Gamers Spent $8.47B In August; Madden Sets New Record

The video game industry earned $8.47 billion in digital sales for August, according to the latest figures from SuperData Research. This represents seven percent growth over last year, driven by pay-to-play PC and free-to-play console titles.

On PC, World of Warcraft‘s Battle of Azeroth expansion was a big hit, earning Blizzard $161 million. This doesn’t include pre-sales leading up to the launch. In fact, WoW West subscribers reached its highest point since 2014. As a result, WoW held the number two spot for digital PC sales in August, with Dungeon Fighter Online holding the top honors.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World sold two million units on PC after a successful launch on console. The adventure game, which has a film in development, knocked PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds down to second place on the PC rankings for August.

League of Legends, meanwhile, could experience its worst performing year since 2014. The popular free-to-play MOBA title dropped 21 percent compared to the same time period in 2017. Mastercard recently signed with League of Legends as the game’s first global partner, which will offer its cardholders VIP esports packages. With new exposure around the competition circuit, Riot Game’s title could bounce back during the World Championships beginning October 1.

Both free-to-play PC and social games experienced single-digit declines last month.

Epic Games’ critical darling, Fortnite continues to dominate the console charts at number one, followed by FIFA 18. Thanks to its loyal community and frequent updates, RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto V still holds its own at number three.

Madden 19 launched at number four on the console charts for August. SuperData estimates that Madden 19 sold 664,000 digital units, making it the best ever launch month for the franchise.

The usual mobile contenders defended their top positions last month, led by Honour of Kings, QQ Speed and Pokémon GO.

Busch, National Forest Foundation Partner To Send Beer Drinkers Into Woods

Busch has teamed up the National Forest Foundation for a beer giveaway that encourages consumers to explore—and conserve—nature. The social media campaign taps into Busch’s long-standing brand message of drinking beer in the forest with cause marketing to preserve wildlife.

“We at Busch know America would be a very different place without our national forests, so we’re doing our part to ensure these lands stay healthy and vibrant for generations to come,” the company says on its website.

Twitter users can receive a clue every hour on Tuesday from the official Busch and National Forest Foundation accounts, then head into a national forest to find one of six trees marked with a medallion. Taking a photo of one of the trees prompts a video with instructions on how to enter. Winners will receive free beer for a year.

The first clue prompts users to zoom in to find GPS coordinates. While the clue wasn’t difficult to find, it will be up to eagle-eyed and quick-acting participants to get to the tree before anyone else. Just to make things more interesting, only one of the trees will be a winner.

Busch has also introduced a limited edition can and will share proceeds with the National Forest Foundation. A portion of each specially-marked Outdoors pack of beer purchased through December 31 will go toward planting trees, with a goal of donating $175,000.

An ad has been placed on YouTube about the partnership and encourages users not to skip it. If they watch the entire 30-second ad, Anheuser-Busch will donate $1 to the National Forest Foundation.

Nature has always been a part of Busch marketing since in 1970s. In each of the ads, a flannel-wearing mountain man pulls cans of Busch beer out of a cold stream and opens one, releasing a long “Buschhhhhhh” sound that echoes throughout the wilderness. Anheuser-Busch reimagined its classic mountain man ad and aired it during Super Bowl 51 along with another fan favorite, Spuds Mackenzie.

AList Partners With Advertising Week NY; Hosts Panel With CMO’s From GE, Equinox, Getty Images, Sundance

AList is proud to announce our partnership with Advertising Week New York, the world’s largest annual gathering of advertising, creative, entertainment, marketing, media and technology industry leaders. Taking place October 1 – 4 2018 at AMC Loews Lincoln Square, this year’s AWNewYork will feature speakers from across media and marketing. AList’s very own panel will be taking place Tuesday, October 2nd at 10:20 am where our panelists will be exploring the topic of recovering from failure.

How a marketer emerges from missteps and mistakes can massively influence future success and opportunity. This panel of marketers will have a frank discussion about attitudes around failure, how to pivot when you sense things are going awry and provide practical advice for those at any stage of their career on recovering from a failure.


