Glossier Elevates Ali Weiss To First-Ever Chief Marketing Officer

This week in leadership updates, Glossier names Ali Weiss its first-ever chief marketing officer, Skyscanner hires Clive Peoples as marketing senior vice president, Progressive CMO Jeff Charney is named Ad Age 2021 “Brand CMO of the Year,” and more.

Glossier Promotes Ali Weiss To Its First Chief Marketing Officer

Glossier has appointed Ali Weiss to its first-ever CMO, reports Adweek.

Weiss has been with Glossier for six years and most recently served as senior vice president of marketing.

Skyscanner Taps Clive Peoples As Marketing SVP

Clive Peoples has joined Skyscanner as SVP of marketing following nearly four years at eBay.

Most recently, Peoples was head of customer marketing and product of eBay Zürich.

Progressive Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Charney Named Ad Age 2021 “Brand CMO Of The Year”

Ad Age has awarded Progressive CMO Jeff Charney as its 2021 “Brand CMO of the Year,” making him the first from the insurance category to win the accolade.

“Under Jeff’s leadership Progressive has shown an innate ability to create campaigns that not only entertain, but build long-lasting brand value,” said Ad Age new editor E.J. Schultz.

In March, Charney announced his planned retirement for early 2022.

Guardian Life Hires Wendy Wahl As Chief Marketing Officer

Guardian Life has appointed Wendy Wahl as CMO, according to a press release.

Wahl joins from Aetna, where she served as head of enterprise marketing most recently.

Grove Collaborative Appoints Jennie Perry As Chief Marketing Officer

Former Amazon North America CMO Jennie Perry has been named Grove Collaborative’s new CMO, reports Adweek.

Perry spent the past nine years at Amazon and was previously CMO of Stride Rite.

Equifax Australia Appoints Roni Millard As Chief Marketing Officer

Equifax has named Roni Millard CMO of its Australia division.

Millard, the founder and managing director of Tribe Consult, has been a sales marketing consultant for the past four years. Previously, she held marketing leadership roles at InfoTrack Pty and LexisNexis Pacific, respectively.

Esports Technologies Taps Mark Thorne As Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Thorne has been named CMO of Esports Technologies.

Thorne is the former CMO of four companies including betFIRST, Wishmaker, ORing Limited and Twin.

Live Nation Hires Nicole Portwood As Chief Brand Officer

Live Nation Entertainment has appointed Nicole Portwood as chief brand officer, a newly created role, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Portwood joins Live Nation from PepsiCo, where she served as vice president of marketing for the company’s carbonated soft drinks.

Moncler Names Gino Fisanotti As Chief Brand Officer

Gino Fisanotti has been appointed to the newly created role of chief brand officer at Moncler, reports WWD.

Fisanotti spent the past 24 years at Nike, most recently as creative officer.

Purple Innovation Taps Patrice Varni As Chief Marketing And Digital Officer

Purple Innovation has hired Patrice Varni as chief marketing and digital officer.

Varni joins Purple from Dermstore, where she was CMO and president.

1Password Hires Raj Sarkar As First Chief Marketing Officer

This week in leadership updates, 1Password appoints Raj Sarkar as its first chief marketing officer, Expresso Fitness hires Nancy Dussault Smith as chief marketing officer, Mitchell & Whale taps Igor Bubic as chief marketing officer, Ceros announces two new leaders and more.

Raj Sarkar Is Named 1Password’s First Chief Marketing Officer

1Password has hired Raj Sarkar as its first-ever CMO, reports Forbes.

Sarkar isn’t new to the company, having served as a board advisor for the past year.

Prior to 1Password, Sarkar was head of marketing at Atlassian then moved on to become CMO and vice president of Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud.

Expresso Fitness Taps Nancy Dussault Smith As Chief Marketing Officer

According to a press release, Nancy Dussault Smith is Expresso Fitness’ new CMO.

