Sony Exec Compares PSN Favorably To App Store

Susan Panico, senior director of PlayStation Network for SCEA, says that the “Only on PSN” program is a big step for Sony. She believes this demonstrates how PSN is a top flight distribution platform.

“We’re pulling a lot of efforts together and really doubling down on PlayStation Network exclusives with this new program,” said Panico. “We’re not only promoting these titles with special promotion support in the PlayStation Store, but we’re also supporting it with an above the line digital advertising campaign across paid media as well as our internal media channels across and PlayStation Home. We’re showing how when developers partner with us, with a managed platform we’re really helping promote their titles and getting them in front of the PlayStation Network community.”

“It’s always been part of our strategy to deliver unique experiences and IP to our audience that they can’t get anywhere else,” Panico added. “We look at it as part of our DNA to foster this creativity, and of course, a result of that is differentiating the platform. For indie publishers, we’re not sticking you out in the ether – you’re on a managed platform with lots of advertising support. We’ll make sure your game gets in front of the community. It’s also a win-win for the consumer because they’re getting a lot of great experiences and really maximizing the value of PS3 and PSN.”

Panico noted that success can be easier on PSN compared to something like the competitive App Store. “Because on that platform it is survival of the fittest and you really only get great success if you break into that top 20, but on our platform because it is managed and we do want to ensure we’re giving visibility to our community and marketing support behind this content, it’s a really great way for developers to not only have to invest little up front but they’re also getting the marketing machine of a large organization like PlayStation,” said Panico.

Source: IndustryGamers {link no longer active}

Electronic Arts Emphasizes Partnership With Valve

There have been some public tensions between Valve and Electronic Arts, as the latter has launched its Origins digital distribution network. Despite this, Head of EA Europe Jens Uwe Intat expects their professional relationship in other regards to continue.

“Valve is run by very clever people, and I would say that’s also true for Electronic Arts, we’re all good business people,” said Intat. “So, Valve, when they’re looking for distribution for their products, looking at which publisher could actually do that, then I think we’re the best publisher on the planet, both in Europe and North America.”

“We have a long history of distributing Valve products and I think for every title they will look for who will do the best job. There’s no strain on that relationship because we’re competing in one space,” he added. “We’re basically competing and working with a lot of people. Every first party manufacturer is a partner of ours when we’re distributing their product, and a competitor of ours with their own software. I think, as an industry, we’re pretty good at competing and co-operating at the same time.”


X-Men Destiny Developer Has ‘Incredibly Exciting’ New Title

With X-Men: Destiny now concluded, speculation is running high what, exactly, developer Silicon Knights will do now. While some want sequels to Eternal Darkness or Two Human, there remains the possibility that they could be doing the rumored Siren in the Maelstrom– for now they’re not talking.

“What’s next after this [X-Men: Destiny] game? Our readers always nag us about a possible return for Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness or even Too Human 2,” said Silicon Knights assistant director Julian Spillane. “I really wish I could talk about what’s next but all I can say is that it’s incredibly exciting!”

Source: CVG {link no longer active}

Google Wants Ads To Be Answers

Google’s experiments in Internet advertising are never ending, and newer developments like Sitelinks are used by 200,000 advertisers. The effectiveness of the ads is such that they are 50 percent likely to get clicked on than ads without Sitelinks.

“Monday at Advertising Week in New York City, I’ll be talking about how advertisers have been quick to adopt these new formats since we first began experimenting nearly two years ago,” said Nick Fox, Google Vice President of Product Management. “Businesses from the smallest retailer in Idaho to the largest Fortune 500 company in New York have seen how these innovations in search advertising can help grow successful businesses. In fact, roughly one-third of searches with ads show an enhanced ad format.”

This will include putting video and images directly in the ads, mobile ad formats will attach location and contact info in the ads. Another incorporation is the +1 button to help people better find and recommend businesses with their friends.

“We’re continuing to experiment with search ads to help businesses like CafePress grow by connecting with the right customers. Starting today, you can drop by our site to check out what’s new with search ads and learn about all the improvements we’ve been working on recently,” said Fox. “We’re developing ads that provide richer information to you because we believe that search ads should be both beautiful and informative, and as useful to you as an answer.”


Habbo Goes Mobile With Lost Monkey

Sulake has announced that they are launching a mobile app called Lost Monkey. The free-to-play app will let users play mini-games and take care of a virtual pet monkey and guide it back to Habbo Hotel, which unlocks the monkey as a pet for the virtual world upon completion.

“Creating a Habbo mobile game continues to grow our product offerings for teens,” said Sulake CEO Paul LaFontaine. “Lost Monkey gives teens a chance to have Habbo on the go and bring a sharable character back to the Habbo web environment when they want.”

Battle Shape-Shifting Aliens, Infect Yourself And Transform Into The Thing

Universal Pictures has launched several interactive engagements for the prequel to 1982’s The Thing. A new website at {link no longer active} allows users to create a 15 second video of themselves and then add a special effect which will transform them into ‘the Thing’. Once completed, fans can upload their Scare Video to YouTube. Also, a mobile game called ‘The Flamethrower’ is available for iOS  {link no longer active} and Android  {link no longer active} devices allowing fans to battle shape-shifting aliens with flamethrowers in a virtual 360° environment and “infect” themselves using augmented reality app.

Uncharted 3 Marketing Includes Cinema Events

Sony will have a big push for Uncharted 3 this holiday season, including a promotion with Subway, the Uncharted 3 Spike TV special and the ongoing multiplayer beta. One of the more intriguing options is the AMC Uncharted 3 Events, which will allow players to try the game in 3D in select AMC theaters in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington D.C.

“The Uncharted 2 cinema events were a huge success for us and we wanted to replicate that success and provide our consumers with yet another touch-point for the year’s biggest game, before it hits shelves on November 1,” explained Ginger Kraus, Senior Director of Marketing Alliances at SCEA. “These events allow us to bring together the game creators and the franchise fans in a unique and inventive way. Not only do fans have a chance to play the game before its release, but they can face-off against fellow fans in multiplayer tournaments, experience the game in 3D or even watch their gameplay unfold on the big screen.”

Source: IndustryGamers {link no longer active}