  • Monica Halpert, CMO, Sundance Institute

  • Vimla Gupta, CMO, Equinox

  • Gene Foca, CMO, Getty Images

  • Dara Treseder, CMO, GE Business Innovations & GE Ventures, General Electric

Moderator: H.B. Duran, Reporter, AList

About Advertising Week
Since it began in 2004 led by co-founders Matt Scheckner and Lance Pillersdorf, Advertising Week has evolved into the number one business-to-business event in New York cutting across all industries and has expanded rapidly across the globe replicating its signature formula blending thought leadership on the business of the business by day and show business by night. The Week now enjoys a global footprint with editions in London, Tokyo, Mexico City and Sydney and via AW360 has extended the thought leadership platform beyond the events onto smartphones and tablets the year-round.

Advertising Week is produced globally by New York-based Stillwell Partners.

About AList
AList is an award-winning media platform providing over 1.3 million members of the media and marketing community with insights, trends, data and analysis via our site, events and newsletter, facilitating an active community for our readership across platforms to connect and share insights. We are proud to count the world’s leading marketers and media executives in our core readership.

Forbes Introduces ‘CMO Next’ List, Honors 50 Marketers To Watch

The first Forbes CMO Next has been revealed—a list of the top 50 CMOs who are “redefining the marketing role and driving its evolution.” Unlike its annual World’s Most Influential CMOs list or 30 Under 30, Forbes’ CMO Next focuses on up-and-comers of all ages who haven’t necessarily become a household name yet.

Those on the list are chief marketing officers, chief brand officers, chief growth officers and chief commercial officers—illustrating a wide range of marketing responsibilities today. They also hail from a variety of business models from young, direct-to-consumer start-ups like Blue Apron, Birchbos and Casper to legacy brands like Fender, NHL and Levi Strauss.

Education varies too, bringing different perspectives to the role. Forbes noted that half of these list makers have earned an MBA and hail from an eclectic list of degrees and areas of study outside of marketing.

While some of those honored have logged years in their respective roles, others are brand new. Regardless of their educational or professional backgrounds, each of the CMO Next list makers has demonstrated a commitment to bridging the gap between brand and consumer.

“Indeed, the 50 CMOs on this list have a near-obsessive focus on their customers, talking about engaging with them in a fully omnichannel world and with a unique respect and allegiance—as if truly, the brand definition, relevance and utility was completely in their hands,” said Forbes.

Among the list makers are

  • Ed Macri, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Wayfair

  • Melina Engel, CMO, SimpliSafe

  • Jackson Jeyanayagam, CMO, Boxed

  • Jennifer Sey, CMO Global Brands, Levi Strauss & Co.

  • Herbie Calves, CMO, Link AKC

  • Leela Srinivasan, CMO, SurveyMonkey

  • Jill Cress, CMO, National Geographic Partners

  • Jay Livingston, CMO, Bark

  • Jeff Brooks, CMO, Casper

  • Kellyn Smith Kenny, CMO, Hilton

  • Dara Treseder, CMO, GE Ventures and GE Business Innovations

  • Kinjil Mathur, CMO, Squarespace

The entire Forbes CMO Next list can be viewed here.

Spotify Playlists Let Users ‘Listen’ To Their AncestryDNA Results

AncestryDNA has partnered with Spotify to generate custom music playlists based on a user’s genetic heritage. The collaboration has yielded more than 10,000 sign-ups for a custom playlist within the few days.

Those who purchase a DNA profile from Ancestry can now connect their accounts to Spotify to receive a custom playlist. Spotify will then generate a range of tracks that reflect these cultures.

Spotify has also created a series of playlists for different regions including the Middle East, England, Germany, Sweden, Korea and Eastern Africa. Ancestry has also sponsored a feature that lets Spotify users look into the “DNA” of the music they listen to. For example, the feature tracks punk bands back to England, U2 to Ireland and other artists back to their native countries to create a kind of musical heritage for yourself.

AncestryDNA has entered into a number of brand partnerships recently to help consumers feel a personal connection with their ancestry. For the release of Disney/Pixar’s Coco, Ancestry shared DNA results with two of the filmmakers and offered special discounts to those who wanted to connect with their own family history.

Meanwhile, Spotify’s brand partnerships continue to tell consumer stories by analyzing what they listen to.

“People have such a personal relationship to music,” Danielle Lee, global head of partner solutions at Spotify told AList in a previous interview. “The biggest insight is that [users] learn a lot about themselves based on how they stream.”

Spotify uses data and brand partners to help users understand their own habits. A recent campaign with Snickers triggered a pop-up, for example when users deviated outside of their usual listening habits.