A founding member of Chief, Smith previously held marketing leadership roles at iRobot, Hydrow and Jibo.

Mitchell & Whale Appoints Igor Bubic As Chief Marketing Officer

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers has named Igor Bubic CMO.

Bubic joins Mitchell & Whale from Gore Mutual Insurance, where he served as head of brand and purpose.

Ceros Announces Two New Leadership Appointments

Ceros has hired Jamie Gier as CMO and Tom Hewitt as VP, business development and partnerships.

Gier, a founding member of CMO Huddles, joins from DreamBox Learning where she was SVP of marketing.

Hewitt was previously an enterprise sales executive at Arbo.

Damon Motorcycles Hires Doug Penman As Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President

Damon Motorcycles has tapped Doug Penman as its new CMO and VP.

Penman is the founder and chief executive officer of Nukotoys and was a founding partner of The Guild.

Wells Fargo Chief Marketing Officer Michael Lacorazza Exits  

Amid a wider restructuring at Wells Fargo that includes the retirement of the CMO role, CMO Michael Lacorazza is stepping down, reports Business Insider.

Rather than a centralized marketing team, each division at Wells Fargo will have its own marketing leads, according to Business Insider.

Lacorazza was with Wells Fargo for nine years. Prior to Wells Fargo, he held a variety of marketing leadership roles at companies including TD Ameritrade and Marriott International.

Lunchclub Taps Chelsea Cain Maclin As Its First Chief Marketing Officer

Lunchclub has appointed former Bumble vice president of marketing, Chelsea Cain Maclin, as its first-ever CMO.

Previously, Cain Maclin served as director of marketing for TenantBase and manager of the publisher development team at rewardStyle, respectively.

Mack Weldon Hires Talia Handler As Its First-Ever Chief Marketing Officer

Talia Handler has joined Mack Weldon as the brand’s first CMO, according to Retail Dive.

The appointment marks Handler’s first CMO role. 

Prior to Mack Weldon, Handler held leadership roles at Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy and has worked with companies such as TikTok, Adidas and JPMorgan Chase.

Gary Goodman’s Creative Picks: An Apple A Day

I don’t know about you, but I have a few mobile games that help me pass the in-betweens and keep me sane throughout the week. Every one of these games has some form of online advertising and lately, they’ve gotten better at bringing me the types of ads I want to see: ads that I actually don’t mind seeing over and over again. So who’s making these types of ads? Well, in this particular case, the company I’m referring to is Apple, which could clearly create a Master Class on this very topic. So what can we learn from the brand you either love (or love to hate) when it comes to reaching your audience in a world where repeat viewings are unavoidable?  Read on and hopefully, I’ll answer that along the way.

Apple AirPods Pro – “Jump”

First up is a spot for Apple’s AirPods Pro that I’ve probably seen twenty times at this point and I never get sick of it.  It follows in the footsteps of their previous ads that take us on a fantastical journey through an urban landscape. This time our protagonist is someone you’ve probably never heard of: Japanese double-dutch champion Kengo Sugino.

Why it matters: Apple always sets a high bar for their product films, whether it’s jaw-dropping CG for their phones, clever visual techniques like the Spike Jonze/FKA Twigs for the Homepod—or just finding that fresh and interesting human nugget like what we all spend hours devouring in our social feeds every day. 

In this instance, someone on their team found a gem to build a campaign around with double-dutch champion Kengo Sugino. Who even knew there was a world championship for what most think of as a simple kid’s game? The result is so good it’s almost impossible not to smile when you see Kengo jumping like he has springs in his feet. He is so compelling to watch because it seems so effortless; part dance, part acrobatics and full badass. One of the things that really struck me after seeing this so many times is that the short-form cuts (:06-:10) are equally effective. Kengo bounces into the frame and we just feel his complete mastery and joy for that one brief moment. It lands every single time.

