Mobile, Touch-Screen Devices Join the ESports Party

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Nearly one year to the date in which Ben Watley discovered Vainglory and fell into its rabbit hole, he finds himself playing the game to a chorus of “oohs” and “ahhs” and reverberating claps from the thunder sticks in front of close to a hundred people in the eSports Arena.

His passion for the game has compounded into competition where he transforms into his gaming alter-ego “FooJee” as part of his co-owned team GankStars. Watley has travelled from San Francisco to take part in the game’s first ever North American tournament. His team is one of the top-eight that made the cut from the 650 applicants, with the winner earning $10,000.

It’s the first week of December, and Watley is passing out cardboard cutouts bearing his bearded face in a Santa hat to teenaged boys who hold it unwaveringly. For the 28 year-old seasoned tournament video game player, it might as well be Christmas morning.

In August, Watley, a former manager at Apple, turned to video games as a legitimate, full-time profession, a decision his wife Kirsten supports. But first, he and his two teammates, one who’s just 14, are hunched controlling a hero to shatter a giant crystal called the Vain in the center of the enemy team’s base. A commentary crew calls the action with the kind of fervor that you’d expect in a pay per view boxing match. Tens of thousands more are watching live online via Twitch.

“Ive always loved games, and the way they’ve engaged me and challenged me intellectually,” Watley said. “I see so much opportunity here, and I love eSports. This is a movement.”

Screen Shot 2015 12 08 at 1.01.07 PM“I’m amazed by the turnout and the excitement here,” said Paul Ward, CEO of the eSports Arena. “This is the kind of event that opens the doors for others. The gaming culture has turned into popular culture.”

Watley, who’s team ended placing third and winning $1,500, is part of a larger eSports movement, specifically in the realm of mobile where the players are the tastemakers and influencers of the touch-screen generation. The eSports market is currently worth $747 million, according to SuperData Research, and it’s expected to grow 150 percent by 2018.

Enter companies like Super Evil Megacorp, who’re using smartphone-and-tablet exclusive games like Vainglory to make events for the masses more relatable, and inviting more people to be a part of the experience.

“There is a lot of promise to this kind of gaming environment. It’s accessible, more people have the devices, it’s more relatable, it’s in some ways more intuitive and learnable,” said Kristian Segerstrale, COO and executive director of Super Evil Megacorp. “One of the main driving reasons behind the game was that we felt like the touch-screen generation deserves the experiences and immersive franchises that (the previous generation) grew up on PC.”

Segerstrale says there will be nearly 3 billion touchscreens that will be capable of playing mobile games by the end of next year, compared to the estimated 700 to 800 million gaming PCs in the world.

“There’s a lot of promise in the touch-screen, competitive gaming industry,” Segerstrale, 38, says. “We grew up as PC gamers and want to replicate that experience. You can come together at any time as a team. Plus, you can see the player’s faces as they’re not obstructed by a monitor. There’s a human connection.”

Segerstrale describes the Vainglory community as an incredible, meaningful, long-lasting garden that’s continually tended. The game is not the type where you play for a couple of minutes for instant gratification, tap-to-win and log off. “We don’t really market the game, and don’t do TV advertisements or traditional user acquisition. We work with our community and help them find each other.”

Saw shooting at Kraken at the Vain crystal

It seems to be working. Sponsors like Amazon, Nvidia and Plantronics were out in full force for the tournament, held Dec. 4 to Dec. 6. (Liberation X defeated Nemesis Hydra for the $10,000 prize.) In November, the game was the No. 1 downloaded app in China for 10 consecutive days upon its Asiatic release, and in September, there were over one million unique users on Twitch, Segerstrale says.

The eSports market is an untapped one largely because developers have not realized the full potential of mobile. “It’s in the baby steps of becoming something gargantuan,” Watley said. “Once people learn to accept it, the obstacles are only what we make them. It’s just how fast technology can progress.”