The sheer amount of data that Spotify has to work with makes it a popular destination for marketers. The music streaming brand extended its partnership with Nielsen to offer Nielsen Brand Effect and Nielsen Ad Ratings to marketers. The deal grants Spotify marketers tools that measure the effectiveness of a campaign by tracking exposure to audio, video and display formats heard or seen across desktop, mobile and connected devices.

Soulmates.AI Releases Latest a.EMVI Monthly Report

Soulmates.AI proudly announces its latest a.EMVI (Earned Media Value Index) Monthly Report to help brands, agencies and others in the marketing industry see the latest trends in earned media value.

The a.EMVI takes on one of the most elusive questions of modern-day marketing: How valuable are my efforts on social media? Our Index is the industry standard for judging the earned media value of the likes, comments and shares from on social media platforms. The Index provides actual dollar values for interactions and engagements on social media, providing baselines value for the industry to use for comparison and reporting.

While these baseline values (based on our full cross-section of research) are available for each social media network, this month we are highlighting the financial industry and using our Vertical values, which are available as a premium. These values are based on isolated, industry-specific research to offer the most precise reporting available.

The monthly report spotlights the industry’s earned media frontrunners in total Earned Media Value. This invaluable tool gives a monetary value to the monthly efforts of earned media from these brands:

  • Prudential Financial leads by a far margin with $28,390.98
  • Citigroup comes next with their total value being at $12,680.99
  • JP Morgan follows up with $7,971.27
  • State Farm Insurance comes in closely behind with its value at $7187.56
  • The Travelers Companies completes the leaderboard with $4,581.22
  • The total earned media value of just the leaders $60,812.22

The report also provides a breakdown of which brands are the most influential on each major social platform.

  • Instagram has a for JP Morgan, which brings in $2,371.98
  • Facebook creates huge value for Prudential Financial, earning $9832.03
  • Twitter also shows how influential Prudential Financial is, reaching $18,547.51
  • YouTube provides a small but impactful platform for State Farm Insurance which is earning $524.08

The a.EMVI Monthly Report offers just a glimpse at the utility of the a.EMVI. For more details on using the a.EMVI to help track your social media and gain the exceptional insight it brings, sign up for our monthly newsletter so you won’t miss our trend reports.

To learn more about our methodology, check out our complimentary white paper here.

If you would like to bring the power of a.EMVI to your company or platform, contact us at: to get a list of our dashboard and API options.

About Soulmates.AI:
A part of, Soulmates.AI helps companies gain a deep and actionable understanding of social speech and expression so they can build relationships between creators, companies and consumers. We are scientists, technologists and marketers who want to fix advertising and make it truly beneficial for all. Learn more at:

Bacardi Collaborates With Horror Producers For Halloween Campaign

Bacardi has launched a new Halloween campaign that pays tribute to horror movie classics. Filmed at a horror production house, the spot was designed to inspire cocktail ideas with a lighthearted scare for Bacardi’s favorite holiday.

Having a bat logo puts Bacardi at an advantage when consumers are planning Halloween festivities.

“Halloween is our biggest occasion,” Laila Mignoni, director of creative excellence at Bacardi told AList. “Every year we do something different for the holiday. We own it.”

This year, the spirits brand tapped into imagery from horror movie favorites like The Ring, The Shining and Psycho with a spot called “The Zombie.” Shot from a first-person POV, the ad tells the story of a mysterious VHS tape, labeled only with the Bacardi bat logo.

As the video begins to play, the imagery gets weird in the style of The Ring—a lemon and lime being sewen together, rum being poured out of upright bottles in reverse, bottles of Bacardi Black and Bacardi Superior appearing in a long hallway a la The Shining, etc. until a zombie appears to have been summoned into the viewer’s world.

“The Zombie” ends with a recipe for a cocktail and the slogan, “Do what moves you.”

Mignoni said they didn’t want the video to be shot like an ad, so they enlisted the help of The Voorhes, a couple that specializes in stylized marketing photography and video.

“[Robin Finlay] and I began by watching a ton of short horror films and thinking about the classics that we all know,” Adam Voorhes recalled on Instagram. “We originally wrote six different scripts that could play off of a cocktail, or stand-alone pieces. [Bacardi] loved The Ring inspired VHS throwback approach, so we flushed out two versions that had abstract weird video vignettes to illustrate each aspect of the cocktail. We took advantage of opportunities to nod to other films, like [Robin] building a mini hallway inspired by The Shining. And I got to play with stop motion, time lapse, slomo video, fun camera chases and lots of practical special effects. I loved this shoot!”

