Minecraft Crafted For Xperia Play

Mojang has confirmed that Minecraft will be coming to Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play first. It will have controls customized to the system’s PlayStation-styled slide-out buttons.

This version of the game, and other versions on iOS and Android, will be tweaked according to the system’s needs. “When playing on smartphones you will have a different screen size compared to PC, different hardware, different attention spans and thus the game needs to be customized to fit the mobile specifications,” said Mojang.

Source: Gamasutra

DVD Sales Receded In 2010

While the DVD was once a powerful second leg for the non-interactive entertainment industry to stand, it is quickly disappearing. New research from SNL says that DVD retail market in the U.S. shrank by 44 percent in 2010, down from $8 billion in 2008 and its peak of $10 billion in 2007.

Total number of units shipped in 2010 was 225 million. This is again a drastic decline from the 400 million in 2009 and 517 million in 2007.

Further discouraging, 2010 was the first year since 2007 when the total number of titles published has risen; the past two years, the number of releases increased while the wholesale prices rose for retailers. While average units sold per title increased both years, passing 1 million, they dropped to 545,000 in 2010.

Fox’s Avatar and Buena Vista’s Toy Story 3 stood tall above all others, selling more than 10 million units and earning over $200 million apiece. However, seven of the 15 best-selling titles in 2010 earned their studios less than $100 million in 2010; in 2009, none of the top 15 earned less than $100 million.

While Blu-ray sales are not accounted for, it is likely the convenience of digital that is sapping the sales of discs.

Source: AdWeek

Space Marine Crowned For Pre-Orders And Collectors

THQ has detailed the Space Marine Collector’s Edition. Available for $99.99 on Xbox 360 and PS3, and $79.99 on PC, it will contain a 10″ replica Purity Seal, a hardback art book, the official Space Marine soundtrack, a premium pack of 25 foiled character information cards along with a copy of the game packaged together in a premium box set.

As for pre-order bonuses, Gamestop will have the Emperor’s Elite Pack with Space Wolves and Black Templar chapter armor skins, Best Buy will have the Traitor Legion Pack includes the complete armor sets for the Iron Warriors and Emperor’s Children, Amazon will have the Golden Relic Chainsword for Space Marines, Walmart will feature the Golden Relic Bolter, Steam will feature Blood Ravens armor and Darksiders for PC (the latter of which will be offered at other digital retailers), and those who use THQ’s E-Store will get an exclusive PowerSword weapon for multiplayer.

Shinobi 3DS Infiltration

According to a cover story by Nintendo Power, Sega’s Shinobi franchise is being revived. The cover also suggests that Sonic Generations is coming to 3DS.

Adding credibility to the story is a recently spotted mention of a Shinobi 3DS game from Griptonite Games. The developer has mostly done ports of titles to portable systems like DS, PSP and iOS, but they also created Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines for the PSP.

Source: Kotaku

Hunted Rallies Online Fans On Kongregate And Facebook

A fresh take on the classic dungeon crawl experience, the official website for Hunted gathers the community at launch to begin the fight. Playing as the warrior Caddoc and the huntress E’lara, fans must fight their way through besieged towns, sprawling dungeons, and ancient ruins as they become entwined in a tale of corruption and deceit. The official site begins the quest by introducing the player to what’s next as they begin to untangle the mystery of the Demon’s Forge. Explore hi-res art of each of the characters like Caddoc, E’Lara, Seraphine and Annuvin and examine their profiles to determine how they use their weapons, shields, special skills and spells. Head over to the beastiary to get a look at the waves of enemies that will be encountered along the way ranging from demons and wargars to assassins and infected wargars. On the Facebook fan page, behind the scenes videos have given fans a greater understanding of the making of the game ranging from sound and character design and a look at Crucible Hunted‘s in-game level editor. To help cross promote the launch, fans can compete to get the Kala Moor Quest Medal by completing 8 challenges (achieves all easy badges listed within each game) and win an Xbox 360, copy of the game and pre-order the DLC Darkset pack from Gamestop. Each featured game on Kongregate relates to the overall dungeon action theme of Hunted including Dungeon Defender, Hack Slash Crawl, Hands of War, Book of Mages: The Dark Times, Talesworth Arena: Death Watch, Dungeon Developer, Monsters Den: Book of the Dread, and Champions of Chaos.

L.A. Noire Director Foresees Gaming As ‘Pre-eminent Entertainment Form’

Team Bondi director Brendan McNamara thinks that the MotionScan technology used in L.A. Noire is powerful enough that it will even make Hollywood stand up and notice. He thinks its a sign that games can compete head on with TV and film for storytelling.

“If you take all the strengths of what’s great about a video game and you take all the strengths of what’s great about cinema and film you can get this amazing new product and what that means is video games become the pre-eminent entertainment form for the 21st century,” said McNamara, who added, “We’ve had all sorts of approaches from different people wanting to use it for medicine and for security and people like law enforcement wanting it for lying simulators to show operatives how to read faces.

Source: BBC

Facebook: Fanbase Size Still Matters

While it is generally considered better to have more fans than less on Facebook, fan engagement rates usually decline as a Facebook Page adds more fans. There’s a couple things to take from this revelation.

The larger a community is, the more heterogeneous the make-up of its members. People fan brands for different reasons and at different points of entry, wrote Matthew Wurst. Some fans want product information or news, others are waiting for coupons or deals while there may also be a subset of you fan base that joined six months ago as a result of a contest or sweepstakes. Serving up relevant, engaging content to each of these constituencies can be a challenge. It was Abraham Lincoln who said ‘You can please most of the people some of the time, some of the people most of the time, but none of the people all of the time.’

There’s also issues with international fans, and sometimes language and timing can affect people’s engagement. It should be noted that links and pictures tend to lead to more engagement in posts as well.

While we have yet to collectively agree on a universal method for dollar value of a Facebook page, let’s be sure that we’re asking the right questions, added Wurst. There is no Klout score for a Facebook page, no universal scorecard to help understand the weight of qualitative and quantitative interactions. Total fans is not the answer, especially not the mythical ‘One Million Fan’ target. Neither is the sum of likes and comments per post. These only tell part of the story.

Ultimately, having a large number of active fans is always in the goal. Meaning, of course, size still matters, concluded Wurst.

Source: AdWeek