3D Scanning Via Smartphone App

A new mobile app introduced by the team at ETH Zurich could very well change the way you look at scanning objects forever.

With this app, you can turn your smartphone into a scanner, utilizing the device’s GPU and motion sensors to create a unique scanning tool that can read a number of surfaces.


Once the app is downloaded, you simply hold your phone in front of an object, and the software automatically recreates the 3D image with additional data points. You’ll need to move the phone around the object a bit in order to capture these points, but it’s certainly worth it to see it recreated digitally.The video below details it further, and explains how the team utilizes the smartphone’s GPU, as well as scanning an item without the need for on-screen interaction. It really is something else.

No word yet on when the app will launch, but you can expect it to be soon.

Source: GigaOm