Mignoni, who visited the set, said it was like being in a haunted house. “The production was even a little bit scary,” she said.

Bacardi has timed its new campaign to coincide with online searches. Mignoni explained that Halloween entertaining searches begin in September, and Bacardi will be there to offer content and suggestions.

“We know they’re searching for Halloween drinks that are different [along with] different kinds of food to serve. People love to create. When they’re searching, we want them to think of Bacardi. We want to entertain them, as well. [‘The Zombie’] is scary but it’s lighthearted at the same time.”

The ad will be displayed on social media and across programmatic channels. Shorter cuts will be shared on Facebook and Instagram, Bacardi explained. A few fans that engage with the campaign will receive a gift pack that includes a long version of the creepy video . . . on VHS, of course.

When marketing around Halloween, Mignoni warns against campaigns that are too serious. Instead, offer inspiration and discovery around the holiday.

“Don’t overthink it. Halloween is playful, people are creative and they want to explore ideas,” she said. “They don’t want to be told what to do. Keep it lighthearted. Look at what people are doing [online]. In this case, people search Google for Halloween ideas—some of them are hilarious, like how to scare your friends with drinks. All of that is insightful. We are just listening.”

A Guide To Advertising Week New York 2018 Parties

Advertising Week New York parties have a reputation for some pretty epic moments. For delegates about to cut loose and network, we salute you. Here are the parties, mingles and networking events we think you should know about.

Monday, October 1

IBM Networking Meet-Up

Chat AI with fellow delegates in a relaxed atmosphere.

When: 4:00 p.m.

Where: AW Connects Bar, Level 2—1998 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Requirements: Open to all delegates

AWNY Y Media Labs Connects Networking Cocktails

Relax and network with fellow delegates.

When: 5:30 p.m.

Where: AW Connects Bar, Level 2—1998 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Requirements: Open to all delegates

15th Anniversary Madison Avenue Walk Of Fame Opening Gala

Watch as the biggest brand icons walk the red carpet in the heart of Times Square, then join fellow delegates for dinner, cocktails and awards celebration.

When: 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Where: PlayStation Theater—1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

Requirements: Ticket required

Opening Concert

As far as Advertising Week New York parties go, this one comes with a reputation. Enjoy a live performance presented by iHeartMedia. Past headliners have included Demi Lovato, Snoop Dog and Macklemore.

When: 7:30 p.m.

Where: Terminal 5—610 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019

Requirements: Open to Super and Platinum Delegates or via invitation

Tuesday, October 2

AWNY Connects Networking Cocktails

Samsung Ads will provide bites, cocktails, demos, VR and interactive art installations.

When: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Samsung 837—837 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

Requirements: Open to all delegates

D&AD Impact Awards Ceremony

Network with Impact winners, jurors, and like-minded leaders during the cocktail hour, discover the best creative ideas with impact through the white pencil awards recipients. Presented with Facebook.

When: 7:00 p.m.

Where: AMC Lincoln Square 13—1998 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Requirements: Platinum delegates or by invitation

Stand Up Live

SNL “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost performs on Advertising Week’s late night stage.

When: 9:30 p.m.

Where: Gotham Comedy Club—208 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

Requirements: Platinum delegates or by invitation

Wednesday, October 3

Accenture Networking Meet-up

Are you a person? Then join other people in a discussion about people-based marketing.

When: 4:00 p.m.

Where: AW Connects Bar, Level 2—1998 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Requirements: Open to all delegates

AWNY Bazaarvoice Connects Networking Cocktails

Come, network and meet your fellow delegates at this special cocktail reception hosted by Bazaarvoice.

When: 5:30 p.m.

Where: AW Connects Bar, Level 2—1998 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Requirements: Open to all delegates

Thursday, October 4

AWNY Deloitte Digital Connects Networking Cocktails

Relax and network with fellow delegates.

When: 5:30 p.m.

Where: AW Connects Bar, Level 2—1998 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Requirements: Open to all delegates

Wrap Party

Close out the Week with a special live performance by Grammy-award winner Alessia Cara.

When: 7:30 p.m.

Where: Terminal 5—610 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019

Requirements: Open to Super and Platinum Delegates or via invitation

Founders Club Dinner Presented by IBM Watson Marketing

IBM Watson Marketing hosts the final VIP event for partners and invited guests to reflect on the week that’s past and get ready for the next 15 years.