“We’ve been blown away by how quickly the competitive scene has grown,” adds Segerstrale. “We were expecting to quietly grow in the community, and nurturing it over time. The growth has manifested itself in multiple ways as professional eSports organizations are getting involved. Another is sponsors who help fund events and teams. It offers legitimacy because a lot of the wonder: is this really a thing.”

Ward certainly thinks it’s a thing. He and a group of friends took the idea of an eSports facility that was three years in the making and opened a 15,000-sqaure foot red-brick building two months ago in Santa Ana.

“ESports is a key demographic for advertisers because players are hyper engaged and are early adopters and brands from big to small are noticing that,” said Ward. “If a brand associates with their community and their culture, gamers will have an affinity for them. It’s a very unique way to get in contact with potential customers.”

Ward, who once ran 200-person tournaments in college, says the last two months has “exceeded all of our expectations.” They’re already looking into bringing the big-venue feel that’s a throwback to the old-school land centers by expanding into locations in Austin, Chicago, Seattle and the Bay Area.

“We want to create a space where players, brands and game companies can come together and create a gaming community and culture around eSports,” said Ward. “We never wanted to replace the at-home gaming experience. We don’t think we can. We also know that we aren’t going to be a massive venue like the Staples Center. But we think there’s a lot of opportunities in between. It’s a unique platform for competition and expansion, and we’re very accessible.”

Segerstrale predicts a forward-thinking mobile game company will emerge in the next few years that will be three-to-five times the size from the biggest PC franchises. Can the one-year old Vainglory accomplish that

“We’re still in our humble infancy,” said Segerstrale. “We’re still babies when it comes to all of this. We’re learning. We’re really excited about the rapid growth of our garden.”

ARMENTA 151206 2577

Kristian Segerstrale (far right) presents Liberation X with the grand prize.

How Razer’s Partnership with Lenovo Ups Both Their Games

Razer is one of the biggest brand names in high-end gaming peripherals and equipment, while Lenovo is one of the top PC manufacturers in the world. The two recently announced a partnership to combine their strengths and develop a co-branded and co-marketed Razer Edition gaming systems based on the Lenovo Y series.

Lenovo’s Victor Rios has talked to [a]listdaily about the partnership, stating that “Razer has earned the respect and admiration of millions in the global gaming community.”

Now [a]listdaily speaks to Kevin Sather, Director of Systems Marketing at Razer, to further understand how this partnership enhances both companies.

KevinS RazerHow did Razer reach a partnership with Lenovo

Lenovo is a global technology leader and the number one PC maker. Their expertise in PC technology, supply chain, and manufacturing compliment Razer’s strengths, focus, and dedication to the PC gamer.

In what ways will the Razer brand and expertise enhance Lenovo’s products

Razer is a world leading lifestyle gamer brand specializing in connected devices and software for gamers, with 10 years of experience in the space. This strategic partnership to co-brand and co-market new special Razer Editions of Lenovo’s Y series gaming devices opens the door for future collaboration, including the potential to co-develop devices as well as cross-channel opportunities in the future to deliver the most immersive gaming experiences to gamers worldwide

How will this partnership expand the Razer brand to a broader audience

Lenovo is a technology leader and the number one PC maker, with a global “innovation triangle” which enables it to tap into global talent with major research centers in the U.S., China and Japan. There are over one billion gamers in the world, and they’ll be getting the best of both worlds, enjoying the combination of Lenovo’s hardware capabilities and performance of the Y Series devices, and Razer’s immersive connected technology and gamer focused expertise.

Razer has its own line of gaming systems, such as the Razer Blade. How will these co-branded systems fit in with that line-up

Each company will continue to produce and market their respective lines of gaming devices. The partnership is focused on combining the best elements of both brands into co-branded products that will be marketed as “Razer Edition” versions of Y Series devices.