The details: Directed by the extremely impressive Sam Brown, this is one more win in his catalog of great spots. Sam also directed a film I covered previously entitled “The Wheel” for Volkswagen, as well as the launch spot for iPods Pro. And if you haven’t seen his insane piece for Virgin Media, check this out: This is Virgin Fibre – YouTube.

Apple Watch Series 6 – An ECG Right Here, Right Now”

Clearly the Apple marketing machine never sleeps. Just as the AirPods film was dropping, this tasty little 30-second spot landed for the new Apple Watch. 

Why it matters: Centered around the new electrocardiogram feature, this spot takes a very niche and specific subject matter and brings it to life in a fresh, innovative way. The device is very simple: using the head turn as a clever mechanism to propel us into the multitude of scenarios that one may find themselves in where they could also want to get an instant ECG. Yup, the new Apple Watch can do it. Not sure if this was intentional, but my guess is that the head-turning device is mimicking the way an ECG measures the electrical signals in your heart.  Personally, I’m fortunate to not need that feature at this point in my life, but that’s beside the point, I am completely drawn in by this beautiful and simple piece of filmmaking, acting, music composition and editorial that it makes me once again generate positive vibes for Apple. The actor is completely on point, almost right out of a Wes Anderson movie: stylish, worldly and completely captivating.  

The details: Directed by Spanish/English filmmaker, Ian Pons Jewell, this is one of a three-part series that he put together for Apple. Ian has been doing amazing work for Xbox, Oculus, Squarespace and Apple among many others. Borrowing a line from his production company bio, “whether working in the realms of drama or comedy, his films carry a surreal originality that is compelling to watch.” Couldn’t have said it better.

Apple – “Introducing the iPad Pro”

To wrap it up, I thought I’d finish with Apple’s latest bombastic live-action/VFX dose of technology pumped right into our collective bloodstream. Thanks to my old friend, Matthew Encina (formerly ECD at Blind) for sending this one my way!

Why it matters:  I LOVE this spot. It pulls out all the stops and combines almost every trick in the book. Beautiful CG of the internal components, stunning macro photography, clever VFX and in-camera transitions, spot-on lifestyle vignettes that humanize the product and bring it into our world, and finally Marvel-level sound design that propels it past 10 and all the way to 11! Oh yeah, and as a bonus…there’s even a little humor just to make sure they checked every box.

On top of that, they’ve centered the story around a “lift-off” thematic that makes you feel the power of the product and more importantly the power it’s going to give to YOU as part of the creative community to make the most epic things imaginable. And who wouldn’t want that?

The details: I haven’t been able to track down any of the production details yet on this one. What I will say here is that the importance of this spot and the potential of this product is that the iPad Pro is finally ready to be considered as a full-fledged laptop replacement. What’s clear in this video is that the users are running very high-end creative software like Davinci, Logic and Final Cut. With the power of the new M1 chip and that incredible display, I’d say Apple is making quite the case for the future of the iPad.

71 Percent Of People Will Continue Social Distancing For At Least Another Six Months

Though businesses are reopening and vaccination rates are increasing, people are still cautious about certain activities like taking flights, going on cruises and attending sporting events as evidenced by Invisibly’s latest survey. Using its ‘Realtime Research’ tool to poll nearly 3,000 people, Invisibly found that 71 percent of people will continue social distancing for at least another six months.

The survey shows also that people want to experience new places but they still plan to avoid crowded areas as much as possible. As a result, the travel industry—which lost $1.1 trillion last year due to COVID-19—will have to find fresh ways to inspire travelers to get out there again and allay safety concerns.

As per Invisibly, people are more willing to travel by airplane or go on a cruise now than they were in July—58 percent vs. 33 percent and 22 percent vs. 16 percent, respectively. Still, for 59 percent of cruise-goers, it’ll be at least another six months before they consider taking one.

Nearly half (45 percent) of male respondents said they’d considering traveling via plane now compared to 34 percent of female respondents and 29 percent of those who identified as non-binary.

