Hypes Experience Feature With Halloween Sleepover

Beginning October 24, will offer an exclusive one-night stay for two inside The San Francisco Dungeon. This spooky jaunt will include a room made to look like a cell inside the infamous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. The holiday promotion calls attention to Booking Experiences, the travel site’s new mobile product.

The San Francisco Dungeon is an underground attraction located in the city’s famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Visitors will learn about San Francisco’s history through 360-degree sets, live performers, an underground boat ride and a watery drop ride called “Escape Alcatraz.”

Visitors will also be given VIP access to the last show of the evening, then taken to their “cells” where they will be issued dungeon-themed pajamas, snacks and a “spooky” welcome cocktail. Actors will perform bedtime ghost stories and a medium will lead visitors in a “witching hour” séance. In the morning, guests will be treated to breakfast in bed, along with a swag bag. launched its Booking Experiences portal in the US last month, initially offering exclusive meet-and-greet experiences with DJ Khaled. The mobile tool offers experiences to users once they have booked accommodations, such as local tourist attractions or shows, all through a personalized QR code. To accommodate changing plans, consumers can book experiences and only pay once the QR code has been scanned on-site.

Experiences are offering the travel industry a new stream of income, tapping into young consumers’ desire for memories and the “travel brag.” Travel activities, which includes tours, activities and events, is the third-largest segment in travel, according to Deloitte, accounting for 10 percent of global travel revenue. Revenue generated by travel experiences is expected to reach $183 billion by 2020.

Historical and heritage experiences are particularly popular, according to TripAdvisor, which experienced a 98 percent increase in bookings last year.

Consumers have largely shifted their expenditures from goods to experiences in recent years, especially among the millennial generation. This trend, observes McKinsey and Company, is driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO) and social media likes.

Combining this pursuit of experiences with Halloween—one of America’s top spending holidays—is a good start for’s new Booking Experiences portal. According to the National Retail Foundation, nearly a quarter of Americans plan to visit a haunted house this Halloween, so sleeping in one will make for a unique travel brag, indeed.

Gartner Releases Report On CMO Skills And Agile Marketing

According to the research firm, a balance of hard and soft skills are key to leading an agile marketing organization. Gartner outlines these seven skills in a white paper called “CMO Perspective: 7 Key Practices to Successfully Lead Today’s Agile Marketing Organization” and a webinar scheduled for Thursday.

“The agile approach is still new for even the most seasoned CMOs,” states Elizabeth Shaw, Gartner’s research director in a new report.

Foremost, Gartner mentions marketers must develop trust—it will break down barriers and encourage collaborative problem-solving. This is an ongoing effort that should be nurtured and maintained, with the CMO taking personal responsibility for developing trust.

“I give feedback regularly and speak openly about opportunities,” Alicia Tillman, CMO of SAP told Forbes in a recent interview. “I think this is really important. What creates trust between a leader and the team members is transparency. This matters not only to me and my success but equally to that person and their development.”

Driving change within the organization, the next skill mentioned in the report, is made possible by crafting and sharing an authentic and clear vision. Collaboration with peers, executives and partners will help identify all opportunities and threats, Gartner said but warned that employees’ roles and goals should be clearly defined.

A recent study by the CMO Council and Deloitte found that the success of a campaign often relies on allies within the organization. While 31 percent of respondents claim their organizational allies to be locked on and supportive of marketing strategies and goals, 26 percent said that allies within the company are too busy focusing on their own strategies. Three percent said that alignment with marketing strategies are good, but fall apart at the point of execution.

Soft skills like empathy, creativity and compassion represent the third skill in the report. “The ability to explain a person’s point of view and motivation is key to eliminating biases, making better decisions and motivating team members,” said Gartner.

This skill set especially applies in the marketing industry, which has called for greater diversity among its team members.

“Managing a diverse team in not as simple as hiring and putting together the right people,” wrote Peter Bryant, managing partner at Clareo and senior fellow at the Kellogg Innovation Network and Nicky Friedman, Director of the CMO Forum. “Diverse teams are successful because they often avoid groupthink and uninspired outcomes.”

Being a leader means also being a student and sharing leadership authority. The best leaders, Gartner pointed out, are also students—constantly open, eager and without preconceptions when exploring something new.

