Marketers Need Tools To Be Personal

Trends change within marketing all the time, and one that’s currently hot right now is personalization, as a lot of marketers are using data to create a viewpoint that customers can relate to. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone’s on board just yet.

A May 2014 study provided by Forrester Consulting (commissioned through ExactTarget Marketing Cloud) indicates that, despite the growth in interest in personalization, it’s still rather small, with just 18 percent of U.S. digital marketing decision-makers working to create a personalized customer experience across digital touchpoints as a general goal.

As you can see by the chart, there are some who would consider using certain ideas when it comes to targeting and personalization tactics. 86 percent feel that using personalization and targeting based on broad segmentation and simple clustering techniques to execute campaigns in individual digital channels would be ideal. Closely behind with 83 percent is the idea that it can be used with simple business rules, and campaigns can be executed across digital channels.

However, some tools still need to be firmly grasped when it comes to personalization, such as self-learning analytics that work in real time, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Not everyone, it seems, is ready for those tools just yet — but there’s no better time to learn.

The main hurdle is that some execs feel that these technologies aren’t the best when it comes to real-time targeting and making decisions. They fall behind when compared to web analytics and email marketing, sitting on the wayside next to the likes of A/B and multivariate testing tools and next-best offer technology.

Technology does create challenges for marketers, according to a supplementary poll from Experian Data Quality. These challenges emerge when it comes to making a single customer view that creates a representation of the data known by an organization. With the poll, 40 percent of those asked (which includes 24 percent of US data management professionals) believe that the inability to link different technologies together is the biggest challenge, followed by poor data quality and a lack of relevant technology.

It’ll be interesting to see if marketing folks change with the times. It never hurts to evolve a little.

Source: eMarketer

Top 100 YouTube Channels Show Growth

We’ve touched on the subject of popular YouTube channels before, talking about how users like PewDiePie and others have managed to make a tremendous living setting up videos for the channel and interacting with their fans. However, it appears that their popularity is growing higher than anyone could’ve anticipated.

A new report from online video industry site Tubefilter and analytics firm OpenSlate indicates that the video channel still attracts more than one billion viewers a month, watching six billion hours of video. 40 percent of that traffic comes from mobile devices as well.

Out of those, the top 100 YouTube channels have managed to grow over 80 percent in viewership over the last year. A chart for July 2014 shows that the videos have collectively gathered 9.46 billion views for that month alone, up over 5 billion from July 2013.

Leading the pack is PewDiePie, also known as Swedish game personality Felix Kjellberg. For the year spanning from July 2013 to 2014, he’s managed to increase from 221.6 million views to 438.9 million views, and has nearly tripled his subscriber base from 11.75 million to 29.47 million.

Closely behind are DisneyCollector with 268 million views for the month, Stampy with nearly 200 million views, and The Diamond Minecart with 186.1 million views.

Out of all the videos features, it seems that music, games and comedy continue to be tremendous draws. TubeFilter’s report shows that the top 100 gaming channels by themselves managed to generate 4.34 billion views for July 2014 alone.

With the competitive video market set to grow from new offerings by Amazon (with its recently acquired Twitch services) and Yahoo!, it’ll be interesting to see where YouTube goes from here. One thing’s for sure – no matter what the competition may throw its way, it’s bound to keep a very large audience.

Source: The Guardian

Upsight And Adjust Team’s Analytic Team-Up

Marketers looking for a boost in app performance should probably pay close attention to a particular new team-up that’s making the rounds this week. Upsight, alongside with adjust Team, has announced a partnership that will utilize both companies’ analytics to help optimize app performance.

Through the partnership, Upsight’s enterprise-grade marketing will combine with adjust’s mobile attribution analytics, giving mobile marketers the opportunity to use Upsight more directly when it comes to understanding the performance of the acquisition channels on their app.

The company provides an example with Upsight Data Mine, which can conduct an ad hoc query of adjust’s ad campaign attribution data to assist with finding solutions to complex questions that can have an impact on marketing efforts. With these helpful insights, mobile marketers can make the most out of their ROI when it comes to marketing spending.

Upsight believes that getting the hang of acquisition and retention campaigns is vital when it comes to optimizing the value of an app’s user base. Through the use of adjust’s tools, the campaigns have a better visualization system for marketers to follow, allowing them to make adjustments that much easier.

“With this partnership, customers will get access to an industry-leading attribution product that, when combined with advanced analytics tools like Upsight Data Mine, will deliver highly valuable insights into the performance of acquisition marketing campaigns,” said Josh Williams, Chairman and CTO of Upsight. ³We¹re excited to work with adjust, a partner that shares our focus on data security and operates with integrity.”

“User focused attribution is essential for any marketing campaign ­ the ability to connect the user with the click, install and in-app activity means that the source of the most valuable users can be identified,” said CTO and Co-founder of adjust, Christian Henschel. “We¹re proud to partner with Upsight, offering comprehensive analytics and added features such as campaign re-attribution, which is essential for the re-engagement focused marketers.”

