CityVille Comes To Life

There are tons of fans of CityVille out there who have been wishing, in some form or another, that their city could come to life for real. Thanks to the good people at Kre-O Blocks, this might just be a possibility.

With help from a partnership between Hasbro and Zynga, the CityVille blocks allow you to build the city of your dreams with real-world buildings based on ones in the game. In addition, you’ll also have access to other goodies like a scientist’s laboratory and a gorilla trying to climb the side of a skyscraper.

The blocks also utilize Sonic Motion Technology, which allows certain pieces to move around in the area. They’re being offered in conjunction with the CityVille Invasion app, which is now available on Apple’s App Store.

Source: Mashable

‘Saints Row’ Developer Disliked Porn Star Tie-Ins

When Saints Row: The Third came out a couple of years ago for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, THQ took an interesting approach with its advertising, hiring porn star Tera Patrick and various Penthouse Pets to advertise the game. It was a success at the time, though not everyone was crazy about the campaign.

Associate producer Kate Nelson at developer Volition voiced her displeasure over the advertising angle. “I did not always love how much THQ put an emphasis on porn stars,” she explained while speaking to Edge. “In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 3, there was an emphasis on the Penthouse girls, and earlier Tera Patrick. I think it’s important in marketing games to make sure that the essence of the game is what’s being marketed, and I think that the porn star angle didn’t really fit with what Saints Row is at heart, which is a parody. We like to poke fun.”

The development team also wasn’t crazy over Patrick being labeled a “special producer” on the game.

“I think our game actually does represent women in a positive way, but the press will focus on, oh hey, there are strippers, or there’s a dildo bat – it’s unfortunate from my perspective that that doesn’t come through,” said Nelson.

Saints Row IV arrives on August 20 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Edge Online

LEGO Simpsons Play Sets Coming

We’ve seen a lot of LEGO sets make their way to store shelves over the past few years, including countless Star Wars and Batman offerings, as well as recent pieces of coolness like LEGO Back To the Future and Lego Ghostbusters.

Now, the company may have just made its biggest announcement yet with a move into Springfield. LEGO Simpsons playsets have officially been confirmed for release in 2014, though specific play areas and characters haven’t been revealed just yet. You can bet the Simpsons clan will show up, joined by countless Springfield citizens made famous by one of television’s most popular programs of all time.

A few folks in the LEGO community aren’t too pleased with the announcement, starting an online thread in the Lego community to voice their displeasure with concerns over The Simpsons‘ somewhat mature content. However, that’s a small group compared to the large amount of people excited for the toys, waiting to get their hands on characters like Mr. Burns and Dr. Hibbert.

We’ll see what announcements are made in the months ahead. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Itchy and Scratchy will make the cut.

Source: Leg Godt


Vikings Attack!

If you’re a big fan of the PC action game War of the Roses (and who isn’t with its sweet medieval setting ) we’ve got good news for you. The development team at Fatshark is hard at work on the game’s spiritual follow-up, War of the Vikings. This multiplayer-only game takes place in the Viking age, with a whopping amount of bloody close-quarter combat and plenty of weapon upgrades.

War of the Vikings should arrive on PC sometime in 2014. No word yet if any other platforms are being considered.

Source: Polygon

This Week’s [a]list Jobs – August 7

“You’re not lucky to have this job, they’re lucky to have you. Every day, you invest a little bit of yourself into your work, and one of the biggest choices available to you is where you’ll be making that investment.” Seth Godin 

Here are this week’s [a]list jobs:

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‘Hope Soap’ Creatively Reduces Disease

Simply washing your hands can be a highly effective disease fighter, but how do you get kids to do it In Blikkiesdorp, South Africa, a creative campaign was introduced to help clean kids up using a special incentive. Hope Soap is a revolutionary soap creation with a toy embedded right in the middle. The more kids wash up, the closer they are to getting the toy that’s deep inside.

This creative solution is saving lives – can we find that sort of life-changing creativity in the game industry?

How To Make Nuclear Trucks

Command and Conquer, the long-awaited reboot of the popular strategy franchise, is well into development with a beta under way and full release scheduled for later this year. Before you jump in, you’ll want to take a look at the updating of an iconic C&C vehicle, through the latest entry in the Beyond the Battle video series.

In the five-something minute clip, you’ll see how Victory Games, the developer behind the reboot, puts everything together. It’s fun to watch.

{link no longer active}

Behind The Scenes Of ‘Infinite Crisis’

As if its presentation at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t enough to get excited over, DC Entertainment provided another sneak peek behind its forthcoming MOBA project for PC, Infinite Crisis. In this first of several behind-the-scenes vignettes – with more to come in the following weeks – DC’s Jim Lee and Geoff Johns talked more about how this new interpretation of the Multiverse would work best to players’ advantages.

You can learn more and register for the current Infinite Crisis beta {link no longer active} at the web site.

Former ‘F.E.A.R.’ Creators Debut Colonial Era Shooter

We’ve seen first-person shooters that have taken place in the past before – like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor harkening back to the era of World War II. But are you ready to go further back in time Blackpowder Games has announced a new PC first-person shooter called Betrayer, one that takes place in the Colonial era. The game utilizes Unreal Engine 3 technology and uses weapons from that era, including crossbows, muskets and axes. Despite the change in tempo from current era weaponry, Betrayer means serious business, as Blackpowder consists of former staffers from Monolith Productions, the creators of the F.E.A.R. franchise.

Betrayer will be available through Steam Early Access starting August 14, for $14.99.

Source: Polygon

‘Star Wars’ Filibuster

An outtake from an episode of Parks and Recreation became a viral hit not long ago, as millions watched comic Patton Oswalt filibuster a town council meeting. His choice for a filibuster was to pitch his proposal for the new Star Wars film that’s under way. His hilarious vision of the script has been given an animated treatment by animator Daniel Spellman for Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist channel as part of YouTube’s Geek Week.  Well done!