Being an agile marketer also requires the CMO to be engaged and aware at all times, constantly evaluating the big picture and the details. This equals constant calibration—adopting disciplined and defined work styles, realistic goal orientation and capability-based contribution.

Ensuring that all voices are heard and considered, says Gartner, helps to build a culture of collaboration. Collaboration is more than just “working together, and CMOs must stimulate and coach each person individually, as well as the collective team.

Lastly, Gartner reminds marketers to reward individual and team outcomes, saying that great leaders make sure they customize the type of recognition they provide to each member of their team.

The growing list of CMO responsibilities may seem daunting but in an ever-changing landscape, it is vital that CMOs be flexible, Equinox CMO Vimla Gupta told AList.

“This job is changing on a dime every single day,” she said. “It is becoming increasingly technical. Understanding how the technology can help you and how to use it, how to invest in it, recruit the right people or partner with the right agency is critical. Many of us are learning on the job because the industry is moving so quickly.”

Collaboration Propels Land Rover’s Recent Marketing Campaigns

Jaguar Land Rover has entered into a number of unique partnerships recently, showing the brand’s interest in collaboration, and ranging from a James Bond experiential event in Austria to a line of menswear and finally a Hans Zimmer-scored short film.

In April the car brand announced partnership with 007 Elements, an immersive event taking visitors into the world of James Bond at a Alpine mountaintop location. Visitors were also shown Jaguar cars from many of the Bond films and the newest Jaguar Land Rover technology.

More recently, Land Rover entered into a five-year partnership with Clarks to offer “terrain appropriate” shoes, marking the first time that Land Rover has partnered with a shoe or clothing line.

Dubbed “Life. Limitless,” the Clarks/Land Rover collaboration includes three designs to start—CLR.51N for city wear, CLR53.N for rugged terrains and the CLR52.N, designed for versatility across a variety of landscapes. Ten shoe collections will be released in total, debuted as Spring and Fall Collections over the next five years.

While the museum highlights Jaguar Land Rover’s film heritage and shoes reflects the brand’s image of ruggedness, another recent campaign taps into the idea of creating emotional memories while driving the car itself.

To evoke the feeling of inspiration and adventure, Land Rover sent film composer Hans Zimmer on a drive through the California mountains and had him score the experience.

“Scoring the Drive” highlights the full-sized 2019 Land Rover in a series of spots, Zimmer—who has scored films like Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and Inception—talks about how he gets inspiration for his music. He drives along the Angeles Crest Highway, a scenic mountain road in Southern California, taking photos and video footage as he goes.

“Everything I do, I always have music in my head,” says Zimmer in a voiceover. “So, I score everything—the curves, the landscape, the smell . . . I order my world into some sense of harmony.”

Viewers are then transported to Zimmer’s studio, where he writes music to accompany his driving experience. The ad’s music swells into a crescendo of strings, piano and percussion akin to the epic soundtrack of a feature film. Zimmer’s score is intercut with images of the scenic drive, along with not-so-coincidental shots between the composer’s fine-tuned equipment and the Land Rover’s interior controls.

“Music should signal to you that you are allowed to have emotion,” says Zimmer, a statement that perfectly sums up the message behind Land Rover’s campaign.

Unilad, LADbible’s Popularity Defy Facebook Push For Hard-Hitting News

Unilad and LADbible are the most popular English-language publishers on Facebook, proving that users still prefer shareable, light-hearted or sensational content on the platform over hard-hitting news.

According to data from NewsWhip, the top publishers on Facebook aren’t traditional news outlets but rather British, male-focused entertainment sites. Content that promotes discussion and emotional engagement performs best on Facebook, the data shows, capitalizing on gossip and heartwarming stories.

Facebook has tried extremely hard to rebrand itself as an outlet for respectable news, investing in “trustworthy” sources for both the News Feed and its video platform, Watch. For brands facing an uphill battle against the social media giant’s ever-changing algorithm, there are lessons to be learned from which publications garner the most engagement.

One need only look at the most popular articles for the month of September to get an idea of content that Facebook users share most. LADbible’s piece about a woman whose nail chewing led to an amputation garnered the highest CMT at 75.3 percent. Other top-performing pieces were centered around video games, food, sex and controversy.

Unilad was the top publisher for the month of September with 32.5 million engagements that include likes, shares and comments. LADbible, which recently purchased Unilad, followed in second place with over 28.9 million engagements. Gossip outlets TMZ and Daily Mail also made the top 25 with news about celebrity deaths.