How will Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition gaming systems be promoted

At first, it’ll be through our social channels. That’s part of the reason this was announced at DreamHack in Sweden. We wanted to show a prototype of a Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition desktop to an audience that is PC heavy. DreamHack was an ideal venue to share the news and show off the device, not only for those in attendance in Sweden, but gamers worldwide watching via live streams. We are excited to be able to share the products that will be born out of this partnership with our loyal fans all over the world. We create solutions for gamers, by gamers, and these new co-branded products will adhere to that core value.

Nielsen Studies the Link Between Social Media and Live Programming

Live tweeting while watching a television show is an increasingly common practice, with some shows having actors from the show participating in the action. Although the practice is great for getting viewers to watch a television show during its designated time slot, and therefore can’t fast forward through commercials, a recent study conducted by Nielsen suggests that live tweeting may have other advantages for the show, including impressions that happen later in the week, when audiences are watching through streaming, on-demand, or DVR.

Nielsen taked 96 weekly shows this fall, and monitored TV Twitter activity on a constant basis, watching for tweets written both when a show is airing and when it’s not.

The study revealed that 57 percent of weekly impressions come from live tweeting. However, results differ according to genre. Reality TV shows and dramas get the biggest benefit, with live impressions seeing 67 percent and 58 percent respectively. Comedies only reached 49 percent, which suggests that it benefits more from tweets written when the program isn’t airing live.

weeklyimpressionsFurthermore, live program conversations see about twice as many tweets on average as those that happen otherwise, making on-air time the best opportunities for program promotions through social media. Not only that, but the number of tweets per author doubles during a live airing. These talkative viewers can make up 8 percent of a weekly program’s authors, and will send out five times more tweets than someone who is tweeting while a program is not airing live.

Although tweets written on off-airing days might not be as plentiful, about two-thirds them mention a program’s brand or express excitement about an upcoming episode. So, these tweets become a measure of how much buzz a show is getting before it premieres.

In summation, there are three categories of social viewers markets can engage with for maximum impact. There’s the highly active live-tweeter, who makes for powerful cross-promotion opportunities through social media. Then there’s the off-air author, who indicates buzz around an upcoming show, which is an especially good group to watch when launching a new program. Lastly, there are those who fall somewhere in between.

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How Capcom Unleashed ‘Street Fighter V’ at the PlayStation Experience

No fighting game is more recognizable than the Street Fighter series. The upcoming Street Fighter V will be a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive, making the recent PlayStation Experience the best venue for hosting the Capcom Cup 2015 — the culmination of the Capcom Pro Tour — an eSports event where pro-gamers go head-to-head in Street Fighter IV for cash prizes.

The PlayStation Experience is also where exciting announcements are made, including the reveal of Street Fighter V itself last year. This year’s keynote revealed Capcom’s plan to release characters for its the upcoming game, but the characters can also be unlocked from in-game.

[a]listdaily talks to Matt Dahlgren, Capcom’s Director of Brand Marketing, from the PlayStation Experience floor to find out more about what’s in store for the famed fighting franchise.

You’re hosting the Capcom Cup 2015 at PlayStation Experience. How does it feel to collaborate with Sony on the event

Absolutely exceptional. We have the benefit of running Capcom Cup that Sony did its keynote on. It looks fantastic. I’m sure there are a lot of PlayStation fans who didn’t know about competitive Street Fighter, who are getting exposed to it here. So, we’re very excited to partner up.

Capcom Cup 2015

How do you see Street Fighter V’s future as an eSport

I think we’re on the up-and-up, and the next two to three years are going to be very exciting for fighting game fans. This is now the second season of the Capcom Pro Tour. We’ve achieved almost 200 percent growth over the previous season, and all of this was done with a game that’s been out for six or seven years [Ultra Street Fighter IV]. Street Fighter V comes out February 16th, and I think that will bring a whole influx of brand new players into the scene. We have a solid strategy with the Capcom Pro Tour and a great partnership with Sony. I think all of that is going to work together.