More details should be available over on the official Upsight page. No doubt this partnership is going to help a lot of mobile marketers.

Source: Upsight

GamesBeat 2014 — September 15-16, 2014

GamesBeat, a division of VentureBeat, has announced the final roster of participants for GamesBeat 2014 — the sixth annual event on disruption in the video game market. Being held on September 15-16 at the Parc 55 Wyndham in San Francisco, the event welcomes 500 of the leading figures in the industry for two days of panels, fireside chats, and networking.

This year’s theme is “Total World Domination.” Gaming is competing on the world stage to become the dominant medium for entertainment. Will it succeed And will the game business be dominated by blockbusters across all platforms — consoles, PCs, mobile, and online — or will diversity thrive as indies stay strong

They’ll explore these ideas and more at the must-attend, very efficient two-day event with the movers and shakers of gaming.

Our friends at VentureBeat are offering our network a 20% discount on tickets. Register now and save using the code “alist”.

Featured speakers include:

  • Andrew Wilson, CEO, EA
  • Mike Frazzini, VP of Games, Amazon
  • Rick Thompson, Managing Partner, Signia Venture Partners
  • Chris DeWolfe, CEO, SGN
  • Mike D. Gallagher, CEO, Entertainment Software Association
  • Lucy Bradshaw, SVP, Maxis, Electronic Arts
  • Tim Chang, Partner, Mayfield Fund
  • John Riccitiello, Investor, Syntertainment
  • Chris Petrovic, Head of Corporate Development & LIcensing, Kabam
  • Bob Mease, Head of Games Business Development, Google
  • Clive Downie, Chief Operating Officer, Zynga
  • Kym Nelson, SVP of Sales, Twitch
  • Will Harbin, CEO, Kixeye
  • Peter Molyneux, Creative Director, 22Cans
  • David Helgason, Co-Founder & CEO, Unity
  • See the full list here.

For more on the vision of GamesBeat 2014, including speaker updates and agenda changes, check out the event site.


Twitter Exec Speaks On Twitter’s Latest Revamp

Twitter wants to revamp its platform and is aiming to give users a more rewarding experience, starting with its homepage.

After tweaking the way its timeline works and opening up integrated analytics tools to all users, execs at the social network have decided to change the welcome process that greets new users, saying it’s the company’s “first major update in 3 years,” according to Re/code.

The front page at features a continuous rotation of images tweeted by users, while the process of finding people to follow from scratch has been improved, with the emphasis being split between people you might actually know and wellknown celebrities.

“People are consuming tweets as media a lot more now that we have photos that are pre-expanded in the platform,” said Twitter’s director of brand strategy Ross Hoffman regarding Twitter’s recent design changes and how they have affected user behavior. “On the trends side, we’ve seen interesting things. We’ve been seeing for some time certain memes that are now mainstream and baking them into campaigns.”

Hoffman’s job is to assure brands that Twitter remains valuable, even as recent questions involving slowing user growth are starting to be raised, according to Digital Trends.

“[It’s] that open, public exchange of information where you can see amazing things that are happening all over the world, whether it’s the world that you curated or the creative world,” said Hoffman explaining Twitter’s distinction from other platforms. “We’re real-time, we’re conversational, we’re distributed and we’re public.”

Additionally, in response to claims that the platform is difficult for first-timers to grasp, Twitter now begins its signup process by asking users about their interests, rather than trying to explain how the timeline works.


Source: Digital Trends

Brands Get Excited About Facebook’s New Ad Rollout

Facebook has a new ad format for Pages looking to promote their Events on the platform. The social network will now allow brands to create ads for the desktop and mobile News Feed, as opposed to the traditional right-hand column format on desktop.

The new installment is called Event response ads and is accessible in both the Ad Create tool and Power Editor. It’s also already available to all Page owners around the world, unlike most of Facebook’s advertising efforts.

Event hosts can now view analytics directly in the right-hand column of an event page, including data on the number of people who have seen a link to the event on Facebook, who has viewed the event, as well as the number of “joins,” “saves,” and “maybes” the event receives.

These are all insights that are considered “the first step” to help Pages understand which event promotions are working and which aren’t, according to Facebook.

If Facebook can increase its number of users through these ads, from an already astonishing 400 million, it will not only generate more revenue for itself, but will get even more of its user base to rely on the platform, which is always a plus in Facebook standards.


Source: The Next Web

Miu Miu Collaborates With Miranda July To Launch New App ‘Somebody’

Artist and filmmaker Miranda July, in conjunction with fashion brand Miu Miu, has created an app called Somebody that works as a messaging service, with a twist of humanity.

The idea behind the innovative app is that a stranger in the vicinity of your friend will deliver a personal message you have drafted, in person. Users can type a message and then choose a qualified person to deliver it based on other users’ photos and ratings.The delivery person and recipient are then given one another’s picture and GPS-based location, so they can meet and the message can be delivered.

