Zombies, Guns, And A Robot

To prepare gamers for the final round of downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Treyarch and Activision released a new trailer that highlights Apocalypse, a pack which includes two all-new multiplayer maps, two revamped classic maps from previous games, and a new Zombie map where you face off against the horde of Dieselpunk undead while contending with an unstoppable robot that stomps around.

Apocalypse releases on Xbox Live on August 27, and will come out for PC and PlayStation 3 at a later date.

How To Choose A Winning #Hashtag

Twitter UK recently released an infographic illustrating the best practices for using the darling of Twitter, the hashtag. Some of the highlights in the flowchart include basic knowledge like how to best integrate the hashtag as part of an advertising campaign, but other tips delve deeper into making the hashtag topical in the news or employing ways to make sure your hashtag has lasting value.

Editorial manager of Twitter UK Gordon McMillan explained that often times brands don’t really need too put in too much creative effort, but better research saying, “If people are already using a hashtag, and having conversations, part of your work is already done. All your brand needs to do is ensure that when it joins that conversation it is valued.”

In fact, “One way to make sure it is memorable is through media integration. The best hashtags are tightly integrated with other marketing activity from TV advertising, to press ads and direct mail material,” says McMillan.

What are some of your tips for creating the best hashtag? Share in the comments below! 




Hall Of Famers Hype ‘Madden 25’

Madden NFL 25 ships today, so get excited for the game and football season in general with these interviews with football greats Dan Marino, Marcus Allen and Warren Moon.  The Hall of Fame trio talked to Gamerhub.tv at the Madden NFL Pigskin Pro-Am, an annual EA-sponsored event that pits NFL players and other celebrities in a game of flag football.

Marino, who led the Gamers team against the Famers, thinks Madden games have helped football as a gateway for kids into the sport. Allen calls the franchise “synonymous” with football.  Moon drops a Tecmo Bowl reference.