When: 7:00 p.m.

Where: Sotheby’s—1334 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021

Requirements: By invitation only

Did we miss any? Let us know which Advertising Week New York parties you plan to attend and share this list with your fellow delegates. See you there!

Instagram DMs Get Animated; Facebook To Reveal ‘Portal’ Devices

This week in social media news, GIFs slide into your Instagram DM and Facebook is close to unveiling zero UI devices while distancing itself from political candidates.

Also, Instagram makes hashtag lists disappear and Facebook hopes to inspire romance in Columbia.Twitter puts things in order and YouTube lets more creators offer monthly subscriptions. Also, YouTube gives up on its gaming app, Instagram goes shopping, Pinterest links to influencers, Facebook gives cash for bugs and LinkedIn highlights the power of community. Meanwhile, YouTube is a hit on TV, Twitter pushes livestreams, Snapchat partners with media companies and Facebook pursues human rights.

GIFs Added To Instagram Direct Messages

GIPHY has been integrated into Instagram Direct, allowing users to send animated GIFs in a private conversation.

Why it matters: GIFs have become a phenomenon on social media, with integrations now on Twitter and Facebook. Animated GIFs keep the conversation going and the longer users spend in the app, the better for Instagram and its advertisers.

Details: Instagram users can now select GIFs while in direct messages. Trending animations from GIPHY will be displayed or users can search by keyword to find the perfect expression.

Facebook To Unveil ‘Portal’ Video Chat Device

Portal will be a device with a video display that allows users to conduct video chat, ask Alexa questions and more.

Why it matters: Facebook is trying to get into the zeroUI market by integrating Alexa into its new devices. With all the privacy concerns around its company, however, it’s uncertain whether consumers will be willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to let Facebook watch them at home.

Details: According to Cheddar, Facebook will unveil two Portal devices next week. The devices will come in two versions that cost $400 and $300, respectively. The AI camera can apparently track users as they move around a room, but will come with a privacy shutter.

Facebook No Longer Dispatching Help To Politicians

Facebook announced that it will now use an online portal to help political candidates instead of sending employees in person.

Why it matters: Facebook is trying to distance itself from any involvement in the 2016 US Presidential election results. Brad Parscale, who was Trump’s online ads chief in 2016, last year called onsite “embeds” from Facebook crucial to the candidate’s victory.

Details: In 2016, Facebook, Google and Twitter sent employees to help political candidates understand and use their platforms. This year, Facebook is taking a more hands-off approach.

Instagram Test Would Clean Up Hashtags

Instagram is testing a way of hiding hashtags and restricting visibility to certain locations.

Why it matters: Hashtags are a driving force for discovery on Instagram and users type a long list of them in captions to be found in searches. Unfortunately, dozens of hashtags aren’t pleasing to the eye, so hiding them would offer the best of both worlds. Geofencing, i.e. the ability to select which regions can see your post, would be helpful for brands offering promotions that are limited to a certain country.

Details: Users have spotted a test that allows Instagram users to select hashtags without showing them in the final post. The concept was illustrated on Twitter by developer Jane Manchun Wong on Wednesday. Wong also pointed out the ability to select which countries can view her post.

Facebook Tests Dating Feature In Columbia

Columbian Facebook users can now test Facebook’s new dating feature that was announced in May.

Why it matters: Facebook began testing the feature with its employees this summer, so testing with outside users is a good sign that it all went well. The company says that over 200 million people list themselves as single on the platform.

Details: As reported by Refinery29, Facebook has rolled out a test of its dating feature to users in Columbia, although no plans have been announced for testing or rollout in other regions.

Twitter Returns Option To View Posts In Order

For those who miss the days when tweets were listed in chronological order, those days have returned.

Why it matters: Twitter has changed a lot since its first days, adapting to and arguably shaping the way people share ideas on the website. The algorithm intends to show the tweets users might be interested in more, but users have been left with no way to read all tweets in order without visiting a user’s profile page directly. Twitter admitted that its recommendations “don’t always get it right,” and pledged to work on creating a better balance.

Details: Twitter users can now view tweets in reverse chronological order that is untouched by the site’s algorithm. This view can be obtained by unchecking “show the best tweets first” in settings. Also, the site will roll out a test that toggles between chronological and recommended tweets.

YouTube Expands Subscriptions To Smaller Creator Channels

Creators on YouTube with 500,000 subscribers or more can now offer $5 subscriptions to their fans.

