Ducati Launches Mobile Game For IOS And PSP

Developed by Digital Tales in collaboration with Ducati, Ducati Challenge launching for the iPhone (supporting the retina display), iPad and Sony PSP. Developed in Milan, this 3D racing game allows players to ride the most powerful models in Ducati’s MY2011 line including 6 categories of the Bolognese product range: Monster, Hypermotard, Diavel, Multistrada, Streetfighter and Superbike. Fast race tracks, winding mountain roads, narrow medieval village streets, bustling metropolises and hot desert valleys make for perfect locations and breathtaking challenges to safely unleash all the power of Ducati’s awesome bikes. Fans can challenge their friends by choosing the “Multiplayer” option allowing up to 4 players with wi-fi connection. In-game audio features the roar of each engine recorded live to offer a true immersive Ducati experience. On Facebook, a dedicated fan page connects fans across the globe and across platforms.

Sony CEO Talks Making Strides In Cyber Security

The attack on PSN come after warnings from the Anonymous group threatening as much. Sony CEO Howard Stringer said he didn’t think there was any lack of vigilance, though he said he wasn’t aware of the threats.

“Obviously our network security didn’t stop the attack and we’re trying to understand why, and we’ve made big strides in bolstering our security,” he said, noting his belief that Sony had, “good, robust security.

Stringer noted that with a lack of a pay-in system, he felt like theft of passwords and other personal data appeared less likely. “We have a network that gave people services free, said Stringer. It didn’t seem like the likeliest place for an attack.”

Source: Bloomberg

Resistance 3 Collector’s and Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

SCEA today announced the details for the collector’s editions of Resistance 3 when it releases September 6. The Special edition will have all the pre-order DLC, come in a steelbook case and have a ‘vinyl effect’ blu-ray disc, while the Survivor edition will have all that plus a canvas satchel, a chimera target poster, toy soldiers with humans and chimera, a hip flask and playing cards.

For pre-order bonuses, GameStop will offer a necklace of Chimeran teeth plus a boost to level 5 in multiplayer, Walmart offers five custom multiplayer titles, Amazon users will get the Air Fuel Grenade during the story mode and Best Buy consumers will get the ability to taunt in multiplayer and the “viral inhibitor” character model while other retailers will get the Black Ops troop multiplayer model.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Capcom Veteran Inafune Criticizes Japanese Approach Digital Markets

Keiji Inafune has said that Japanese developers have been too dismissive of digital markets on consoles, smartphones and social platforms. Inafune (who’s openly criticized the Japanese development industry in the past while at Capcom) says that young Japanese developers don’t have what it takes to create hit games.

“I think that one of the issues is that creators, the top-notch high-profile game creators, don’t seem to want to do digital download titles because they’re an afterthought, like it’s below them. The real ‘rockstar’ Japanese game creators are only going to do more expensive packaged products and a lot of times, even if the idea internally is to do a complimentary digital download game that goes with a packaged product, it’s kind of a hassle to try and spend some of your team and resources on a digital download when you want to keep them focused all on the main project at hand, said Inafune. “So it ends up being delayed or it becomes an afterthought; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy almost. Additionally, that’s going to mean that consumers aren’t really into those games because the high-profile people aren’t usually making them. On top of that, because that’s one of the issues, a lot of times digital games will not sell in Japan and therefore the sales teams in Japan tend to not put a lot of energy and time to pushing them and marketing them the right way.”

“The younger creators of today, they just don’t have that power, they don’t have that strength, that creativity, they’re all kind of born into ‘Japan is number one in the gaming industry’ so all they’ve got now is a lot of pride without the hungry go-getter attitude of trying to become the top, he added. “And so what that has done now is you’ve got a bunch of people that feel entitled, that feel they’re already number one even though they’re not.”

Asked about the two studios he’s formed since leaving Capcom, Inafune said, “By forming two very separate entities as companies and saying OK, the one side that’s going to do the creative concepts this is going to be Comcept, and they’re going to focus on all the creativity and they’re not going to be limited to games, they’re going to be able to do comic books or movies or games, of course, but it’s all going to be about ideas. And then separate from that, Intercept, they’re going to be the game company, they make games, they’re going to be the production side, they’re doing what we’ve always done as game creators, they’re actually making the product but they’re more of a process, they’re more building out the games based on the ideas the Comcept side has developed.”