Traditional news outlets may have figured out this “one trick,” to quote oh so many click-bait articles on Facebook. The most engaging content from The New York Times in September, for example, were focused around the Kavanaugh scandals, Nike’s endorsement of Colin Kaepernick and an opinion piece about resistance inside the Trump Administration. The Times was one of many traditional news outlets that ran a disproportionate amount of “cautionary” pieces, NewsWhip observed, such as a story about predators using Fortnite to lure kids.

Overall, traditional news outlets are increasing their presence and engagement on Facebook, with or without sensational content. With Fox News and CNN in the lead, New York Times, BBC News and Daily Mail are catching up and holding their own.

In January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged to make time spent on his platform more “worthwhile” by favoring high-quality news in the feed. If the data shows anything, however, it is that users are far more interested in debates and uplifting content than the latest news.

Surprising No One, Brands Continue To Build In-House Agencies

Members of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) are using more in-house agencies and nearly half of them were established in the last five years, a new study reveals. Marketers indicate an overall satisfaction with in-house agencies, citing a variety of benefits—but a majority still work with outside experts.

Released on Monday, “The Continued Rise of the In-House Agency” asked 412 ANA members about whether or not they use in-house agencies, as well as services provided and general sentiment.

The study revealed a 36 percent jump for in-house agency use over the last decade—78 percent in 2018 compared to 58 percent in 2013 and 42 percent in 2008. Many of these in-house agencies are new, ANA found, with 44 percent established within the past five years.

Moving agency services in-house offers a number of benefits, ANA members said, with cost efficiency at the top of the list. Other primary benefits listed include better knowledge of brands, speed and nimbleness, and institutional knowledge.

While previous in-house work might have been confined to “low-hanging fruit” like promotional materials and internal videos, the study found that today’s agencies offer a much broader range of services. Respondents indicated that over the last five years, services that experienced the most growth include creative strategy, media strategy, social media (both creative and media), and programmatic media buying.

Brands are putting these agencies to use, respondents said, with 90 percent of respondents saying the workload of their in-house agency has increased in the last year. More than half—65 percent—said the workload has increased “a lot.”

“Traditional agencies are becoming increasingly challenged as marketers move more work in-house while encouraging their external agencies to provide differentiated services and increased value,” said ANA CEO Bob Liodice alongside the findings. “We expect the current trends to continue, with accelerated client movement to in-house agencies.”

While it’s true that many brands continue to bring services in-house, the practice of using outside agencies isn’t necessarily on the decline. A full 90 percent of respondents admitted to still using outside agencies. In fact, 42 percent of work is conducted with these agencies, marketers revealed.

The ANA study reflects similar results of an August study by Forrester and the In-House Agency Forum. Surveying 325 companies, 64 percent indicated that they had an in-house agency, a 20 percent increase over the last decade.

Mercedes-Benz Fills Millennial Bucket Lists To Promote New Campaign

Mercedes-Benz launched a social media campaign for its new A-Class vehicle on Monday that offers to make consumer dreams come true. Aimed at millennial users, the “Bucket List” campaign includes video content from online influencers and highlights the new car’s voice command features.

From October 15 to November 9, Instagram users can share their personal bucket lists using a template found on Mercedes’ story highlights and the hashtag #AClassBucketListEntry. Users are encouraged to dream big or small, from finding the perfect slice of pizza to seeing the Northern Lights or climbing a rock face.

The “Bucket List” campaign will be supported with video content from tennis player Sloane Stephens and singer/songwriter Charli XCX, who will share and accomplish items from their own bucket lists on social media.

“As a mass-reach effort, we’re excited for this campaign to hit a large group of people that love sharing their experiences on Instagram and have enjoyed seeing influencers travel to the world’s most iconic or hidden places,” Mark Aikman, general manager of marketing services for Mercedes-Benz USA told AList.We have never seen a campaign of this scale activated using Instagram Stories and are thrilled to be leaders in the space.”

Mercedes-Benz plans to highlight the voice technology and lower price point of its 2019 A-Class to attract a young demographic. The A-Class will be the first car to debut a Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) interface, responding to a driver’s voice commands and learning their preferences. MBUX touts natural voice recognition such as “I’m cold” to turn up the heat.