Why it matters: Updates to its advertising policy let YouTube better control whether brand ads appeared on or next to content deemed offensive. The blanket reaction, however, left many non-offensive channels unmonetized and creators stripped of income. YouTube may be trying to entice more channels to monetize and/or earn enough subscribers to offer subscriptions.

Details: YouTube has extended its $5/mo. subscription option to creators with at least 500,000 subscribers—previously available only to those with one million or more.

YouTube Abandons Gaming App, Debuts New Hub

YouTube Gaming will be put to rest and a new gaming hub has been created as part of the main YouTube experience.

Why it matters: YouTube tried to cater to the rising game video content (GVC) market with a dedicated app, but found that most users consumed this content on the main site instead.

Details: YouTube Gaming launched as a separate mobile app in 2015, providing fans with a dedicated portal to content on YouTube. Unfortunately for all the work that YouTube put into it, most users just consumed this content as part of the main experience. The app will be sunsetted in favor of a dedicated hub on YouTube, which can be found on the left margin of the site. The new hub will let users browse videos by game and subscribe to a game’s page rather than individual creators. Users can also discover “rising stars” in the world of video game livestreams.

Instagram Expands Shopping In Stories, Adds Dedicated Channel

Instagram users can now shop directly from brand Stories in the app, as well as browse shoppable posts in the Explore tab.

Why it matters: According to Instagram, one-third of its most popular Stories are posted by brands. Discovery is a powerful tool for inspiration that leads to purchases (just look at Pinterest), creating new opportunities for brands on the platform to reach Stories’ 400 million daily viewers.

Details: Instagram began testing Shopping in Stories this spring and is now rolling out the feature to businesses in 46 countries. Users that view Stories posted by a brand can tap on a product to learn more and visit a landing page to make a purchase. In addition, the Explore tab now has a dedicated channel for shopping posts that users can browse and shop at their leisure.

Pinterest Opens Marketing API To Third-Party Influencer Platforms

Influencer marketing platforms can now access Pinterest’s API to better collaborate on the platform.

Why it matters: This access allows brands to connect with influencers and vice versa to collaborate on Pinterest campaigns. The API will offer helpful statistics like views, impressions and click-through rates.

Details: Pinterest has now opened its marketing API to third-party influencer marketing platforms, beginning with AspireIQ, HYPR,, IZEA, Klear, Mavrck, and OpenInfluence.

Facebook Offers Cash Rewards To Identify Third-Party Vulnerabilities

Facebook has expanded its bug bounty program to include third-party app and websites, offering to pay at least $500 to anyone that identifies misuse of access tokens.

Why it matters: The social media giant realizes it can’t fix all its problems on its own and relies on eagle-eyed tech enthusiasts to identify potential problems. Extending the reward program to third-party user logins will allow Facebook to better manage how its data is being used.

Details: Facebook will pay handsomely for the discovery of token vulnerabilities, beginning at $500 and increasing depending on the severity of the issue. Upon verification, Facebook said it would happily work with the app developer to correct the issue.

LinkedIn Video Series Highlights Power Of Community

#Inittogether is a series of videos in which LinkedIn users share how connecting with others on the site has furthered their career goals.

Why it matters: LinkedIn is establishing its brand message as a place for nurturing professional ambition, whether it be through classes, groups or adding different ways to communicate on the platform.

Details: In a series of videos, LinkedIn tells the stories of professionals that use the site to make their professional lives better by connecting with other users. Users are invited to use the hashtag #inittogether and share their own stories to keep the conversation going.

YouTube Experiencing Highest Growth On TV Screens

While a majority of YouTube viewing takes place on mobile devices, TV viewing is becoming more popular, especially in Europe.

Why it matters: YouTube is known primarily for mobile and PC, so the brand wants advertisers to know that casting to or streaming from a TV. Despite offering a more “lean back” viewing experience, the company assured broadcasters that it a partner, not a competitor.

Details: Speaking at IBC over the weekend, YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan revealed that 180 million hours of YouTube is viewed daily on TVs worldwide. Watching YouTube on TV has grown 45 percent YoY in Europe.

“Living room hardware has finally caught up with the demands of consumers,” said Mohan. “There is a creative renaissance in content led by TV.”

Twitter Promotes Livestreams With App Update

A new update for iOS and Android displays livestreams and broadcasts at the top of the Twitter app Home screen.

