New ‘Pokérap’ Names 713 Pokémon

The original Pokérap was a popular part of the Pokémon TV show when it originally aired, focusing on the first 151 Pokémon. This Pokérap ups the ante by including all 713 current Pokémon with a humorous vocal sub-plot about the rapper.

Global Smartphone Expansion

Ericsson released its latest Mobility Report stating that in just a few years’ time there will be a huge shift towards smartphones and tablets.

By 2019, an estimated 9.3 billion mobile subscriptions will be in circulation around the world, with 5.6 billion of them, or 60 percent, linked to a smartphone, according to the study. This means a huge expansion for the market in general, and plenty of big business for Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers.


Smart phones currently hold a 25 to 30 percent hold of global mobile subscriptions – 1.9 billion worldwide by 2013’s end – but they’re showing quite rapid growth. Now 55 percent of all device sales come from smart phones, according to Ericsson, and that number will gradually grow with each passing year.

That’s a whole lot of people talking on phones – but considering the convenience and the growing amount of tech on the market, like the iPhone 5s, it does make sense.

Source: GigaOm

Digital To Hit One-Third Of Console Spend

Digital sales already play a big part in the console gaming scene, between game offerings on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and growing DLC offerings with every new console game release. However, by 2017, it’ll take a huge leap, according to a report from IHS, with 34 percent of all console software spending going to digital sales.

“A key driver for this digital transition will be publisher ambition to release most games digitally at the same time as boxed versions at retail outlets,” said the report prepared by Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games.

“Those titles that have already experimented with digital ‘day and date’ releases alongside boxed versions have enjoyed a small but growing digital share of total sales volume, but IHS predicts that by 2017 new releases could be enjoying up to 18 per cent digital sales depending on geography.”

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are set to offer digital game sales alongside retail releases, though the huge file sizes may sway gamers to install from a disc rather than endure a whopping download. Still, smaller digital titles should be quite popular with gaming audiences.

Source: GamesIndustry International

Shopping Comes To Flipboard

Flipboard has been great at bringing online and print magazine content together in one app in what amounts to a reader’s Shangri-la. Now their plans to monetize are making the app worth the download alone. Imagine a one-stop, Pinterest-esque, curated shopping experience. That’s exactly what Flipboard hopes to achieve with their new launch of a ‘Shopping’ category. Flipboard isn’t just a content experience anymore, it’s a bonafide shopping app.

Users can find, collect, and finally buy the products on their wishlists like it’s your own personal catalog. With shopping as its own category in the user experience of the app, there’s no extra intrusive ads. Items that users curate for themselves can be shared with others, making things like Christmas wishlists and bridal registries more visually appealing and adding direct ways to buy.

Flipboard has even gotten celebrity chef Daniel Boulud and actress Alyssa Milano as curators for their own catalogs. Who wouldn’t want to know what’s on Boulud’s wishlist

To expand this new service beyond the app, Flipboard has also launched the “” bookmarklet so you can add products from the browser you use from practically anywhere you shop online. Flipboard also hopes to entice others to shop and share their wish lists on Twitter with the hashtag #FlipShopping.

It’s evident that Flipboard would like to follow in the successful steps of Pinterest, who added promoted pins and product pins this past year.

Source: Flipboard


7-11’s Slurpee Xbox One Giveaway

Microsoft is no stranger to promotions with its forthcoming Xbox One console, as it previously paired with Mountain Dew and Doritos on a points-earning program that would enable product buyers to “bid” for a system of their very own. Now, 7-11 is getting into the act.

The company’s latest promotion revolves around Slurpees, giving those who buy the cold, slushy drinks from stores the possibility of winning an Xbox One console. One system per day will be given away, starting from now all the way through January 2.

All buyers need to do is collect points from Slurpee products, then enter them through an online website for a chance to win. More details on the promotion can be found at the official page.

Other prizes are also being offered, including Xbox Live Gold memberships, Marketplace credit, Xbox Live Arcade games for Xbox 360, and a $200 Visa gift card.

Source: Slurpee

Amazon, Target Offering PS4 Game Deals

With the PlayStation 4 set to arrive this week, retailers are looking to take advantage of big game sales, with a number of original and familiar properties. Amazon and Target already have some great deals in mind – but chances are you’ll need to act fast.

Amazon will host a special sale this morning, running from 9 AM to 1 PM PDT, where game players can take advantage of a buy two, get one free deal for 14 different PlayStation 4 games. They simply need to select which games they want, then enter the promotional code GR8TNESS at checkout to receive the freebie. Quantities are likely to run out, so you need to act fast.

Meanwhile, Target also has its own buy two, get one free sale going on, but it’s taking place all this week, and covers all the games it carries, not just PS4 next-generation titles. Players can mix and match purchases however they please, and the lowest price game will automatically come up free of charge. This sale runs through Saturday, November 16.

The PlayStation 4 hits store shelves on November 15.

Source: Polygon

‘FIFA 14’ Mobile Scores Big

Electronic Arts is rather pleased with the success of its latest FIFA soccer game for iOS and Android, FIFA 14. BY any comparison, it’s garnered more than enough downloads to consider it a phenomenon.

According to the publisher, the game has been downloaded over 26 million times worldwide, which is nearly double how many downloads FIFA 13 got the year before at 14.5 million. Considering last year’s game wasn’t free, however, this year’s edition may not produce the same revenue. Then again, expanding the user base leads to the opportunity to monetize a much larger audience, and so far the game is scoring well on the Top Grossing charts.

Regardless, FIFA 14‘s success speaks volumes, as it managed to top the free iOS charts across 148 countries, and land in the Top Ten Grossing charts for 155 countries. That’s a goal clearly any soccer team can be proud of.

Source: MCV UK

Prefundia Helps Kickstarters

Kickstarter has been immensely popular, but the success of any given Kickstarter project isn’t a sure thing. The new site Prefundia site, recently launched out of beta, provides a new platform for would-be Kickstarters to test their campaigns. In effect, Prefundia is an on-ramp for Kickstarter where ideas can be tested in front of a crowd and build momentum in advance of the actual Kickstarter campaign.

Launching through Boomstartup over the summer, the site had been operating in beta over the last three months, with 195 projects put through the service since June. Out of those, 71 percent have met with success on a subsequent Kickstarter campaign, which is a substantial improvement over the average success rate of 44 percent for crowdfunding campaigns.

The site is very user-friendly, offering hosting space for photos, videos and texts, and easy sign-up for would-be donors to take part.

“People certainly do use the platform to test viability of projects,” says Prefundia co-founder Daniel Falabella. “Here’s one we know is using it for that purpose. In fact, we’re developing a component for the creator dashboard which will compare a project’s stats to all others on Prefundia in order to benchmark and give a clearer indication of demand.”

Anyone looking to launch a Kickstarter may want to look at Prefundia as way to boost the success rate, or find out early on if the Kickstarter idea just isn’t a popular one. The Zip Tie pictured is one of the Prefundia campaigns looking to see if enough people will find it attractive. What do you think

Source: TechCrunch