A Powerful Message For UK Employers

Many countries have a mandatory section on job applications where the applicant indicates whether they’ve had any criminal convictions. U.K. non-profit Business in the Community wants employers to “Ban the Box” as many employers simply skip over a resume where it is checked, and they illustrate this brilliantly using the ‘Skip Ad’ button.

Try the interactive video yourself at BitC.org.uk/banthebox.

Source: AdWeek.com

Range Rover’s Choose Your Adventure

Failed experiments with interactive films back in the 80’s isn’t stopping Land Rover from trying out the practice for an ad campaign.

Land Rover has invited various customers to check out the 2014 Range Rover Sport in a new digital campaign called “Race the Sun.” In it, users will be able to take part in a fast race across various landscapes, controlling the action with their smartphone devices.

It interacts like a second-screen experience, letting viewers control on-screen action through their decisions and alter what happens next, either by tilting, swiping or tapping on their touch-screen.

{video link marked as “private”}

Developed by Y&R NYC and Wunderman NY, and directed by Dante Ariola, the project is just one part of Land Rover’s bigger “Driven To Another Level” campaign.Source: PSFK

H_ide Out With Ubisoft

Ubisoft may not be ready to show us all of Watch Dogs until November – but in order to hold us over, the game company is letting fans get a taste of some Watch Dogs-style hacking.

The French game publisher and developer has recently released an encryption app called H_ide as part of the promotion for the game promised to be chock full of stealthy hacking and information warfare. The free app, which is available for iOS and Android, lets users send anonymous voice messages, encrypt text messages and pictures, share encrypted information via social networks and use voice modulator filters. Only other app users can decode the encrypted messages. Basically it makes it just a little more difficult to chat with your friends, and just a little bit easier for you to be incognito and slightly creepy. Fun.

The app comes after a similar interactive platform back in July when Ubisoft launched “We Are Data,” a website that drew from public data in London, Paris and Berlin that let you explore a veritable gold mine of information via a Jason Bourne-esqu, futuristic, pseudo-official looking website.

All in all, the campaign is an interesting move considering recent revelations about the NSA and the internet-popular topic, PRISM. Although we’d be foolish to think a simple encryption offered by a gaming company could conceivably protect us from that. Fun thought though.

Check out the promo video for an idea of how H_ide works below.

Source: Creativity Online

ispot test 3

The car maker also hosted The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary party Friday night at San Diego Comic Con, celebrating a decade since the first issue of Kirkman’s comic opus hit retail shelves.

Source: The Walking Dead Chop Shop