Why it matters: Livestreaming video has become a major selling point for Twitter, both to advertisers and investors. Moving them to a prominent place on the app increases visibility and by extension, views.

Details: Twitter is rolling out an update for its mobile app that will display broadcasts at the top of the Home screen once a followed account goes live.

‘Curated Our Stories’ Lets Snapchat Partners Mix, Monetize User Content

Snapchat has partnered with 25 publishers that will be able to curate public user posts into collections around themes, events. etc.

Why it matters: According to Variety, over 75 million people watched Our Stories content on Snapchat last month. Unlike the original Our Stories platform, these curated collections will be monetized.

Details: Curated Our Stories is an extension of the Our Stories idea, in that third-parties and create posts out of user content. This time around, however, Snapchat will include advertisements and share revenue with the publishers. Partners include Brut, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Daquan, The Dodo, Harper’s Bazaar, iHeartMedia, The Infatuation, Jukin Media, LADbible, Love Stories TV, Mic, NBC News and “Today” show, NBC Sports, New York Post, NowThis, Overtime, Refinery29, Telemundo, The Tab, Viacom, Vice Media, Wave.TV and Whalar.

Facebook Seeks Human Rights Policy Director

Facebook is now hiring for a new position that would address human rights abuses, including by both state and non-state actors, among other duties.

Why it matters: Facebook is recognizing its global impact on society and hopes that someone qualified will help them enforce policies while policing themselves.

Details: A job posting on Facebook seeks a Director of Human Rights—someone willing to represent the company with politicians, governments, users, advertisers and anyone else with concerns about Facebook’s relationship to human rights.

“As the reach and impact of the Facebook family of companies continues to grow, so does the responsibility we have to respect the individual and human rights of the members of our diverse global community,” writes Facebook.

Editor’s Note: Our weekly social media news post is updated daily. This installment will be updated until Friday, September 21. Have a news tip? We’re looking for changes to and news surrounding social media platforms as they relate to marketing. Let us know at

WARC Shares Four Key Innovative Marketing Trends Of 2018

WARC has released its Effective Innovation Report, highlighting four key trends that are driving success in the marketing industry.

These trends were observed among winners of WARC awards in the Effective Innovation category. Studying the metadata around all the entries, WARC observed that innovation—while bringing its own challenges—has become an increasingly popular and effective driver of brand growth.

The Effective Innovation Report identifies four key trends that marketers can learn from and apply to future campaign efforts.

Innovation That Appeals To Influencers

WARC observed that many of the top-performing campaigns that won were designed to be shared among millennial influencers. The Grand Prix winner, “7-Second Resumes,” focused on young professionals and giving them a voice. The campaign was created for the Ad Council and featured real job applicants who shared their skills and traits in seven seconds—the average time a recruiter spends reading a resume.

Partnering with influencers can greatly improve organic reach, but brands should proceed with caution.

“Persuading these communities to invest their influence on your behalf is an acid test of a marketing team’s preparation and ingenuity,” said Christopher Yu, jury chair and VP of integrated marketing strategy, innovation, and technology for US Bank.

Innovation That Builds Brand Equity

Rather than focus on “wacky or weird,” innovation should strengthen a brand’s appeal by problem-solving and bringing that brand closer to its purpose, WEC notes.

Fulfilling a brand promise or purpose should be the top priority, as demonstrated by “Odds,” a campaign launched for Adidas. The campaign brought awareness to the fact that many amputees only need one shoe, resulting in wasted money and product. “Odds” offered these consumers a pair of two left or two right shoes and opened a worldwide discussion about “evening the odds.”

Product-Led Innovation That Drives Growth

Brands can often find success by integrating products into their campaigns, even if they don’t own those particular products. WEC used the example of Royal Caribbean’s “Seek Deeper” campaign that used Snapchat Spectacles to inspire young consumers to book cruise vacations. The video ad highlighted the beauty of the ocean depths with technology that young consumers already know and accept.

Utility That Helps Build Connections

WEC also recognized the trend of creating tools to help customers connect with a brand. Offering new products and services can be an effective alternative to traditional campaigns.

“By starting from a perspective of utility [and] being in the service of others, you can reach new audiences, find new relevancy and change perceptions,” says juror Howard Pull, strategic development director of MullenLowe Profero.

One example from the WEC Awards was “Bank in a Box,” a campaign for IBM that offered customer service, infrastructure, software and services ready-packaged for new digital banking projects.