliens franchise is seeing a new movie entry without the Predators, now the Predators are getting a movie without Aliens. The aptly named Predators movie has some decent star power behind it and what looks like some cheap and quick fun.

{video link no longer active}