Yet people are less willing than before to visit crowded vacation spots (17 percent now vs. 21 percent previously) and in general want to continue avoiding crowded places altogether, reports Invisibly.

Fewer people would consider attending a large sporting event now than they did back in July, with 27 percent saying they’ll wait another six months or more to go to a sports event compared with 60 percent who would’ve waited in July. Today just 15 percent of respondents are willing to attend a sporting event. Another 52 percent said they’d consider doing so in three to six months.

According to Invisibly, 45 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t consider vacating somewhere with crowds for another one to two months compared to just 11 percent who said that 10 months ago. Additionally, 24 percent of people will wait another six months before vacationing somewhere crowded compared with 54 percent who said they’d do so last July.

Invisibly conducted a survey from March 24 to April 5, 2021 and compared the findings with an identical survey taken in July 2020.

What We’re Reading—Week Of May 10th

A look at the marketing and advertising insights we’re sharing internally for the week of May 10th, 2021.

New Balance Taps Jaden Smith, Olympian Sydney McLaughlin To Preach Impatience To Gen Z

The Drum

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic games, New Balance has launched a global campaign comprising three spots that show a group of millennial and Gen Z stars, including Jaden Smith, engaged in activities they love. The campaign, which “encourages the idea of impatience” to pursue your passions, represents the biggest quarterly media investment in the history of New Balance.

Why it matters: The campaign represents one part of New Balance’s larger plan to increase sustainability efforts. It aims to use only 100 percent renewable electricity in its operations by 2025 and plans to use 100 percent environmentally preferred leather and 50 percent recycled polyester in its apparel production.

How To Set Up A Remote Employee For Success On Day One

Harvard Business Review

James M. Citrin and Darleen DeRosa, co-authors of Leading at a Distance: Practical Lessons for Virtual Success, say that some ways to create a seamless onboarding process virtually include identifying a dedicated onboarding liaison, creating a blended series of informal and formal experiences to build community and sharing explicit guidance around norms like the company’s tone and virtual etiquette.

Why it matters: As the co-authors note, onboarding is one of the most critical drivers of employee success and what sets apart firms that do it best is that the work is intentional and doesn’t end after the first week or even the first 100 days.

We Need A Vaccination CMO


After an early surge in COVID-19 vaccine injection rates, vaccination is now in a marketing phase. Returning to normalcy depends on reaching millions of Americans who haven’t been motivated enough to get vaccinated.

Why it matters: Public health officials need to utilize the same behavioral marketing strategies that chief marketing officers do to encourage people to get vaccinated—such as highlighting the desires that align with getting vaccinated, offering incentives such as cash payments or access to exclusive events and leveraging celebrity endorsements rather than testimonials from infectious disease experts.

How Marketers Can Put Transaction Data To Work


If you want to understand what elements would effectively nudge your customer in the right direction, Stephen H. Yu, president and chief consultant at Willow Data Strategy, suggests figuring out both sides of the equation: “action” (what you, the marketer, did) and “reaction” (what recipients did in response).

Why it matters: Before analyzing customer response data, Yu notes, marketers must classify and record specific ad servers as necessary, create multi-level categories if you have diverse product lines and capture the serial count if a campaign was dropped in a series.

Hyundai Names First African American AOR Amid Increased Demands For Diversity

Marketing Dive

Hyundai Motor America has named Culture Brands its agency of record. The multi-year agreement will see Culture Brands help Hyundai engage African American audiences via marketing strategies, campaign creation and guidance on experiential, social media strategy and media buying.

Why it matters: Hyundai’s partnership with Culture Brands comes as other major agencies and groups ramp up investment in diversity and inclusion. General Motors, for example, is holding an upfront dedicated to diverse media owners on May 14 and IPG Mediabrands recently announced it will invest a minimum of 5 percent in black-owned media channels by 2023.