The legacy car brand hopes that its modern technology and Instagram presence will resonate with millennial drivers, who value features over body style.

According to a 2017 study by Autotrader, consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 are willing to pay more for the technology they want. In fact, 55 percent of millennial drivers expect to spend an additional $2,600 to get desired tech feature

Despite what rideshare companies may want you to believe, young consumers are, in fact, buying vehicles. By 2020, millennials will represent roughly 40 percent of new-car purchases, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

Mercedes-Benz is an early adopter of new technology and media platforms and has shown that it is not afraid to get cozy with its target audiences. In August, the brand produced its first spot for IGTV—a short film called Bertha Benz: The First Driver.

Digital Marketing World Forum Lands In New York Next Month

The Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) Conference & Expo arrives in New York next month (November 7-8) for the North American leg of its industry-leading events series.

Taking a two-day residency in the Hudson-side Javits Center, #DMWF will welcome more than 800 members of the digital marketing community to foster valuable new connections and actionable learning thanks to expert-led agenda.

#DMWF is proud to confirm support from its platinum sponsors Shutterstock and Crimson Hexagon; gold sponsors Lab Cave, Social Chain, SEMRush, Talkwalker and WatConsult; and silver sponsor Accelo, alongside more than 40 exhibitors.

Ticket-holders will gain full access to an action-packed agenda split between two central and complementary themes—Data, Disruptive Tech & UX (DDX), and Content & Social Media Marketing (CSM)—each track boasting a lineup of more than 80 digital marketing experts from globally-recognized brands.

Data, Disruptive Tech & UX

On DDX, attendees can join Google’s head of analytics – consumer, government & entertainment sector, Kevin Hartman, to learn about the power of UX in elevating offline customer experience (CX) and ROI, swooping over how to measure the impact of CX and the new technologies enhancing it.

Meanwhile, a panel featuring marketing leaders from POPSUGAR, and UNICEF will reveal a glimpse into the industry’s future, focusing on the technologies set to revolutionize consumer behaviors across the globe.

Never more important in today’s climate of consumer privacy, Mozilla’s head of paid media, Justin Terry, leads a session tackling the role of ethics in data marketing, including how to align paid media strategies to your brand’s strategy with diligence paid to best practice.

Other brands represented on the DDX track include Samsung Electronics, Sunglass Hut & Oakley,, La Maison Hubert, Reuters, HSBC Bank USA, SVSound, Live Nation, Verizon Wireless, TOD’s Group, National Geographic, Casper and more.

Content & Social Media Marketing

On CSM, delegates can take an unmissable lesson in ‘Digital Diplomacy’ from the United Nations, thanks to a session exploring how to handle a social media crisis from Charlotte Scaddan, information officer of the social media team of the UN Department of Public Information.

Experts from Shutterstock Custom, WeWork, Great Big Story and Sports Illustrated will converge their wisdom in a panel predicting the future of content marketing, including the new technologies and types of content that will engage the changing browsing habits of the consumer.

And who better to deliver insight into effective storytelling that cuts through noise than Robert Monek, executive producer, digital & social media, Disney ABC? Monek will explore the impact of the rise of ephemeral content on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, among much more.

Other brands represented on the CSM track include Subway Restaurants, Social Chain, World Bank Group, OXO, NYSE, Island Records, Mattel, Gerber US at Nestlé, CNN, Condé Nast, Dell, NBA, Coty Inc, Sage Software, Grubhub, Amnesty International USA and more.

For the full agenda or to register for your pass, head to the #DMWF North America homepage. Register to attend before November 2 and you will secure your ticket at the Advanced Rate, offering lowest price available ahead of the event.

Standard Media Index Makes Deal With Nielsen To Extend TV Data Offerings

Standard Media Index (SMI) has joined forces with Nielsen to provide additional insight into the national television market. The new business relationship will increase SMI’s network reach by nearly two-thirds, combining Nielsen’s TV ratings and occurrence data with SMI’s cost analysis.

James Fennessy, CEO of Standard Media Index told AList that the two companies have been in talks for a few years now and that Nielsen’s data is simply “more accurate.”

“We’ve always believed that the ability to cooperate between our organizations holds great potential for major television networks, agencies and for brands,” said Fennessy in an interview. “It allows us to look at different kinds of TV in terms of syndication and it allows us to look at some of the new and emerging ad formats that Nielsen is uniquely qualified to pick up.”