How did you come up with the idea of having a season pass featuring characters that can be unlocked for free

We drew inspiration from popular MOBAs out there. We were also looking at how we handled content delivery in the past. Previously, we put everything together for a compilation package. We’d rebalance the game and have a bunch of characters all thrown together. While that served its purpose, it had a lot of downsides. If you took a break from playing for a few years, you’d have to purchase DLC to play alongside the largest player base. You couldn’t pick and choose what content you wanted.

So, we’ve basically thrown that out the window and come up with a new model. It’s more about engagement. Now characters are going to be continually developed and released once they’re finished, which should be every few months, so there’s always new content right around the corner. Additionally, you’ll be able to earn in-game currency just by playing, which will enable you to earn the post-launch character content free of charge.

It’s a lot more player friendly, and I think our fans are going to love it. You can take a break for a few years, you’ll still have all the characters that you own, and you’ll play with all the latest balance adjustments and the largest player pool.

What kind of marketing push can we expect for Street Fighter V

This is going to be the largest marketing push in Street Fighter history, with television, online, and everything we can think of. We’ve got a great product on our hands, and we want to make sure everyone knows it’s coming out. Very excited for this coming February.


Virtual Showrooms Are Revolutionizing Retail Experience

Buying a new car can oftentimes be as tiring a task as scraping peanut butter off the floor mat, but it looks like it’s going to get much easier — and cooler — like “show me the X-ray specs right now” cooler.

More brands — especially in auto — are experimenting with virtual, mixed and augmented reality devices to offer tailored capability. At this year’s L.A. Auto Show, car companies were already experimenting with AR experiences for their current and prospective customers as an integrated part of their marketing plan — specifically Hyundai and their AR instruction manual.

It’s all part of a process that reimagines the car-buying experience. More importantly, it affords people mobility and the convenience of shopping socially.

“Shopping will be tailored in VR,” said Henry Stuart, co-founder and CEO of Visualise, a UK-based VR production company, per Wired. “It will only show stuff that’s relevant to you, and you will be able to pick things up in the virtual world and feel them, as well as playing with them, before you start to buy them.”

Stuart said “it will be possible to have full-body scans and then meet friends online where clothes will be tried on, all without leaving the house.”

A Walker Sands study found that 66 percent of respondents expect to receive their first drone-delivered products within the next five years. It’s just another sign that the retail experience is gradually shifting — and car companies are identifying that.

Volvo Cars Microsoft HoloLens experience 01 1024x576

Last month, Volvo announced a partnership with Microsoft HoloLens that reimagines the car-buying experience and how customers encounter and explore a vehicle. Volvo offered a glimpse of this mixed reality experience using its soon-to-be-released S90 model. “By stripping the car to its skeleton, the demo creates an opportunity for users to fully engage in a vehicle’s features. It takes imagination, and makes it real, falling only short of test driving it. Think of it as a virtual showroom where you’re allowed to configure vehicles in entirely new ways,” said Bjorn Annwall, Volvo’s senior vice president of marketing, sales and services.

Microsoft and Volvo’s union adds another immersive wrinkle in the changing world of customized commerce and showrooming, specifically leading to new sales opportunities for car makers to maximize. Imagine salesmen visiting a customer’s home by bringing the car inside their living room.

“HoloLens offers the freedom to create a bespoke experience which customers can steer themselves. Imagine using mixed reality to choose the type of car you want — to explore the colours, rims or get a better understanding of the features, services and options available,” said Annwall.

Microsoft teamed up with Ayzenberg to produce a short documercial capturing this demo and examining the thinking behind it. “Not everyone will get to experience it in person,” said Matt Bretz, vice president and creative director for Ayzenberg. “HoloLens’ mixed reality offers a deeper than the heads-up-display quality of AR, but also allows you to stay connected with your real-world surroundings in a way the VR simply can’t.” (Editor’s note: [a]listdaily is the media arm of the Ayzenberg Group.)

Earlier this year, Audi introduced VR headsets for car configuration to its showrooms, dubbing it as the “dealership in a briefcase.”