The app, developed by Stinkdigital, was released last Thursday by July at the Venice Film Festival with a branded film by Prada-owned Miu Miu, portraying various “typical” scenarios featuring “Somebody,” and all superbly acted. Some are both comedic and over-the-top while others are moving but still hilarious. For example, one of the notable scenes features a waitress reading out a marriage proposal to a woman in the middle of a restaurant.

The short film was both written and directed by July.

Source: Creativity-Online


Legendary And YouTube Team Up for Spooky Content Competition

By Jessica Klein

Beginning on September 22, YouTube will embark on a horrifying endeavor with a man who truly knows the genre, Guillermo del Toro. The writer/director/producer will serve as a mentor for YouTube creators as they work to impress Legendary Entertainment with short-form horror films.

The Legendary/YouTube collaboration will work as a contest in which the YouTube creator with the best horror short wins a development deal with the film studio. To create the best work possible, contestants will be allowed to work out of one of the YouTube Spaces to produce their content.

For “YouTube House of Horrors: A Legendary Halloween” (the competition’s punny title), YouTube Spaces, currently located in Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, will offer sets for creators that look like those from del Toro’s own work. New York’s YouTube Space is set to open in the city in November, too late for the Halloween-inspired event.

Del Toro will ultimately choose which creators’ work reigns supreme from each YouTube Space. Creators will have to produce their films by October 28.* Meanwhile, del Toro has a new horror film of his own coming out in 2015. On October 16 of that year, Universal will release his “Crimson Peak,” which was previewed at San Diego Comic-Con this past July.

All of the horror shorts will debut on the creators’ individual YouTube channels in addition to the channel of the YouTube Spaces they produced from and Legendary’s channel.

* This article has been updated to include the correct deadline for filmmakers to produce the films: October 28, instead of October 27 as it was originally stated.

This article was originally posted on VideoInk and is reposted on [a]listdaily via a partnership with the news publication, which is the online video industry’s go-to source for breaking news, features, and industry analysis. Follow VideoInk on Twitter @VideoInkNews, or subscribe via for the latest news and stories, delivered right to your inbox.


Cookie Monster Gets Sesame Street App

“Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!” For years, Cookie Monster has found his way into the hearts of millions of kids (and adults) with his cookie-devouring antics and his goofy googly eyes. He’s also become a bigger star on the mainstream as of late, featured in a number of Sesame Street‘s more recent lampoons of a number of movies, including The Hunger Games.

Now, the big Monster is making his presence known on a new app, Cookie Monster’s Challenge. In the game, geared towards 3 to 5 year olds, players can take part in nine levels and 10 mini-games, learning self-control, focus and problem-solving while playing along with the lovable monster.

“We’ve created a series of fun brain-building games designed to challenge and engage young children and to help Cookie get what he desires the most – a cookie!” said Scott Chambers, senior vice president for Worldwide Media Distribution over at Sesame Workshop. “As children play, they practice important skills that are essential for school readiness.”

The game will closely follow the same school skills as the popular Sesame Street show, which will add new installments of Cookie’s Crumby Pictures to go along with the app. These segments will have Cookie Monster helping kids out with various coping strategies. Elmo the Musical and Super Grover 2.0 segments will also be introduced.

In addition, another game will also be released shortly after Cookie Monster’s Challenge. Titled Abby’s Sandbox Search, the game, which can be found on PBS’ Kids page this fall, lets players play along with letters, sounds and alliteration.

Meanwhile, Cookie Monster’s debut game will arrive on the App Store on September 15. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but it’s likely to cost around the same as, well, a package of cookies. Now that’s something worth certainly snacking on. NOM NOM.

Source: Mediapost

Cartoon Network Teams Up With Game Creator

It’s funny how a little KickStarter project can actually find a great deal of success, especially with the right business partner in tow. That’s certainly the case with Pixel Press, an application that got its start on the crowdfunding site, driven by Robin Rath and Josh Stevens.

After it met its funding, the company Pixel Press has gone on to produce its first app, a game creation tool. Now, Cartoon Network is using the team’s services for a new mobile game, one that was well received this past weekend at the PAX Prime event in Seattle, Washington.

Adventure Time Game Wizard allows players to control the show’s two main characters, Finn and Jake, as they thwart enemies through a side-scrolling adventure. The game works in a similar manner to Pixel Press’s Floors app.

Cartoon Network actually stumbled across the company when the Digital team’s partnership manager, Ryan Harwell, found its KickStarter page. Soon after, a partnership was formed.

“Our shows have a unique voice, and we want to carry that to our digital products,” said Chris Waldron, vice president of Cartoon Network Digital’s team. “When we set out to make games, we want to do something new and novel, and the best place to find some of that is through independent developers across the world.”

The move has been beneficial for Pixel Press, allowing the team to show off its game creation tool and possibly move forward with even more developments. Two additional game creation apps, Quest and Tracks, will further showcase what it can do in 2015.

“It’s been an exciting journey for us,” said Rath, co-founder and CEO for the company. “The joy of building a game, working with awesome characters like Jake and Finn, and then putting it out there for others to enjoy. It’s exactly the excitement we want to replicate for all our creators.”

The game should be out soon for mobile devices.