General Mills Global Chief Marketing Officer Ivan Pollard Departs

General Mills global chief marketing officer Ivan Pollard steps down, Equinox appoints Peter Giorgi chief marketing officer, PlantFuel Life elects a new board member, Niels Swinkels accepts a promotion as executive vice president and marketing director of Universal Pictures International and more.

General Mills Global Chief Marketing Officer Ivan Pollard Exits

Amid changes to its leadership team, General Mills global CMO Ivan Pollard has left the company.

According to Ad Age, Pollard’s role, which was created in December 2016, will not be filled.

Pollard served as global CMO since mid-2017. Prior to General Mills, he spent over a decade at Coca-Cola, most recently as vice president of global connections.

Equinox Names Peter Giorgi Chief Marketing Officer

Equinox has appointed Peter Giorgi chief marketing officer, reports WWD. As part of the role, he will also manage marketing for Equinox Media.

Giorgi joins Equinox from Celebrity Cruises Inc., where he was CMO for five years. Prior to that, he served as global head of advertising and content at Airbnb.

PlantFuel Life Adds Brian Cavanaugh To Board Of Directors

PlantFuel Life has named a new board member—Brian Cavanaugh, former global chief brand officer for Iovate Health Sciences International.

Prior to Iovate, Cavanaugh served as senior vice president of merchandising for all categories at GNC.

Universal Pictures Elevates Niels Swinkels To Executive Vice President

Niels Swinkels, Universal Pictures EVP, international distribution, has accepted a promotion as the company’s international EVP and marketing director.

Swinkels has been with Universal Pictures for 17 years.

At the same time, Universal Pictures has brought on Paul Higginson as marketing director of the new EMEA district that was created to lead the company’s UK team and European theatrical organization.

Previously, Higginson spent over 15 years at Twentieth Century Fox, most recently as EVP of EMEA.

Berghaus Appoints Charlie Pym As Global Brand Director 

Charlie Pym has been named global brand director of Pentland Brands’ Berghaus.

Pym joins Berghaus from McLaren, where was marketing director of the pro cycling and team Bahrain divisions, respectively.

What We’re Reading—Week Of April 19th

Your mid-week rundown of the latest marketing and advertising news.

Brand Safety Report Reveals The Dangers For Advertisers On Platforms Like Facebook And YouTube

Ad Age

After working closely with major social media platforms following the political and social upheaval in 2020, GARM— a branch of the World Federation of Advertisers—has released its first digital brand safety report, which measures how well Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest monitor obscene and hateful content.

Why it matters: Facebook reported to GARM that 0.08 percent of its posts in Q4 2020 depicted hate speech. YouTube estimated that 0.18 percent of video views violated its community guidelines and that less than one percent of ad impressions came from those types of videos. Instagram didn’t provide data on hate speech, spam or sexual content and nudity.

Author Talks: Karin M. Reed On Virtual Meetings

McKinsey & Company

In her new book, Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work, video communications expert Karin M. Reed shares tips on how to both lead and participate in virtual meetings, with data from coauthor Joseph Allen.

Why it matters: To avoid stilted and stunted conversation, Reed suggests virtual meeting leaders look for nonverbal cues that might indicate somebody has something to say. She notes that some may feel intimidated to participate in a larger meeting and find it easier to participate via the chat feature. She encourages leaders to look at the chat and incorporate it into the overall verbal communication.

Why Brands Like Neutrogena And Old Spice Are Rushing To Build Internal Content Studios

Marketing Dive

Earlier this month, Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena skincare line revealed an internal content division dedicated to creating short films, the first of which, “In the Sun,” is a documentary that aims to dispel myths about sun safety and will debut on video-on-demand platforms on April 27.

Why it matters: Marketers realizing they can manage a content studio themselves —57 percent of multinational marketers surveyed said they’ve created some form of in-house creative agency. In addition, a large number of consumers have switched to streaming during the pandemic. To reach audiences in this new digital landscape, many brands including Old Spice, SK-II and Corona have formed similar content divisions.

