Facebook Ads: Four Reasons Why They Flop

Post IPO Facebook has put a lot of focus on its advertisements since that is one of the few ways the site makes money. Still, there’s a lot of open skepticism over whether Facebook ads really work or not.

Facebook ad failure generally stems from one of four primary components: ad type, ad creative, ad targeting, and performance goals. Find out more at iMediaConnection.

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Looper – The 8-Bit Game

Looper is a futuristic sci-fi noir film where a mob killer is tasked with killing his future self, which has been sent back 30 years in the future. With this knowledge, watch this amusing 8-bit rendering of the movie made while Deepak Chetty was waiting for other renders to go through.

Coca-Cola Hires For Fanta Based Games

Coca-Cola is looking to hire a Gaming Producer to make games for the Fanta brand. While experience building games is expected, global marketing and branding experience is seen as an absolutely necessity.

“Fanta is moving into production with 2-3 gaming production projects and we would like this individual to play a strategic production role to inform and guide the Content Excellence team of best practices in managing gaming companies, negotiation and gaming contracts,” reads the description. “He/She will help us to get to the most efficient production budget, schedules and management of our gaming production house resource agency as possible.”

What Coca-Cola is hoping to produce is two to three games made from scratch using Unity for Facebook, iOS and Android along with six HTML5 mini-games for Fanta. They’re looking to start in October, with a schedule of two months for planning and six months of production.

“We are looking for someone that has had 5-8 years of hands on ‘Gaming Production’ experience, managing the production of web games for such platforms as Facebook, iOS and Android operating systems as well as knowledge of how to work with games on Unity technology platforms and HTML5. Please contact Rachel Holbrook at: rholbrook@coca-cola.com with resume,” concludes the job posting.

Guild Wars 2 Hits Million Sold Milestone

NCsoft and ArenaNet have confirmed that Guild Wars 2 has already sold 1 million copies both for pre-order at retail and through the official website. Those that pre-purchased ahead of time were able to start playing the game three days early during the HeadStart weekend.

“This is the culmination of a 5-year journey and to be greeted by this level of enthusiasm by our fans is truly amazing,” said Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder of ArenaNet. “But really our work is just beginning. Now our focus is shifting to building on this living world we’ve delivered, continuously refining our game and improving services to ensure our players have the best possible experience.”

The HeadStart weekend maxed out at 400,000 simultaneous players. Guild Wars 2 is available for purchase at buy.guildwars2.com.

Zynga Chief Creative Officer Departs To Found Mobile Studio

Zynga chief creative officer Mike Verdu has left the company, following soon after the departure of COO John Schappert. Verdu will start his own mobile company and the departure appears to be an amicable one.

“I personally don’t want to add to the noise level,” said Verdu. “I think this will be a good thing for me and for Zynga. I’m concerned about how this might be viewed with what else is going on, but it’s not a function of anything else going on at the company. I love the guys that I work with; I would go to war with these guys at my side anytime. Leaving them is hard.”

“Mike has been a good friend to me personally as well as professionally, and has been an influential creative leader to us all,” said Zynga CEO Mark Pincus in a statement. “I’m proud of the legacy that Mike has helped build and the deep bench of creative talent and leaders who will carry the torch and shape the next wave of creativity at Zynga. Zynga will be on the ground floor with Mike on his next venture as an investor in his new start-up. We are excited for Mike in this next chapter in his distinguished career and we are grateful for his contributions to Zynga.”

Source: AllThingsD

Twitter’s ‘Do Not Track’ Feature: What You Need To Know

Twitter, unlike Facebook, has a do-not-track options for those that want to keep their info private. This has significance for both companies and for the user experience on the Internet in general.

Find out more in the full story at iMediaConnection.

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Lance Armstrong Sponsorships May Yet Endure

Lance Armstrong recently gave up his fight against the USADA charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs. While this bans him from the sport of cycling for the rest of his life, and will likely see all of his accolades and wins striped from him in an official capacity, sponsors appear to be sticking with him for now.

Nike, the world’s largest sportswear maker, beer company Anheuser-Busch and sunglasses maker Oakley all said they will be standing by the cyclist. Other sponsors, such as bike-maker Trek Bicycle Corp and fitness club operator 24 Hour Fitness said they were monitoring the situation.

“Lance has stated his innocence and has been unwavering on this position. Nike plans to continue to support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a foundation that Lance created to serve cancer survivors,” Nike said in a statement.

Armstrong’s final statement on the matter of performance-enhancing drugs asserted his innocence while capitulating to the charges by the USADA. This amounts to a plea of “no contest” where he accepts the punishment, but won’t go in front of the arbitration on the matter, which would have likely put him in a damning light by those accusing him

Still, Armstrong has raised $470 million for cancer research, in part through the 84 million yellow bands it has distributed. Robert Boland, professor of sports management at New York University, said that the biker’s work work on cancer will help blunt the impact of the doping allegations. “His story has not been diminished. Here’s a guy who essentially was at death’s door with cancer and came back. That example still makes him very compelling,” Boland said.

Still, Boland notes it could be difficult for Armstrong to continue to endorse bicycles or bicycle equipment since he can no longer appear at competitions. “If he can’t show up at certain events, how do you use him ”

Armstrong makes $150,000 per speaking engagement, which he does about twenty per year. Bill Stapleton, Armstrong’s agent, predicts that Armstrong will remain “incredibly marketable” because his fans will stay loyal. “I think if we talked in five years, he’ll still be making speeches, he’ll still have his sponsors, and his foundation will have made over a billion dollars,” said Stapleton.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation actually saw a 30 percent spike in donations after the cyclist’s public statement on the matter. SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell thinks some sponsors will lay low for a while and base their next actions on what has come to light.

“I don’t think it will affect his sponsors unless at some point it’s proven that he’s taken drugs,” Powell said.

AB InBev confirmed Armstrong would continue to be a spokesman for its beer, Michelob Ultra. “He has inspired millions with his athletic achievement and his commitment to helping cancer survivors and their families,” said Paul Chibe, vice president of U.S. marketing.

Honey Stinger, a maker of energy bars and gels that Armstrong also co-owns, will continue working with him and will continue to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation. There was no immediate comment from Armstrong’s other corporate sponsors, including RadioShack and exercise bike maker Johnson Health Tech.

George Belch, a founder of San Diego State University’s Sports Business MBA program, thinks his retirement means he isn’t a big brand target anymore, but will continue to be attractive to smaller brands. “I don’t see the Fortune 500 companies knocking on his door anymore,” Belch said.

Source: Reuters.com