SMI is able to provide accurate cost data around TV marketing because it sources the information from five out of the seven major media holding groups, as well as several independents. Beginning on October 23, SMI will have access to Nielsen AD Intel that measures occurrence level data, increasing the firm’s reach to 130 channels.

The data relationship between SMI and Nielsen is an answer to the current TV advertising market, Fennessy explained, where digital raises many questions.

“We see major networks building advanced data products,” he said. “Clearly what they’re looking to do is bring in datasets—ratings, advanced audiences, etc. Those models are being used to target brands and advertisers and to prove return on investment. That has always been quite difficult to do in national television.”

Advertising on national TV works, Fennessy observed, adding that the high cost is a trade-off for large engaged audiences, a safe brand environment and quality programming. Ironically, he said, digital networks like Amazon and Google have tapped out their own reach and are now using traditional TV to advertise.

“It talks to the power of the medium,” he said.

SMI’s data relationship with Neilsen is part of an ongoing effort to work on data partnerships and combine different datasets. Fennessy told AList that SMI will continue to improve TV measurement across digital and traditional channels and that the company will release a new syndication tool in early 2019.

Emotional Spikes In Branded Films Create Long-Term Memories, Study Finds

Understanding how the human brain forms long-term memories could hold the key to branded content recall, according to a study by BBC StoryWorks. Creating “emotional spikes,” maximizing “color memory” and riding memory moments are three ways that marketers can use science and creativity, researchers observed.

Science of Memory” is a study commissioned by the content marketing division of BBC Global News and Storyworks and Neuro-Insight designed to measure the relationship between branded content and human memories.

A total of 2,179 respondents from the USA, Germany, Australia and Singapore were shown six BBC brand films, during which their facial expressions and electrical brain activity were measured. The test was followed up with a questionnaire to capture brand metrics, and results were compared to an unexposed control sample.

BBC StoryWorks found that emotion is key to creating a lasting impact when producing brand content. The bigger an emotional spike, the more likely it is to trigger long-term memory in the brain, researchers observed. These emotions don’t necessarily have to be positive, either—it just has to be intense and a memory will be formed.

The study fused facial coding data with the neuroscience technique, steady state topography, which captures electrical activity in your brain and was able to track second by second, the emotional state, degree of emotional intensity, and level of long-term memory encoding of the respondents.

“The emotions experienced when consuming content are encoded into long-term memory,” wrote BBC StoryWorks alongside the findings, “so stimulating and engaging audiences with storytelling that delivers truly emotional engagement leads to really powerful outcomes for brands.”

All brands want to leave consumers with a positive view of their company, so BBC StoryWorks offered advice on how to fine-tune the process.

Brand films should be structured like a good movie in that they set the emotional stakes early. The films that triggered their highest emotional intensity in the first third of their duration ultimately delivered stronger memory of the content overall.

Crafting emotional peaks in the story are important, and should be paced frequently, the study suggests. Research suggests that provoking multiple peaks of emotional intensity, rather than slow building to a singular event, delivered a higher impact on memory.

“Emotion often precedes memory,” the company says. “A sudden spike in emotional intensity causes memory encoding to rise shortly afterwards. Seamlessly integrating a brand in the memory window after moments of high emotional intensity allows the brand to ride the wave of the narrative into memory.”

This Week’s Exec Shifts: Square Enix Picks Up CMO From Blizzard; Godiva Hires New CMO

This week’s executive moves include Square Enix picking up a CMO from Blizzard Entertainment, Godiva adding a new chief marketing officer, Lyft appointing an ex-Sonos marketer as the company’s CMO and VW picking up a former Audi CMO to be the company’s head in America. Also, Goodyear promotes their CMO, Charming Charlie appoints a head marketer and Peugot hires a UK marketing director.

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Square Enix Hires Blizzard Vet For CMO

John Heinecke has been hired by Square Enix to be the company’s new chief marketing officer. Heinecke comes to Square Enix from Blizzard Entertainment, where he was the vice president of global publishing. At Blizzard, Heinecke had a large part in marketing Overwatch, Diablo III, and many Warcraft and Starcraft expansions. Before Blizzard, Heinecke was at ad agency Ignited, and worked on many Activision titles.