For “Cookieless” Solutions To Work, We Need To Talk About Addressability


In talking to advertisers and publishers, Nancy Marzouk, chief executive and founder of MediaWallah, has found that for all the cookieless solutions available, few marketers are using them in the bidstream currently.

Why it matters: For first-party identifiers to become actual third-party data alternatives, Marzouk says brands should create a single view of the customer, work with walled-garden targeting formats such as Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), secure private marketplaces including data clean rooms and cast a wide net across consented identifiers.

What Changes When A Company Hires Its First Chief Marketing Officer?


For the first time, Sinclair Broadcast Group created an enterprise-wide chief marketing officer position, a role that John Zeigler filled in November 2020. His responsibility, he says, is to “offer a convex lens to point all of the passion, customer-first energy in one consolidated direction.” In other words, Zeigler is tasked with developing and executing a band marketing strategy for Sinclair’s 186 television stations in 87 markets and 19 of the Regional Sports Networks.

Why it matters: Zeigler’s first order of business involved rebranding elements of FOX Sports networks to Bally Sports, including on-air looks, rebuilding production facilities over a six-week period, programming, music and graphics.

Walt Disney Studios Elevates Anastasia Ali And Jan Coleman To Vice President Roles

This week in leadership updates, Anastasia Ali and Jan Coleman accepted promotions at Disney Studios, Vans appoints Kristin Harrer as global chief marketing officer, Coca-Cola Great Britain names Louise Maugest as UK marketing director, KFC’s US chief marketing officer Andrea Zahumensky exits and more. 

Disney Studios Promotes Anastasia Ali And Jan Coleman To Vice President

According to Deadline, Anastasia Ali has accepted a promotion as VP, marketing at Walt Disney Studios and Jan Coleman has been elevated to VP of global marketing partnerships, promotions and multicultural of Walt Disney Studios.

Ali has been with the company since 2013, most recently serving as director of marketing. Prior to Disney, she was the co-owner and chief operating officer of HazraH Entertainment.

Coleman’s time at Disney spans a decade, her most recent role being director of global marketing partnerships. 

Ali co-founded Disney’s Black Employee Resource Group, The Bond. Together, she and Coleman co-founded rePRESENT, which aims to expand multicultural marketing competencies and develop diverse talent.

Vans Names Kristin Harrer As Global Chief Marketing Officer

Kristin Harrer has been appointed global CMO of Vans.

Harrer joins Vans from Dollar Shave Club, where she was CMO for about two years. Prior to Dollar Shave Club, she held marketing leadership roles at Samsung and Nike, respectively.

Coca-Cola Great Britain Elevates Louise Maugest To UK Marketing Director

Coca-Cola Great Britain has promoted Louise Maugest to UK marketing director.

Maugest, previously marketing manager of new beverages, replaces Kris Robbens, who was promoted to senior director of brand strategy on the company’s global team.

Maugest has been with Coca-Cola for seven years.

KFC US Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Zahumensky Departs

Andrea Zahumensky has left her role as CMO of KFC, according to Ad Age.

Zahumensky is stepping down after three and a half years with KFC. Prior to KFC, she spent more than 20 years at Procter & Gamble in various executive brand roles.

Collective Health Taps Alison Worthington As Chief Marketing Officer

Alison Worthington has been named Collective Health’s new CMO, reports MarTech Series.

A board member for Generate Life Sciences and Columbia Care, Worthington previously served as interim CMO for GoPro,, Bragg Live Foods and multiple direct-to-consumer startups.

Disney Elevates Jane Gould To Executive Vice President, Content Research, Insights And Scheduling

Jane Gould has accepted a promotion as EVP of content research, insights and scheduling at Disney General Entertainment (DGE).

As Hollywood Reporter notes, in her new role, Gould will oversee a centralized team that comprises Hulu, ABC, ABC News, Disney Branded Television, FX, Freeform and National Geographic.