“Hand in hand with our dealers, we are bringing digital innovations into the dealership in order to improve convenience and to provide even better advice,” said Luca de Meo, a marketing executive for Audi.

Ford is furthering its footprints in the VR industry through its “Immersion Lab.”

Elizabeth Baron, a VR and advanced visual technology specialist at Ford, told Fortune the company builds fewer models and creates more virtual ones as part of a holistic and collaborative process while “accepting more configurations and making choices earlier in the design process thanks to VR.”

“The impact on cost, time and quality are significant, and have allowed our designers and engineers more creative freedoms to explore options that in the past would have been to time- or cost-intensive to consider,” Ford’s senior technical leader Jeff Greenberg said, per Fortune. “We have worked on some level with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, HTC, Valve, and Nvidia and have developed our VR technologies to quickly realize the advantages of new hardware and software.”

The human-centric vision brands are reaching is fascinating. The arms race to reach new dimensions intensifies by the day as they challenge each other to push the innovation envelope. It’s also a test for retailers to consistently correct and even reinvent the consumer experience.

Sony Shows Nostalgia Is A Huge Aspect of Marketing PSVR

The PlayStation Experience is an opportunity for Sony to showcase some of its best upcoming games, expected to launch in the next year, and a chance for fans to celebrate being gamers with some exclusive hands-on time.

This year’s event is especially important because PlayStation VR, the virtual reality headset designed specifically for the PlayStation 4 (formerly called Project Morpheus), releases next year. The launch of PlayStation VR is similar to releasing an all-new console in many ways, except it has the added challenge of requiring a headset many people aren’t familiar with yet. So, it’s important for consumers to see what great experiences are coming next year to get hyped about the upcoming virtual reality games, similar to how Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey was revealed to be a PlayStation VR exclusive during Sony’s Paris Games Week last October with a fantastic trailer.

The PlayStation Experience didn’t disappoint, and fans were hit with a number of surprise announcements for games coming to PlayStation’s leap into virtual reality.

Psychonauts: In The Rhombus of Ruin

Fans nostalgic for classic adventure games, originally released for PC, already had an idea of what was in store when legendary game designer Tim Schafer took the stage. It was at last year’s PlayStation Experience where he announced a remastered editions of the much beloved games, Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, were in development.

However, Shafer wasn’t short on surprises this year. In addition to how the 90’s classic Full Throttle would also have a remastered edition coming down the line, Schafer’s company, Double Fine Productions, announced earlier last week that Psychonauts 2 was in development. As though those announcements alone weren’t enough to whip fans into a frenzy, Shafer snuck in one last completely unexpected announcement.

The PlayStation VR would get a mind-bending experience from Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin, which will be a completely unique standalone adventure, was revealed in a trailer that parodies Palmer Luckey’s (of Oculus VR) appearance on the cover of Time Magazine. The reveal of a classic game, made into a VR experience, set the tone for some of the other announcements during the PlayStation Experience keynote.

Rez Infinite

With its trippy mix of lights and electronic music, the Rez series has always had a certain cult appeal, since it first launched for the PlayStation 2 over thirteen years ago. It has since grown to be viewed as a sort of symbol for experimental game experiences, which makes the series absolutely perfect for PlayStation VR. Rez Infinite debuted on the PlayStation Experience 2015 stage with a gameplay presentation, highlighted by a player in a reflective jumpsuit decorated by colorful LED lights. That player turned out to be the Rez series creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, wearing a PlayStation VR headset.

By having an all-new Rez game, Sony establishes the PlayStation VR as a platform that isn’t afraid to feature bold experiences. The announcement also plays well to longtime PlayStation fans as extra incentive to jump on board with PlayStation VR.

Ace Combat 7

Originally debuting on the original PlayStation console in the 90’s, the Ace Combat series is renowned for its high-flying, fast-paced, jet fighting action. The series recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and announced that Ace Combat 7, an experience built from the ground up for virtual reality, will be a PlayStation VR exclusive. The trailer reveals the cloud-touching size and scope of the game, and marks a how a third developer expanding on an established franchise to appeal to longtime PlayStation console and game fans. Acrophobes beware!