In a statement, CEO of Square Enix America Phil Roger said, “We are tremendously excited to welcome John Heinecke to the Square Enix family. John’s experience and knowledge will be instrumental in leading our marketing efforts.”

Godiva Hires Veteran Marketer

Godiva, the one-hundred year old Belgian chocolatier, has named John Galloway as the company’s chief marketing and innovation officer, effective October 22. Galloway leaves his position as CEO at Beautiful Day, but previously held the post of chief marketing officer at Hard Rock International. Before that Galloway worked for a number of years at PepsiCo, making his name turning around the Gatorade brand as VP of marketing.

Former Audi CMO Tapped For VW America

Scott Keogh, currently the president of Audi of America, has been named the CEO of Volkswagen Group of America. Keogh served six years as chief marketing officer of Audi of American before taking the step up to president. Under his leadership, Audi saw sales double between 2010 and 2015.

Dr. Herbert Diess CEO of Volkswagen said of the appointment, “After the successful comeback of the Volkswagen brand, Scott Keogh, who led Audi to excellence in the U.S., will build upon the momentum and implement the next stage in the growth strategy as we continue to develop Volkswagen into a more relevant player in North America.“

Lyft Picks Former Sonos CMO 

Lyft has hired former Sonos chief marketing officer Joy Howard as the company’s new chief marketing officer. Lyft has been gaining ground on Uber’s ride-sharing market share and the appointment of CMO veteran Howard shows just how invested the company is in marketing. Howard comes to Lyft after having been the chief marketing officer at Sonos for three years—leaving the company in August. Prior to that Howard spent a number of years as a marketing VP at Patagonia and Nike.

Charming Charlie Adds Chief Marketer

Charming Charlie, a jewelry and clothing maker based in Houston, has appointed Joy Garcia as the company’s chief marketing officer. Garcia comes on after a five year tenure at Stage Stores as vice president of brand marketing. Prior to that Garcia had stints at Dell and Travelocity.

Peugot Appoints Marketing Head

Peugot has appointed Martin Moll as the company’s UK marketing director. Moll held previous posts as European marketing director for Nissan and Honda, respectively.

Distillery Adds Director

International Beverage has added Cara Chambers as the company’s marketing director. Before taking the position at the Edinburgh-based distillery, Chambers worked in marketing at Sainsbury’s Bank and Baxter Food Group.

Goodyear Promotes CMO

Goodyear has promoted chief marketing officer Mike Dwyer to chief customer officer. Dwyer has worked for Goodyear since 2014 in various marketing positions and was appointed the chief marketing officer only a year ago. Prior to Goodyear, Dwyer worked for Unilever, moving up the ranks over a period of seven years. Goodyear also promoted Andy Traicoff to vice president, customer experience.

Diamond Resorts Names Chief Marketing Officer

Diamond Resorts, a global hospitality and vacation company, has named Jeffrey Solomon as the company’s chief marketing officer. Most recently Solomon as SVP and CEO and of Affinity Gaming.

National Association Of Realtors Appoints CMO

Victoria Gillespie has been named chief marketing and communications officer at the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Gillespie is a licensed realtor on top of having her own consulting firm, and most recently served as senior vice president of enterprise marketing & communications at Northwest Federal Credit Union.

Burlington Adds Former Univision CMO To Board

Burlington Stores has added Univision’s Jessica Rodriguez to the company’s board of directors. Rodriguez serves as Univision’s chief marketing officer, and in January of this year took on the additional roles of president and chief operator officer. Rodriguez has worked at Univision since 2002.

Tom Kingsbury, CEO of Burlington, said of the appointment, “We are delighted to welcome Jessica to our board. She is a dynamic operational leader and has a proven track record in branding and marketing. Jessica brings a deep understanding of the needs of consumers, and I believe that her insights and expertise will add value as we move forward and continue to execute our growth strategy.”

Monro Inc. Promote SVP to Chief Marketing Officer

Monro Inc., an auto service and tire center company, has promoted Deborah Brundage, currently the company’s senior vice president of marketing and merchandising, to be its next chief marketing officer. Brundage came to Monro in March after spending 13 years in marketing at Procter & Gamble.

Central Insurance Nabs CMO

Central Insurance has announced the company’s new chief marketing officer as Evan Purmort. Purmort has been with the company since 2003 working his way up the ranks from underwriter into executive positions.

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