Most recently, Gould served as Disney Channel’s senior vice president of content strategy and insights.

Tinder Appoints George Felix As Chief Marketing Officer

This week in leadership updates, Tinder names George Felix as chief marketing officer, the National Retail Federation taps Martine Reardon as chief marketing officer, Walmart appoints Jean Batthany as its first head of creative and more.

Tinder Taps George Felix As New Chief Marketing Officer

George Felix, who recently stepped down as CMO of Pizza Hut, has joined Tinder as the dating app’s CMO, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Felix succeeds former Tinder CMO Jenny Campbell, who exited the company in November 2020.

The National Retail Federation Names Martine Reardon Chief Marketing Officer

The National Retail Federation has appointed Martine Reardon as CMO and executive vice president of content and membership.

Reardon was previously CMO of Macy’s and has worked with the NRF since 2016 as a senior advisor for retail and marketing strategies.

Walmart Names Jean Batthany As First Chief Creative Officer

Walmart has hired Jean Batthany as its first-ever senior vice president, chief creative officer. As per Batthany’s LinkedIn, she will lead “the vision for consumer-centric communications across all channels.”

Batthany, the founder of Chief, joins from The Walt Disney Company, where she was VP, global creative for Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products.

Kraft Heinz Canada Elevates Kelly Fleming As Chief Category And Brand Officer

Kelly Fleming has been named Kraft Heinz Canada’s chief category and brand officer, according to a press release.

Fleming, who’s been with the company since 2010, previously served as head of the grocery business unit.

Marketing Water Plus Purpose In Action With PepsiCo’s Zach Harris

On this 255th episode of Marketing Today, I speak with Zach Harris, vice president of marketing for the water portfolio at PepsiCo Beverages, North America. Throughout the episode, we discuss how to brand water, the new launch of bubly bounce, and PepsiCo’s other products like LIFEWTR and Aquafina. 

The conversation starts with Harris describing his career at PepsiCo, a company he’s been at since he graduated college. He says these experiences have taught him that the role of a brand is really to keep the consumer “at the center of everything you do.” Because without it, you won’t gain brand loyalty.

From there Zach goes deep into what it means to have purpose, both in your job and as a company, and how being a visible example of leadership is what ties a community together.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why an informal network is important for your career growth
  • Why you should be a visible example of leadership in your community
  • How to build trust among your customers
  • How to market a portfolio of products
  • What it truly means to have purpose behind your brand

Key Highlights:

  • [01:20] How Zach found his way to marketing in a family of doctors
  • [04:03] Why Zach has been at PepsiCo for his entire career
  • [06:34] Zach’s different cross-functional experiences 
  • [07:40] How different experiences have prepared Zach for his current role
  • [09:30] Zach’s passion for mentorship
  • [12:33] Being a visible leader in your community
  • [15:15] How to market and brand water
  • [17:52] What Zach thinks about when marketing the water portfolio 
  • [20:08] The branding of the LIFEWTR bottle
  • [22:18] How Zach thinks about purpose-driven marketing
  • [26:45] Driving sales with brand loyalty
  • [27:30] The launch of Bubly Bounce with Michael Buble´
  • [32:25] An experience that defines Zach, made him who he is today 
  • [36:57] Zach’s advice for his younger self
  • [41:05] A recent impactful purchase Zach made
  • [43:30] The brands, companies, and causes Zach follows
  • [47:05] What Zach says is the biggest threat and opportunity for marketers today

Resources Mentioned: 

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Alan B. Hart is the creator and host of “Marketing Today with Alan Hart,” a weekly podcast where he interviews leading global marketing professionals and business leaders. Alan advises leading executives and marketing teams on opportunities around brand, customer experience, innovation, and growth. He has consulted with Fortune 100 companies, but he is an entrepreneur at his core, having founded or served as an executive for nine startups.