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight was revealed exclusively at the PlayStation Experience. Developed by Ubisoft for the PlayStation VR, it’s probably no accident that the fast-flying game will features eagles, the iconic bird of the Assassin’s Creed series, making their way through obstacles while players get a literal bird’s eye view of cities like Paris. Furthermore, the trailer reveals two-player multiplayer, which subtly suggests that friends should also pick up a PlayStation VR for a shared experience.

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

While many zombie games have players surviving in an undead world, The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. takes a decidedly different approach. No one will complain about your poor driving skills if your passengers are already dead. Revealed fairly early on among a showcase of different games coming to PlayStation VR, this zombie-themed driving game shows off the zany side of the game collection. By appealing to a broad audience of players, including more casual ones, the PlayStation VR might escape being seen as a device that only appeals to high-tech adopters.


This year’s PlayStation Experience put a lot of emphasis on associating a sense of nostalgia and history with emerging virtual reality technology. However, Golem, a debut game from new development studio Highwire Games, sets the PlayStation VR up as a platform that up-and-coming developers should also consider. The game’s impressive trailer gets a little meta, by having presumably having a player take the role of a girl in virtual reality, who is in turn using some virtual connection of her own to see through the eyes of a giant stone golem and control its movements.

An all-new game being developed exclusively for the PlayStation VR might attract more developers to the platform, where they’ll unleash their own brand of creativity.


How Lenovo and Razer Are Teaming Up For a Big Win

Lenovo is an industry leader in manufacturing computer systems for a variety of uses, including high-end video gaming. So, it seemed like the perfect match when it announced a partnership with Razer at Dreamhack 2015 to co-brand and co-market gaming system. Lenovo’s manufacturing expertise and distribution channels combines with Razer’s immersive gaming technology to create Razer Edition models of Lenovo’s Y series gaming devices.

Victor Rios, Vice President and General Manager of Workstation BU and Gaming and Industry Solutions at Lenovo is quoted as saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Razer… we bring to the table our engineering expertise, design muscle and scale, Razer adds in the finesse and experience of serving the gaming community for the last decade. We believe our partnership is a strong first step that will lead to the delivery of winning PC gaming solutions and a brand new experience to our customers.”

Victor Rios Executive Quote Graphic 1600x900[a]listdaily spoke to Rios, to find out more about how this partnership will bring gaming technology to a new level.

Victor Rios 9466How did the partnership between Lenovo and Razer come together

We are partnering with Razer to deliver a better, more immersive gaming experience for people around the world. Our expertise in engineering, design and unrivaled scale combined with Razer’s deep experience in having served the global gaming community over the last decade will create new gaming experiences. We are starting with the new Lenovo Y series Razer Edition devices and it’s only going to get more exciting in the months to come.

In what ways will the Razer brand and expertise enhance Lenovo’s products How will this partnership expand the Lenovo and Razer brands to a broader audience

Over the last decade, Razer has earned the respect and admiration of millions in the global gaming community. Through Razer’s unique insights into hardcore and core gamers, we’ll be able to better understand their needs and motivations to foster future product development.

We believe gamers will really get the best of both worlds out of this partnership. They’ll get our hardware expertise and high performance of the current Y series gaming devices on top of Razer’s instantly recognizable brand accents and immersive connected technology.

How will you be promoting the Lenovo Razer Edition gaming systems

We unveiled the first fruit of our labor at DreamHack, a Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition gaming desktop. We’ll be launching this at CES in Las Vegas and stay tuned for more products to come.

Creativity Can Lead To Marketing Victory On Reddit

To some, Reddit can be the most dangerous place to launch a marketing campaign, if only because of its avid fan base and how quickly negative feedback can pour in from it. That said, there could be some effectiveness found from it, provided it’s done the right way. 