Source: 1UP

Shinobi Returns For 3DS Action This Fall

Sega has announced that Shinobi is indeed in development for the Nintendo 3DS by Griptonite Games. The game will return to the series’ side-scrolling roots, feature StreetPass support, achievements and challenges, and feature a new story starring Jiro Musashi (leader of the Oboro clan and father of Joe Musashi) who can use magic, sword and shuriken attacks in deadly combos.

For years the fans have been asking for a new Shinobi, said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing of Sega West. With Shinobi on Nintendo 3DS we re able to answer their prayers and bring this legendary series to the next level.

Shinobi will release on 3DS in September 2011.

You Have A New Friend Request From The Army

As an extension of the US Army’s main campaign theme Army strong , digital social media has become a flash point for recruitment. Goarmy.com remains the central online web destination, but according to Lt. Gen Benjamin C. Freakley, we’re working hard to increase our social media because we fully recognize that young people TiVo over commercials or are multitasking on their smartphones when the commercials come on . Social media is being deployed to help extend the dialogue with campaign extensions like armystrongstories.org intending to connect would-be soldiers with real soldiers. In partnership with X:Men: First Class, on the Army Facebook page visitors are invited to view exclusive content from the upcoming movie and watch a trailer comparing Army life to that of becoming a member of the X-men. The movie is about young people who are ordinary doing extraordinary things, General Freakley said. Ordinary people come in the Army and do extraordinary things every day.

Source: NY Times

Sony Details PSN Identity Protection Program

Sony has officially announced their plans for making identity theft protection free to its PSN and Qriocity users. Users can sign up for the AllClear ID Plus service.

“As previously announced, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment have made arrangements with Debix to offer the AllClear ID PLUS identity theft protection program to PlayStation Network and Qriocity customers who are concerned about identity theft following the criminal cyber attack on the network,” said spokesman Patrick Seybold. “AllClear ID PLUS is a premium identity protection service that uses advanced technology to deliver alerts to help protect you from identity theft. The service also provides identity theft insurance coverage and hands-on help from expert fraud investigators. Sony has arranged, at no charge to eligible PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders, for twelve months of this service to be provided by Debix to those who choose to enroll. In order to be eligible, account holders must be residents of the United States with active accounts as of April 20, 2011.”

Source: PlayStation Blog

Disgaea 4 — Strategy RPG With Kitchen Sink

The Disgaea has been a popular cult strategy RPG series since its inception, and they’re adding extra features for the fourth entry. The trailer is accompanied by an English language announcer who sells the game’s content to an admirable degree.

Dead Or Alive Dimension Launches Onto The Nintendo DS In Glorious 3D

Out now for the Nintendo DS, the website and Team Ninja Facebook page for Dead or Alive Dimensions are rallying fans to check out evolved 3D bringing the same Dead or Alive action to gamers on the go! A look at the fighters, stages, gameplay and various video and screenshot media are all available on the site. Fans tat are looking for more info on how to get more downloadable costumes and throw-down challenges from Team Ninja via SpotPass should look no further for instructions of how to enable this cutting edge feature.

Google’s In Your Wallet, Making You Offers

Google has announce a new wireless payment system called Google Wallet and Google Offers. They can work separately or together to make it easier to pay for things or to get shopping deals (not unlike Groupon).

“Our goal is to bring together all the pieces of the ecosystem. Your phone will be your wallet. Just tap, pay, and save,” said Google VP of commerce Stephanie Tilenius. “We believe 2011 and beyond will be the age of MoLo Mobile Local commerce.”

Google Offers will offer coupons for local businesses like daily deal sites that include Groupon and LivingSocial. It will send offers to those that check in for certain business and be tied to places, making it highly contextually aware.

Google Wallet stores credit card info, loyalty rewards, purchase points, and any saved-up Google Offers. Those who have NFC Android phones will be able to use their phones for electronic payment in order to enact many of those deals at stores like Macy’s, Subway, American Eagle, Jamba Juice, CVS, and Walgreens.

“We plan to aggressively enable everything a consumer would want to put in their wallet,” Google VP of payments Osama Bedier said.

Source: Ars Technica