Here are some examples of how marketing has created victories for companies, big and small, on Reddit.


HD camera manufacturer GoPro has also found its share of success on Reddit, and not just with posting videos that go viral after several million views. “Most of (our) threads are positive forums ranging from highly sophisticated exchanges between professional filmmakers to enthusiasts sharing tips and tricks with new users,” said Kelly Baker, marketing rep for GoPro, speaking with AdWeek. She also noted the success behind certain examples, stating, “Because users find the information in such an intimate environment subreddits can consist of small groups they are much more likely to adopt the info as their own. They’ll then carry the idea as their own to Facebook, Twitter and the bar. So landing something on Reddit is huge for a brand because you capture these advocates.”

Fat Tire

New Belgium Brewing, the creators of Fat Tire beer, opted to make a Reddit-specific program where users could take part in a Photoshop challenge. The goal was to create spectacular imagery within the community, which would them be shared on the company’s Twitter account, as well as its Fat Tire Experience Website. The campaign was a huge success, drawing in more than 49 million impressions and 73,000 clicks, based on letting users build their own experiences, rather than having them be explained to them. The “Photoshop battle,” as it was deemed, also inspired the community manager to use a number of the ideas for the company’s advertising.


Marriott already has plenty of ingenuity in its advertising, particularly with virtual reality. However, it tried its luck on Reddit, asking users to suggest why their hometown would be an ideal locale for its “Virtual Travel Experience.” Out of the hundreds of entrants, ten were selected, but the hotel chain opted to let the community vote for the winner, who would receive a “Teleportation Party” and an actual trip. The campaign drew 193,000 clicks on its contest page, and became the site’s highest user-generated content for sponsored posts. 

[embed width=”480″ height=”270″ class=”center” thumbnail=” r”] v=fT2p4EBXYSg[/embed]


Demonstrating the power of Reddit for companies both big and small, an eCommerce start-up called Beardbrand has managed to make $120,000 monthly through its Reddit marketing, proving to be more effective than other campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. The company got off to a good start with its program last year, posting a detailed guide to building a brand, gaining a great deal of positive feedback as a result.

Taking an honest approach and offering a level of interactivity really pays off for companies and if more follow suit, Reddit could be an ideal place to promote products and find success. With the right approach, of course.



Why Sony’s PlayStation Experience Continues to Be a Game-Changer

Following its popular debut last year in Las Vegas, Sony’s PlayStation Experience event makes its return this weekend, this time changing locations to the Moscone Center in San Francisco. As with 2014’s show, the event will be all about celebrating the success of the PlayStation 4, complete with superstar panels, surprise game reveals, and a hefty showcase for the company’s forthcoming PlayStation VR event.

Sony has gone all out to promote the event, from highlighting forthcoming events on the PlayStation Blog to teaming up with Capcom to host the Capcom Cup tournament, where players compete in Ultra Street Fighter IV matches for a $250,000 prize pool taking on one another . The event is also an opportunity for attendees to try out Street Fighter V before its release next February.

Like last year’s show, the PlayStation Experience is of a fan celebration showcasing games for the 2016 season, including the highly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, among others. The show also features various items for attendees to collect, including special trading cards and virtual goods that can be downloaded to game consoles.

The show will open with a traditional keynote on Saturday morning, where it’s expected that a number of big announcements will be made, including new releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Last year brought announcements for Uncharted 4 and Street Fighter V.

For those that can’t make the trip, Sony has been pushing the show’s online coverage, broadcast on both Sony’s website and its dedicated Twitch channel. 

The reason for the event comes from Sony’s outpour of support to its fans. It continues to be the best-selling game platform on the market thus far, with over 30 million units sold at the end of last month. The PlayStation VR is also gaining a lot of attention, thanks to a number of forthcoming games, including an entry in the Until Dawn horror series, which is considered one of Sony’s most innovative titles for 2015.

Keeping the fanbase happy will no doubt be beneficial to Sony, as it hopes to hold onto its lead in the video game industry.